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Yokai Lane[edit]

You get introduced to Apollo and Trucy, and Phoenix has assigned you to a new "job". Trucy takes you to Nine-Tails Vale, a village founded by Japanese immigrants. Move to the Kyubi Manor Garden.

Kyubi Manor - Garden[edit]

DD Yokai Legend Scroll.png
DD Tenma Taro Warding Charm.png

Here you meet Jinxie Tenma, though at first sight you get a warding charm thrown at your forehead. Talk to Jinxie:

  • Nine-Tails Vale: She will throw another warding charm at your forehead. You have to present evidence to prove that you're not the scary demon she thinks you are.

Present your Attorney's Badge. Jinxie still thinks you're a demon, but not as scary. Try to talk with her again:

  • Nine-Tails Vale: Jinxie tells you about the village and the yokai that live there.
  • Tenma Taro: She goes into detail about the yokai trapped in the Forbidden Chamber and you receive a Yokai Legend Scroll.

After this, Tenma Taro appears and threatens to take your soul! But the Amazing Nine-Tails comes to the rescue and 'banishes' Tenma Taro. Jinxie tells you that this is an annual ritual where Tenma Taro gets released and gets driven out by the Amazing Nine-Tails, although no one knows his true identity. Apollo and Trucy take a look around, but Jinxie comes back terrified and has something to say: Alderman Kyubi has been killed by Tenma Taro! You immediately head to the scene, but Jinxie gives you another warding charm to protect him against Tenma Taro.

You stumble upon two men bleeding to death! You call the police immediately, but the Alderman has already died. The other man thankfully survived. You return to the garden and see Jinxie again. Talk to her:

DD Nine-Tails Flower.png
  • About what happened: The other man that survived the attack is Jinxie's father and the mayor of the neighboring city and they suspected him for the murder.
  • The Alderman: The victim was a former pro wrestler and knew the Amazing Nine-Tails very well. Although Jinxie's father is from Tenma Town she still works in Nine-Tails Vale because her mother lived there. Her favorite flowers only grew in Nine-Tails Vale and it gives her courage even when she's scared of yokai.

Jinxie says the warding charm on the Forbidden Chamber has been removed, and that's how Tenma Taro made his escape. If her father will be found guilty she will be all alone, so your decide do defend him in court. It's time to meet your client. Move to the Detention Center.

Detention Center[edit]

You meet Damian Tenma. He looks scary at first, but he's actually a nice guy when you talk with him. Talk to Damian:

  • Reason for arrest: His fingerprints were on the spear that killed the victim, though he doesn't remember how. He was drugged and received a blow to the head.
  • Motive: Tenma has been pushing to merge Nine-Tails Vale with Tenma Town, but Alder Kyubi was dead set against a municipal merger.

Tenma asks you to take care of Jinxie. You also get asked to do a favor for Phoenix Wright on the phone. He asks you to go find Athena Cykes, the new member of the Wright Anything Agency. Move to Yokai Lane.

Yokai Lane (2)[edit]

When you arrive, you see Athena arguing with a police officer. He doesn't let her through and Athena throws him away, but he crashes right into you! After you get up, talk with Athena:

DD Special Edition Paper.png
  • Athena Cykes: She is a lawyer with just 18 years of age, and she also studied analytical psychology.
  • The client: You tell Athena about your client, and she gets a bit emotional about it.
  • Psychology: Athena can listen to a witness' inner voice and analyze their psychological state with her partner Widget, as already demonstrated in the previous case.

She gives you a newspaper detailing how Tenma Taro was seen flying right after the murder occurred. It's time to investigate the crime scene. Move to Kyubi Manor Foyer

Kyubi Manor - Foyer[edit]

DD Crime Scene Diagram.png
DD Foyer Diagram.png

You can hear a TV in the corner. The Amazing Nine-Tails has been confirmed missing after the special event took place, and did not appear at a match scheduled for today. Then you stumble across an old man, Phineas Filch. He already tries to steal your bracelet on his first encounter and almost gets away with it. He then attempts to steal from you AGAIN but gets caught for a second time. This time he runs away, but drops a few things. Two diagrams and a pair of shoes. With him out of the way, you can now investigate the crime scene.

Kyubi Manor - Fox Chamber[edit]

DD Fox and Demon Statue.png
DD Golden Fur.png

You stumble across a very strange crime scene, there's bloodstains in the shape of a bird and feathers all over the place! Just when you're about to investigate, you get stopped by the detective in charge, Bobby Fulbright. Talk to him:

  • Investigating the scene: You ask to investigate the scene, but you're not allowed. Athena will try to change his mind.
  • Persuasion: Athena shows Fulbright another side of justice, and he let's you investigate out of confusion.

Start by examining the door. It looks like it's been opened, but no one from the police has managed to open it. Next, examine the chair with the green cloth beneath it. Fulbright doesn't give you permission to examine it, but Athena manages to distract him. Examine the green cloth beneath the chair. The blood looks like it's from the alderman, but it's pretty far away from the body. Examine the spear on the table. Next, change the perspective of the room to the left. Examine the window, there's a cliff outside and a piece of fur was stuck in the window. Lastly, examine the statue next to the chair, it shows someone was attacked with it.

Fulbright shows you an air duct that connects the Fox Chamber to the hallway, but no one can enter it via the Fox Chamber. After hesitating which form of justice is the most just, Fulbright agrees to give out information. Talk to Fulbright:

DD Crime Scene Photo.png
  • Details of the case: You get a photo of the crime scene. Jinxie and Kyubi were the only ones with keys to the Fox Chamber, but Kyubi's keys disappeared after the murder.
  • Feathers and tracks: The feathers and bloodstains were probably planted evidence to make it look like a yokai was responsible.
  • Suspects: Damian and Jinxie are the only ones without an alibi, and Jinxie has no motive to murder the Alderman.
  • The prosecution: Apparently the prosecutor is a convicted prosecutor, Simon Blackquill, and Athena seems to have heard of him. Why does someone like him even get assigned to this case? His conviction is what started the 'Dark age of law'.

Fulbright also comes to the realization that he's been barefoot this whole time. The shoes that Filch left behind were apparently stolen from Fulbright without him even realizing it. Now that you've investigated the crime scene, you can talk with Filch about his alibi.

Kyubi Manor - Foyer (2)[edit]

DD Amazing Nine-Tails mask.png
DD Amazing Nine-Tails Glossy.png

Phineas shows you Amazing Nine-Tails' mask! A masked wrestler would never take off his mask and leave it behind. It looks like there's some white hair inside the mask. Talk to Phineas:

  • The Amazing Nine-Tails: The wrestler started the monster craze, and prevented the city from becoming a ghost town. He plants a photo of the Amazing Nine-Tails in your pocket.
  • Amazing Nine-Tails's Death: The people in the village love conspiracy theories, e.g. a theory that Damian Tenma wants to merge the two cities to release Tenma Taro.
  • About the Alderman's murder: He was in the Caretaker's office the whole time with Mayor Tenma's aide, Florent L'Belle.

The piece of fur belongs to the Amazing Nine-Tails mask and proves that the mask was at the crime scene. Given that someone with white hair wore the mask, Apollo comes up with a crazy idea, but decides to keep it for now. Maybe Jinxie knows more about this. Move to Yokai Lane.

Yokai Lane (3)[edit]

After being greeted with another warding charm to the head, talk about

DD Testimony.png
  • The incident: You ask about the incident and about Tenma Taro. She doesn't want to tell about it at first but decides to talk about it anyway.
  • Tenma Taro did it? After she called the police, she saw Tenma Taro! Thankfully the beast raced straight towards the Foyer, but that means Filch and L'Belle would've seen him too.
  • The Amazing Nine-Tails: Unmasking a wrestler is the biggest humiliation he could suffer. It's very strange the mask was found along the riverbank.
  • The Tenma Taro you saw: Tenma Taro was carrying a staff which made jangly sound, although the staff does not appear on the scroll. Jinxie's testimony is added to the court record. Florent L'Belle told her to not talk about Tenma Taro, because the superstitions say he will claim your soul if you speak of him when you've seen him, but L'Belle is not even from Nine-Tails Vale. Why would he tell her not to talk about it if he doesn't believe in Tenma Taro himself? Better have a word with him.

Kyubi Manor - Foyer (3)[edit]

At first there appears to be no one there, but you notice a TV program guide. When you see Filch in the Foyer, he tells you he saw the match, but it was a complete disaster. Next you ask him about Tenma Taro, but he tries to change the subject. Just when he was about to confess, you get interrupted by L'Belle, and he introduces himself by spraying cologne on you. Talk to L'Belle:

  • Keeping Jinxie quiet: L'Belle claims he doesn't believe in the superstitions, but bad things do happen to those who talk about Tenma Taro. He says they both didn't see Tenma Taro and that Jinxie has an active imagination.
  • Your alibi: He says they were both at the foyer at the time of the murder. Filch follows L'Belle to 'practise statements'.

L'Belle seems unusually obsessed with the thought of Tenma Taro. You decide you should talk with Damian Tenma about the rumors of wanting to release Tenma Taro.

Detention Center (2)[edit]

Talk to Damian Tenma:

  • Tenma Taro's revival: You ask about the rumors of releasing Tenma Taro, which is of course just baloney.
  • Why the merger? He tells you that he wants to merge the two cities because it's an attractive prize in terms of tourism, but your bracelet is reacting! He is obviously hiding something.

Perceive Damian's eyes when they start twitching. Present the Amazing Nine-Tails Glossy. The reason Nine-Tails Vale is not a ghost town is because the Amazing Nine-Tails rose up against the municipal merger. The reason he wanted to merge the cities couldn't have been tourism. Talk to Damian once again:

  • Why the merger? Damian wanted to merge the cities because he received a threat about his daughter! He was probably being blackmailed by the killer.

Maybe the motive for murder was because the killer discovered the secret identity of Alderman Kyubi and it was a threat to his merger scheme? Athena doesn't seem to know what you're talking about, so present the Amazing Nine-Tails mask. The only person with white hair in the town was Rex Kyubi, and he was a professional wrestler, so it all seems to make sense. Damian unfortunately lost the blackmail letter, which was probably stolen from him by the killer. You will have to solve the many mysteries of this case in court.