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You watch as an eagle-like monster and a nine-tailed fox fight with each other. With a flash, the demon Tenma Taro is bound by ropes and sealed away in the forbidden chamber. It seems that this is the story of an old legend. When the scene cuts to two men fast asleep in cushy chairs, a man appears and stabs one of them mercilessly. "Night night, alderman... Sweet dreams!". The seal protecting the chamber is ripped off with a smirk, revealing Tenma Taro inside... why resurrect him? Apollo Justice is on the case.

PW DD Episode 2 artwork.png

Case Information[edit]

PWDD Case02crime.png
  • Time of crime: April 17th, 3:20 PM
  • Location: The Fox Chamber
  • Victim: Alderman Rex Kyubi
  • Cause of death: Stab wound from a spear
  • Witnesses: Jinxie Tenma, Phineas Filch
  • Defendant: Mayor Damian Tenma
  • Defence attorney: Apollo Justice
  • Prosecutor: Simon Blackquill


Defence Attorneys[edit]

PW DD Apollo Justice.png

Apollo Justice

The defence team leader will try to solve this case with Athena's assitance.

PW DD Athena Cykes.png

Athena Cykes

The latest lawyer to join the agency is on her first case as an assistant!


PW DD Damian Tenma.png

Damian Tenma

The Mayor of Tenma Town. He looks scary at first, but is misunderstood for his looks.


PW DD Simon Blackquill.png

Simon Blackquill

A prosecutor who is also a prison inmate. He has mastered the use of psychological manipulation in courtroom battles.


PW DD Phineas Filch.png

Phineas Filch

The caretaker of the victim. He seems to be stealing from others uncontrollably.

PW DD Jinxie Tenma.png

Jinxie Tenma

The maid of the victim and the defendant's daughter.

PW DD Florent LBelle.png

Florent L'Belle

The defendant's aide. Obsessed with his beauty products.


PW DD Rex Kyubi.png

Rex Kyubi

The alderman of Nine-Tails Vale. His white hair was particularly striking.

Other characters[edit]

PW DD Bobby Fulbright.png

Bobby Fulbright

The detective investigating the murder. He's a self-styled champion of justice and keeper of the peace.

PW DD Phoenix Wright.png

Phoenix Wright

The brilliant former defence attorney who wants to get his attorney's badge back.

PW DD Trucy Wright.png

Trucy Wright

An aspiring magician who Mr. Wright adopted when duty called.

PW DD The Amazing Nine-Tails.png

The Amazing Nine-Tails

The masked wrestler who sparked the monster craze. He's against the municipal merger. No one knows his true identity.