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Wright Anything Agency[edit]

You barely avoided a guilty verdict in the trial. You think back to what Prof. Means said at the start of the trial, and he had a point. If it weren't for those confessions, the trial would have ended right at that moment. You need to see Juniper right away! Apollo is coming with you.

Detention Center[edit]

Aristotle Means is here too. Juniper apologizes for her confession, and then says she wanted Prof. Means to defend her! This looks like a bad idea, seeing how he has beliefs that "the end justifies the means". Talk to Juniper:

  • Why change lawyers? Juniper is afraid that you suspect Hugh or Robin. Prof. Means claims he can prove all three of them innocent with a perfect piece of evidence.
  • Why did you confess? She says she confessed to save her friends, but there is a discord in her voice.
  • The trio's friendship: The three have been friends since the first day of school, and wanted to end the dark age of law together, and she mentions her proof of friendship again.
  • The day of the murder: She actually went to her dressing room to work on her costume until 7:00 PM, but didn't go anywhere else. There is no reason to lie if that was everything that happened, so she is probably still hiding something. In the photo that you received in the trial, the clock reads 7:05, but she wasn't in the art room at that time. You should investigate the art room later.
  • Encountering O'Conner: Juniper saw Hugh at 7:15, but she suddenly goes silent. She's obviously hiding something, maybe this is why she lied about going home at 6? You decide not to press the matter any further for now. When she came back for a brief moment at 8:30 that evening, she saw the two statues finished covered with sheets.

With the way Prof. Means wants to do things, it's a really bad idea to let him defend Juniper in court. You make a proposal: if you come back with solid evidence solving the mystery, you'll defend Juniper. Thankfully both Prof. Means and Juniper agree to this. You must have enough evidence by sundown, so you better get investigating soon. Move to the outdoor stage.

Themis Legal Academy - Outdoor Stage[edit]

When you arrive here, you see a familiar looking box and Klavier. Talk to Klavier:

DD Stage.png
DD Lady Justice.png
DD "Hugh" Scrap.png
DD School Banner.png
  • The stage: There were supposed to be two banners. One with the school emblem and the other with the Gavinner's logo. The Gavinner's banner has gone missing.
  • The statues: You propose to pick up the pieces of the broken statues to put them back together. Maybe you will discover a new clue?

Press examine and change the perspective of the stage to the left. Examine the two rocks visible at the prosecutor's bench. Next, examine the judge's bench, and examine the red fragment. Go back and change the perspective of the stage to the left. Examine Gavin's statue. When you're zoomed in, examine the big white piece next to statue and the red piece on the ground to the left. A bunch of red and white fragments should be in the court record.

With the red pieces and some teamwork, you're able to rebuild Gavin's statue! It doesn't look bad, but what about the leftover white pieces? When you rebuild these pieces, you have a statue of Themis, the goddess of law. The statue looks awfully familiar... The lady justice statue is added to the court record.

You notice a pole with a wire attached to it. The wire goes from the pole to the another room, and at the end of the wire you can see the red banner. Examine the room with the open window. That's the art room apparently, and Fulbright is inside. You ask him to lower the wire so that you can reach the banner. Examine the banner. It seems the bottom is knotted up. When unraveling the knot, a paper flies out. It looks like a page from Courte's planner, reading "October - Hugh 120". The "Hugh" Scrap is added to the court record. Examine the banner once again. There is a dark red stain on it, a bloodstain to be specific! The school banner is added to the court record. Examine Lady Justice. There was no mention of this statue, but Wright's statue's fragments seem to have vanished into thin air...

There is a track near the metal fence, which looks out of place. It starts from behind the backdrop, and it looks man-made. It looks like something was dragged from there. You are about done with the outdoor stage. The box just took off running! It's going towards the maintenance area, and you decide to follow it.

Themis Legal Academy - Maintenance Area[edit]

Talk to Scuttlebutt:

DD Burned Fragments.png
DD Stage Set Up Photos.png
  • Scuttling scuttlebutt: She seems to have a burned rug with her, it's the Gavinners' banner! It was found in the incinerator. The banner looks like it could be related to the case. The burned fragments are added to the court record.
  • The depths of despair: Myriam decided journalism isn't for her, and is deleting all her photos. When you try to stop her, she's already deleted 99% of the photos. There are just two left.
  • Your photo technique: You return the papers to Myriam. She wants into the trio of Juniper, Hugh and Robin. After revealing this, her laptop falls to the ground and won't turn on. You propose that she can lend your laptop, but only if she asks to hang out with Juniper, Hugh and Robin, and she agrees with it.

Myriam also gives you the two pictures left on her laptop. They look like photos from the night setting up the stage's backdrop. The stage set up photos are added to the court record. Now you should talk with Hugh and Robin again. Move to the hallway.

Themis Legal Academy - 1F Hallway[edit]

Hugh is not really in the mood for talking, and doesn't have a lot of time. Talk to Hugh anyway.

  • Why did you confess? Hugh also confessed to protect his friends, and is confident that he will not be suspected.
  • Relation to Blackquill: He doesn't deny that Blackquill knows about his secret, but he doesn't want to tell it.
  • Courte's planner: He also doesn't want to talk about he meeting with Courte, but he will tell the "truth" in court tomorrow. He acts like it will hurt your case. He then claims he doesn't care about Juniper anymore, because of her other side.

Hugh didn't have a lot of time and leaves the hallway. The police is probably done investigating the art room, so you head to the art room.

Themis Legal Academy - 3F Art Room[edit]

The police is done investigating, but Fulbright is still here. Thankfully he does let you investigate, and mentions the bloodstain marked with ropes. Talk to Fulbright first:

DD Voiceprint Analysis.png
  • Art room investigation: Nothing significant has been found in the art room, but outside the art room, there has been a major breakthrough.
  • The breakthrough: The voice on the tape recorder definitely belongs to Juniper. The voice analysis is added to the court record. Why would she say something like that though?

Now you can start the investigation. Examine the table on the right. The strange statue that was in the art room photo is gone. Robin probably knows more about this. Examine the wire that Fulbright used earlier. Next, examine the blue book on the ground. It is a mock trial script, and there is an envelope nearby marked "use". Examine the pottery beneath the window. It looks there are bloodstains all over it!

Lastly, examine the clock. Fulbright says it is accurate, but the clock is actually one hour late. That would mean the art room photo was taken at 6:05! Fulbright asks for proof that the clock was actually an hour late in the photo. The moon wouldn't be possible to see from that window. Present the stage set up photos. The photos were taken around 6, and the moon in the photo was from the backdrop. Present the backdrop that is held up by the crane. This proves the photo was actually taken at 6:05!

Now that you are about done investigating, you ask where Robin is. She was mumbling something about a video in the Lecture Hall. Move to the lecture hall.

Themis Legal Academy - 3F Lecture Hall[edit]

Robin is taking a look at the footage from the mock trial. Talk to Robin:

  • Why did you confess? As expected, she also confessed to protect Juniper.
  • The day of the crime: Robin says she was working on the statues until the last bell, but doesn't have any proof.
  • Now that the secret's out... Robin didn't have any trouble now that everyone knows she's a girl, but she really wants the stage costume-related evidence, so you give it to her.
  • The snitch: there is a rumor that one of the students is a snitch, who reports everything in the school to one of the professors, and there are also rumors of buying and selling grades.

Present the school camera photo. She says it was most likely made by Prof. Courte. Talk again.

  • Courte's artistic sense: the statue in the photo was originally a photo of Lady Justice. She wanted to use it for the mock trial, but the statue broke the day before. She rearranged the pieces in her own unique way. Lady Justice is updated in the court record.
DD Lecture Hall Diagram.png

Robin proposes to watch the mock trial video together. The video starts with ten minutes of Prof. Means's pre-trial speech. Near the end of the speech, Juniper is seen going to the audio control room. On the diagram you can also see the balconies where Prof. Means and Prof. Courte were supposed to be. The Lecture Hall diagram is added to the court record. When you fast forward to the mock trial, Juniper is heard saying "you're a goner"! Robin doesn't seem to know why this is significant. Present the tape recorder. The voice on the tape recorder could be from the mock trial! If this is a fabricated piece of evidence, Hugh would be the only one that would profit from it. The tape recorder is updated in the court record.

Klavier wants to help, and takes a copy to analyse the recording. It's almost sundown, so you head to the detention center.

Detention Center (2)[edit]

Juniper still doesn't want you to defend her, because of your suspicions about Hugh. Talk to Juniper:

  • Suspicions about O'Conner: even with all the evidence, Juniper still believes he's innocent. However, when she says he always gets good grades and never causes trouble, Apollo's bracelet reacts.

Perceive her scarf when it starts moving. She's trying to hide Hugh's connection to this case. Her secret that Hugh mentioned must also be involved in it. Hugh must have felt betrayed by her, meaning Juniper is The snitch. However, she still denies it. Present Courte's Planner. On the 22nd, it says "routine report", which is probably when the snitch reports to Prof. Courte. Courte then planned to meet with Hugh, and he figured out that Juniper was the snitch. Juniper now no longer tries to hide her secret. In fact, she says she suspected Hugh from the very beginning! Talk to Juniper again:

  • Suspicions about O'Conner: She admits to being the snitch, and reported something about Hugh on that day.
  • Your report on O'Conner: Juniper overheard Hugh talking about buying good grades! If this is the case, a piece of evidence might actually be about this secret. Present the "Hugh" scrap. It looks like it's from Courte's planner. Could she really be the one accepting bribes? Juniper says there is another reason she suspected Hugh.
  • Your other reason: When she saw O'Conner around 7 PM the night before the mock trial, his hand was dripping with blood!

Juniper says she deep down knows Hugh couldn't have murdered someone, but the evidence says otherwise. Prof. Means agrees with you to defend Juniper in court. You know the prosecution's key piece of evidence is a false, so there shouldn't be too much trouble in court tomorrow.