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Themis Legal Academy - 1F Hallway[edit]

Mr. Wright was invited to come to the Themis Legal Academy. He got a call from them after getting back his attorney's badge and he invited you and Apollo, hoping you'd learn something from the experience. There is a school festival today, but when you arrive in the hallway you are already thirty minutes late. An announcement follows, the mock trial is about to begin in the Lecture hall. Maybe Mr. Wright and Apollo are there too?

Themis Legal Academy - 3F Lecture Hall[edit]

You gather with Phoenix and Apollo. The person you're supposed to meet, Prof. Courte, is also running late. The other professor, Aristotle Means, who looks like an ancient Greek philosopher, has already arrived. He oversees the lawyer course. The mock trial is about to begin, but none of you actually know what it's about. Trucy used the pamphlet for one of her tricks, you will have to ask Prof. Means about the matter. Talk to Prof. Means:

  • Themis Legal Academy: There are three courses in the school, the lawyer course, prosecutor course and the judge course. Mr. Wright apparently will give a lecture today.
  • Today's plans: Wright was supposed to be meeting with the head of the judge course, Prof. Constance Courte. In addition to the lecture, he is scheduled to hold a training seminar tomorrow.
  • The mock trial: The best student from both the lawyer course and prosecutor course face off in a simulated trial. The trial is based on the best script written by a student from the judge course.

If the lawyer student wins the trial, they get to take Mr. Wright's training seminar. If the prosecutor wins, he will take a course from a famous prosecutor. Who it is, stays a surprise. Juniper Woods, a friend who you've known since childhood, asks Prof. Means to wait up in the balcony before giving his pre-trial speech. The mock trial is only for students and faculty. There is, however, one seat reserved for Mr. Wright. He tells Apollo that he can take his seat, so that Wright can meet Prof. Courte as soon as she gets here.

Themis Legal Academy - Outdoor Stage[edit]

It's been thirty minutes, but Prof. Courte is still not here. Suddenly, you hear something break. You both have a look to see what it was.

At first it doesn't seem that the sound was something significant, but when you get closer... it's Prof. Courte! She's lying dead at the witness stand! Mr. Wright immediately calls the police. You want to tell everyone in the Lecture Hall, but Mr. Wright stops you. He says they'll find out when the police arrives, and he wants to do his investigation now. Why doesn't he want the other to know right away? Anyway, it's time to investigate the crime scene.

DD Courte's Planner.png
DD Arrow.png

Select examine and change the perspective of the stage to the right. Examine Courte's body. Examine the book. It seems to be a planner. Courte's planner is added to the court record. Examine her wrists. It seems she has been dead for some time, and the body was moved. It also looks like her hands have been tied up. Examine the arrow. It looks like the arrow is the murder weapon. Arrows as murder weapons are rare though. The Arrow is added to the court record. You also take a photo just in case.

DD Themis Herald.png

There were supposedly two statues on the stage made by someone from the Fine Art Club. They're broken now, maybe that was the sound you heard a few moments ago? Examine the small part of statue that's still left. When Wright arrived here, the statues were covered with some sort of bag. Examine the paper on the ground. It looks like a gossip paper about a love triangle with the lawyer and prosecutor participating in the mock trial, and Juniper. The article is clearly written with malicious intent. Themis Herald is added to the court record.

Apollo comes running to tell about the 'news'. When he sees the body, he says it's exactly the same like in the mock trial! The position, murder weapon, the lack of blood, it's all the same! There is more to the murder than meets the eye. The police arrives and you move to the lecture hall.

Themis Legal Academy - 3F Lecture Hall (2)[edit]

Phoenix goes to talk with Prof. Means about what he saw. Juniper is also in the lecture hall. Talk to Juniper:

  • Juniper Woods: She seems to have changed since the last time you met. She is now the Student Council President.
  • Constance Courte: She tried to fix what was wrong with the school and was a beacon of hope in this 'dark age of law'. The script for the mock trial was written by Juniper.
  • The mock trial: Juniper and Prof. Courte were the only ones who knew about the details of the mock trial.

Suddenly two rather ...interesting individuals join the conversation. One is Hugh O'Conner, who likes to be called Mr. Perfect, and the other is Robin Newman, who tends to shout a lot. They were the ones who competed against each other in the mock trial. Apparently Juniper played the role of the defendant in that trial. Juniper is supposed to sing at the school festival. Talk to Juniper again:

DD Stage Costume.png
  • Your performance: Juniper was also responsible for the stage costumes. The Stage Costume is added to the court record.
  • So, who won? Just before the verdict was reached, the police arrived. The tree of them have been good friends for a while, and they even have a "proof of their friendship". The proof is secret though, but you can hear the discord in all of their voices.

Detective Fulbright has also come to the scene, and arrests Juniper for the murder! The two major reasons are that she led someone to the body, and she was the only one besides Prof. Courte that knew the details of the mock trial, which was exactly what the real murder scene looks like. There were other reasons for her arrest too, but Blackquill told the detective to stay quiet about that. On top of that, a sharp tool was found in Juniper's pocket covered in blood. It was evidence for the mock trial, but Fulbright doesn't seem to care. Juniper is now being escorted to the police station, and you have to do something! In the heat of the moment, you decide to defend Juniper in court! You are still very new to this, but Apollo is there to help you. Newman and O'Conner immediately head to investigate to save Juniper.

You can ask Apollo about the mock trial now, but it's hard to explain without the props or any script. Someone offers his help, it's prosecutor Klavier Gavin! Regrettably, his band went "kaput". After asking for his autograph, talk to Klavier:

  • Why are you here? He was the famous prosecutor they invited to give a training seminar. The Gavinners are getting back together for a special performance, in which Juniper was supposed to sing. The stage was supposed to have two banners and a statue of Wright and Gavin.
  • Constance Courte: Prof. Courte was Klavier's mentor. Klavier offers his help and the three of you reenact the mock trial.

You play both the witness and the judge. Gavin is at the prosecutor bench and Apollo plays the defense attorney. Press talk:

  • Summary of the facts: The victim's body was found in the middle of the quad. The defendant was a member of the Archery Club. Newman was surprised by what Courte was wearing, and responded with "Oh, the green sweater suit". The two cases are looking almost the same.
  • Defense's argument: The defendant couldn't have stabbed the victim if they were at the meeting place. A male student was seen holding a bow in the Archery Club Room which has a clear view of the squad.
  • Prosecution's rebuttal: The autopsy report proves that the arrow was impaled postmortem. The real murder weapon was a bloody awl found in the art room. The defendant's prints were on it and blood was discovered in the art room. Therefore, the art room was the location where the murder actually took place.
  • How the body was moved: The body was dropped on a mat on the maintenance room below and was then carried with a ball cart.
    DD Mock Trial Script.png

The mock trial ends before the verdict, because you don't want to declare your best friend guilty. The Mock Trial Script is added to the court record. You still haven't told Mr. Wright about defending Juniper. Move to the Hallway.

Themis Legal Academy - 1F Hallway (2)[edit]

Prof. Means is quite upset with Juniper's arrest and cries out "The end justifies the means!". He decides to defend Juniper in court, but you already agreed to take her case. Phoenix has gathered more information about the case. Talk to Phoenix:

  • About the murder: There are traces of large pools of blood in the art room. The police believes the body was carried from there to the stage, just like in the mock trial.
  • Rumor about the academy: He tells about the dark of age of law, where prosecutors file false charges and lawyers forge evidence. What if Phoenix examined the body because he thought someone might tamper with the evidence?!

You should talk to some witnesses now. Move to the Outdoor Stage.

Themis Legal Academy - Outdoor Stage (2)[edit]

You see a group of policeman talking, and you decide to eavesdrop on them. However, when you come closer, you trip over a box. There seems to be something inside the box! It is ...a person? She's called Myriam Scuttlebutt, a senior in the judge course. Talk to Myriam:

  • Myriam Scutlebutt: She says she will testify in court tomorrow, and that she's a good friend of Juniper. She wants to know everything about her for Juniper's sake. Apollo's bracelet is already reacting.
DD Themis Herald Extra.png

Perceive her hands when they start shaking. She was selected as a witness because she is the editor-in-chief of the Themis Herald. She does everything in the paper. all by herself. To prove this, she gives you an extra edition of the paper. The The Herald Extra is added to the court record. This proves she's not really friends with Juniper. Present the Themis Herald paper. The paper is full of malicious lies about Juniper, and definitely not something a friend would write about them.

  • Myriam Scuttlebutt: Juniper is just a target for her gossip papers. Myriam says she's a witness to Juniper's past crimes.
  • The end justifies the means: Many students embrace Prof. Means's methods. Myriam even put tape records all over the school, including one in the art room. She will reveal the contents tomorrow in court.
  • A rift in the trio: Juniper, Robin and Hugh are no longer friends according to Myriam, but you didn't notice anything of the sort.

Maybe Hugh and Robin have discovered something new? After all, they were supposedly investigating to save Juniper. Move to the Lecture Room.

Themis Legal Academy - 3F Lecture Room (3)[edit]

Hugh hasn't made a lot of progress in his investigation yet. Talk to O'Conner:

  • Hugh O'Conner: He says he always gets a hundred percent on all tests and people call him a genius. The reason he was losing in the mock trial was because he saw the body before it began.
  • Discovering the body: Everyone was in the lecture hall right before the mock trial, except the mock trial participants. Juniper and Robin were in their dressing rooms at that time. Hugh was meditating at the archery range. When he walked back to the lecture hall after meditating, he saw the body on the stage. He didn't call the police so that he could confess to Juniper after the trial. This whole story sounds fishy though...

Now that you've talked to him, it's time to talk to Robin. Move to the Maintenance Area.

Themis Legal Academy - Maintenance Area[edit]

According to the mock trial script, the body was dropped from the art room on the third floor to the maintenance area and landed on a mat. The body was then transported with the ball cart. Robin is here too. Talk to Robin:

  • Robin Newman: Robin is a member of the Fine Arts Club. He was also the creator of both the statues. Prof. Courte was the advisor of the Fine Arts Club.
  • About the murder: The three friends wanted to hold honest and fair trials together to put an end to the dark age of law. However, Juniper will never become a judge if you don't prove her innocence.

You have talked to every witness now, except for Juniper. Move to the Detention Center.

Detention Center[edit]

Talk to Juniper:

  • The script: The only people that knew of the script's contents were Juniper and Prof. Courte, but Juniper revised the script in favor of the prosecution so that Hugh wouldn't be able to confess to her. That way their friendship stays the same, but Prof. Courte noticed the revision and changed it back.
  • The awl: The "blood" on the awl wasn't on there when she was preparing in the art room yesterday. Right before the mock trial, Juniper found the art room key and the awl with it. Prof. Courte normally has the art room key so she assumed the "blood" was painted on it by Courte.
  • Mock trial prep work: The last time she saw Courte was yesterday when preparing, and Juniper left the school at 6:00 PM.

Visiting hours are now over. It still bothers you that there was a discord in the voices of all three students when they were talking about their friendship. This case is looking exactly like the mock trial in every respect. The mock trial ended right before a guilty verdict! You're not going to let that happen. You're going to use everything you have in court tomorrow.