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The first episode of this game starts out with a normal trial. A bomb is ticking. Thankfully, everyone is able to get out before it explodes. The courtroom, however, is in ruins. Athena Cykes, the game's new defence lawyer, makes her first appearance, and a familiar face, Phoenix Wright, makes his return to the courts, after being allowed to practice law again.

PW DD Episode 1 artwork.jpg

Case Information[edit]

PWDD Case01crime.png
  • Time of crime: December 16, between 8 AM to 11 AM.
  • Location: Courtroom No. 4
  • Victim: Candice Arme
  • Cause of death: Blunt force trauma to the back of the head
  • Witness: Ted Tonate
  • Defendant: Juniper Woods
  • Defence attorneys: Athena Cykes, Phoenix Wright
  • Prosecutor: Gaspen Payne


Defence Attorneys[edit]

PW DD Athena Cykes.png

Athena Cykes

Athena Cykes, the new defense lawyer, makes her first appearance! Will she be able to defend Juniper, though?

PW DD Phoenix Wright.png

Phoenix Wright

Our favourite defence lawyer is back! Phoenix helps Athena defend Juniper when she's in a pinch.


PW DD Juniper Woods.png

Juniper Woods

Athena's childhood friend. She grew up in the forest and lives with her grandmother. She is being accused for the courtroom bombing that resulted in the death of the victim.


PW DD Gaspen Payne.png

Gaspen Payne

He is the younger brother of prosecutor Winston Payne. Very smug and full of himself, not unlike his brother.


PW DD Ted Tonate.png

Ted Tonate

A member of the police bomb disposal squad. He wears goggles on his eyes, and uses a typing device to talk.


PW DD Candice Arme.png

Candice Arme

A police detective specializing in bomb disposal. She was found dead amongst the debris in Courtroom No. 4 after it was bombed.

Other characters[edit]

PW DD Apollo Justice injured 1.png

Apollo Justice

Another of the defence attorneys at the Wright Anything Agency. He was defending a client in Courtroom No. 4 when the bomb went off, resulting in the injuries he currently has.