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Wright Anything Agency[edit]

After all the craziness happened in trial, Athena decides to go for a run, but encounters Trucy on her way out. She makes the unnecessary evidence (Warding Charm, Nine-Tails Flower & TV Listing) disappear. Your goal is to find the third person and examine the air duct to prove the person went through there.

Kyubi Manor - Fox Chamber[edit]

You ask Fulbright to investigate the air duct, but the detective has been upset about his appearance in court today, so he doesn't hesitate to let you investigate. According to your theory, the third person must have escaped through the hallway door with the master key, entered the air duct from outside and dropped the master key inside the chamber. You go through the air duct to check for evidence of someone entering, but to no avail. Instead, you get covered in a very thick layer of dust, proving that no one has been through there in a long time. Now that Fulbright was proven to be right, he is his usual energetic self. Talk to Fulbright.

  • The investigation: Blackquill still thinks Jinxie planted the yokai evidence. Tenma Taro's staff was thrown outside the window.
  • The Amazing Nine-Tails: Everyone now believes Damian Tenma murdered Rex Kyubi, the Amazing Nine-Tails. Blackquill discovered his secret identity whilst studying his past.

Mayor Tenma seems to have remembered something, but he is now being questioned by Blackquill. Athena proposes to regroup with Mr. Wright. Move to the Wright Anything Agency.

Wright Anything Agency (2)[edit]

The investigation is looking very dire now. Maybe Phoenix can give you some advise. Talk with Phoenix:

  • Our defense: Phoenix tells you the worst times are when you have to force your biggest smile. He also tells you to return to the basics if you get stuck. Lastly he tells you to always believe in your client, no matter what.
  • You and Athena: Phoenix and Athena met in Europe, and thanks to Phoenix, Athena was able to become a lawyer at such a young age.

You go to the detention center to have another talk with Mayor Tenma.

Detention Center[edit]

Your client still thinks he is a yokai, but you can still ask him about the crime. Talk to Damian:

DD Forbidden Chamber Key.png
  • Feathers and tracks: Mayor Tenma says the yokai was his doing, but still says he was not the murderer.
  • What you remembered: He gives you a key he swallowed. The key leads to the Forbidden Chamber and there is only one of its kind. The door has no keyhole though, and Mayor Tenma doesn't know how to open the door. Maybe Jinxie knows more about this? The Forbidden Chamber Key is added to the court record.

Present the Fox and Demon Statue. He seems to recall something about the cloth, a secret gift from alderman Kyubi, but he couldn't see it because of the cloth. Maybe Jinxie knows something about this 'gift' too? Present the Blackmail Letter. He's shocked about the letter, and is open to answer your questions. Talk to Damian once again:

  • Blackmail letter: There is only one other person who knew about the letter: Florent L'Belle. He's probably the blackmailer and killer we've been looking for! The Blackmail letter is updated in the court record.

You should ask Jinxie about the 'secret gift' and the Forbidden Chamber before confronting L'Belle. Move to Yokai Lane.

Nine-Tails Vale - Yokai Lane[edit]

When you arrive, Jinxie is acting very strange, almost like she's possessed. She doesn't seem to remember the time or how she got here. She says she just remembered something. Talk to Jinxie:

  • What you remember: When she discovered the crime scene, the tracks and feathers weren't there yet. Your case is looking even worse now.
  • The Forbidden Chamber: There is a secret mechanism hidden in the Fox Chamber to the Forbidden Chamber. Only the alderman knew the mechanism and there was only one key which was swallowed by Mayor Tenma. The Forbidden Chamber Key is updated in the court record.

Present the Fox and Demon Statue. It was supposed to be a token of goodwill. The animals appear to be fighting because a portion of the statue is missing. The Fox and Demon Statue is updated in the court record. When you ask if there is anything else you should know, Jinxie says that's all there is to it. Your bracelet starts reacting though, and she's definitely hiding something. However, just when you wanted to ask her about it, Fulbright comes to question her. You'll have to find out what she's hiding later. For now you should talk to L'Belle about the blackmail letter.

Kyubi Manor - Garden[edit]

L'Belle is talking to himself about his perfumes, now with blue hair. Talk to L'Belle:

  • Did you see Tenma Taro? L'Belle now admits to having seen Tenma Taro and lied about it to protect Jinxie.
  • Rumor about Jinxie: Apparently Jinxie is 'possessed' and wanders around talking about Tenma Taro. She once even put on a Tenma Taro costume and wandered in the forests. It would explain how she was acting some moments ago. You should ask Mayor Tenma about this later.
DD Couleur Me L'Belle.png

Present the Blackmail Letter. He denies that he sent the letter, and then destroys it! He then talks about his beauty products. "Colour me L'Belle" and "Je suis L'Belle", both products that are not available to the public. He does feel generous enough to give you one though. Couleur me L'Belle is added to the court record. You should investigate the Fox Chamber for the secret mechanism. Move to the Fox Chamber.

Kyubi Manor - Fox Chamber (2)[edit]

DD Complete Fox and Demon Statue.png
DD Mechanism.png

Start by examining the door. There's still no keyhole. Athena wants to break the door down, but it isn't a very good idea. Examine the table. There seems to be something underneath it. Examine the red object underneath the table. It's the cup of the Fox and Demon Statue. The Fox and Demon Statue is updated in the court record once again. Examine one of the statues. The statues can move! Maybe this is part of the mechanism? There should be something in the room that shows the position they should be in. Change the perspective of the room to the right. Examine the folding screen. There are two foxes depicted on it, just like the statues.

There's definitely something about the folding screen and the statues, it can't be a coincidence. Change the perspective of the room to the right and examine the folding screen again. Look behind the folding screen and examine the keyholes in the center. Why would there be an image of a keyhole at the back of the folding screen? There are also two keys at the border of the folding screen. Examine one of the keys. It looks exactly like the Forbidden Chamber key. Maybe if you fold the screen so that the keys come in contact with the keyholes you will get a clue? When you do this, it looks like two foxes facing each other with an open door in the middle. You should move the fox statues in this position!

When moving the statues, a keyhole appears! The Forbidden Chamber key fits perfectly so you can now investigate the Forbidden Chamber.

Kyubi Manor - Forbidden Chamber[edit]

There are feathers all over the place and a giant Tenma Taro statue! There are also some staves that look like the one Tenma Taro was using and an interesting looking cream bottle.

DD Hand Cream.png
DD Forbidden Chamber Figure.png

Examine the cream bottle, it reads "Je suis L'Belle!". The person dressed up as Tenma Taro must have taken a staff from the Forbidden Chamber, therefore Florent L'Belle must be the Tenma Taro impersonator! This will give you a big advantage in court. Hand Cream is added to the court record. Next, examine the statue. The statue also has a staff, while the Legend Scroll didn't mention that. There's also a secret compartment in the statue. It hasn't been opened in a long time and there's a figure inside. The Forbidden Chamber Figure is added to the court record. Examine the scroll on the table. There's a drawing on it, it depicts a monk putting a yellow stone on a table, which turns into Tenma Taro. Examine the staves on the left side of the room. One is missing, thus the Tenma Taro impersonator must have been in this room. Lastly, examine the air vent in the top right of the room. It's too high up, so no one could've entered it from the Forbidden Chamber.

Now that you have investigated the Forbidden Chamber, it's probably best to talk to other witnesses. Move to Kyubi Manor Foyer.

Kyubi Manor - Foyer[edit]

When talking to Phineas Filch, he tries to steal your bracelet again, together with Widget. Why does he always steal from others? Talk to Filch:

DD Azuki Kozo Statue.png
  • Stealing: Apparently Filch is the grandson of the famous bandit Azuki Kozo, a famous thief that leaves his statue at the crime scene when stealing from the rich. The statue you found in the Forbidden Chamber seems to be the same Azuki Kozo statue. Azuki Kozo Statue is udpated in the court record.
  • Forbidden Chamber Treasure: There was a treasure in the Forbidden Chamber, but it was already stolen by Azuki Kozo, because his statue has been there for a while.
  • Tenma Taro Sighting: Filch claims he believes in the superstitions, but this isn't true. To prove he's lying, present the Village Superstitions. It says that if you ignore the superstitions it will cost your soul, unless you leave the village immediately. Filch says he never wants to leave Nine-Tails Vale. He was clearly lying.
  • Tenma Taro Sighting: The real reason he couldn't talk about Tenma Taro was because Florent L'Belle told him he would do what the superstitions say to him if he said a word about it. He did it to protect Jinxie, because of the possession rumor. Filch then steals the village superstitions from you.

It's to ask Mayor Tenma about the possession rumor. Move to the Detention Center.

Detention Center (2)[edit]

Tenma Taro seems to have left Mayor Tenma's body, and you can talk with him normally again. However, when you bring up the possession rumor, Tenma Taro 'possesses' Mayor Tenma again. Talk with Mayor Tenma:

  • Rumor about Jinxie: Tenma doesn't know anything about that rumor. You won't be able to do anything in court unless you can prove Jinxie didn't plant the yokai evidence.
  • The real story: Jinxie isn't really possessed. She probably has somnambulism which occurs when you have repressed stress. Tenma Taro seems to have left Mayor Tenma's body again.
  • Feathers and Tracks: The yokai evidence was definitely planted by the real killer. The only motive for L'Belle's murder Tenma can come up with is that he was planning to release Tenma Taro.

Now that you know the truth, it's probably the best to go talk to Florent L'Belle. You move to the Foyer.

Kyubi Manor - Foyer (2)[edit]

Filch is preparing his testimony for the trial tomorrow together with L'Belle, it looks very fishy. Talk to L'Belle:

  • Taro's true identity: L'Belle insists he told Filch not to talk about Tenma Taro to protect Jinxie. He denies that he's the Tenma Taro impersonator, but he will testify in court tomorrow.

Before you could get anything out of him, he leaves with Filch for another "lesson". Jinxie was still hiding something though. It's time to figure out what.

Nine-Tails Vale - Yokai Lane (2)[edit]

Blackquill is done questioning Jinxie, but she appears to be sleepwalking again. After waking her up, talk to Jinxie:

  • What you remember: Jinxie says her father only told her to call an ambulance, but your bracelet starts reacting. Time to find out what she's lying about.

Perceive Jinxie's hand when it starts twitching. She admits that her father did say something else.

  • What you remember: When Jinxie came into the room, her father confessed to the crime! The situation is still looking bad, and it seems the only thing you can do is to believe in your client.