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Wright Anything Agency[edit]

Apollo was badly injured in the courtroom bombing during the trial of Starbuck. As Phoenix, you and Athena were able to prove Tonate guilty for the courtroom bombing, but the mystery of the Space Center still remains. You decide to take over his case, and Athena wants to see Starbuck right away.

Detention Center[edit]

You meet with Starbuck, but he's just as depressed as he was in the trial. He seems to recognize Athena from somewhere outside of the trial. Athena cheers him up, so you can talk to Starbuck.

  • The case: Starbuck doesn't remember anything about what happened, not even that he ingested the anti-anxiety pills. Maybe someone slipped them into him? The murder weapon is part of a utility kit used by Space Center techs. The utility knife is updated in the court record.
  • The HAT-1 Miracle: Pretty much everything malfunctioned in his rocket seven years ago, and he was the only one on board.
  • Outer space: Even though he's afraid of going to space, it's still the thing he wants to do the most.
  • The victim: Apollo and Clay were best friends and often played in the Space Center together. They used to shout "You're fine!" all the time.

Now that you've talked to Starbuck, you should get investigating. Move to the entrance.

Cosmos Space Center - Entrance[edit]

Here you meet a strange person on a scooter. It's Yuri Cosmos, the director of the Space Center. That also means he was one of the two first people to discover the body. Talk to Cosmos.

  • Yuri Cosmos: He claims he is famous because he was the 'central figure' in the HAT-1 project.
  • About the bombing: Cosmos doesn't want talk about what he saw until tomorrow in court.
  • About HAT-1: The mission was to collect asteroid samples. When the rocket was in the correct position, they launched the Hope probe towards the belt. Both the rocket and probe returned to earth safely, with the probe arriving just a few days ago.

Cosmos has to get back to business, and so do you. Move to the boarding lounge.

Cosmos Space Center - Boarding Lounge[edit]

This is the place where Terran was murdered. There is a door with a satellite dish on it, and a door with a blue rocket. A policeman stops you because you don't have permission from Fulbright. He's in the Launch Pad 1 corridor, which is beyond the door with the blue rocket. Move to the Launch Pad 1 corridor.

Cosmos Space Center - Launch Pad 1 Corridor[edit]

Athena has a plan in case Fulbright doesn't want to share any information again, but for the first time he's happy to share information with you! Something is definitely different about him. Talk to Fulbright.

  • The crime scene: Apart from letting you investigate, Fulbright even offers you snacks and a masseur!
  • What happened, exactly? Fulbright was on the fourth floor during the evacuation. An emergency ladder was used to escape, but it wasn't very stable.

Fulbright wants to give you more information, there was apparently a witness to the murder.

  • The witness: The witness is an employee who looked through the window into the lounge. She's still somewhere in the building.

There is something with Fulbright that he doesn't want to talk about, but Athena wants to get it out of him next time you meet. Now that you have permission to investigate, move to the boarding lounge.

Cosmos Space Center - Boarding Lounge (2)[edit]

DD Space Center Pamphlet.png
DD Control Room Door Lock.png
DD Bullet.png
DD Bullet Hole.png

The first thing you should do is find a trace of a third person in the lounge. The room is very big, but Athena brought a pamphlet from the entrance with maps inside. The Space Center pamphlet is added to the court record. There is a holographic image on the screen which you can turn off.

Examine the ropes that indicate how the body was lying. Terran has the capsule with him in the crime photo. It probably contains the asteroid samples from the HAT-1 project that Cosmos was talking about. Examine the spinning ball with the chair inside. It's a training device for astronauts, but there is a sharp fragment inside. It's from the oxygen tank, meaning that it ruptured after they arrived at the boarding lounge. Next, examine the door with the satellite dish on it. Athena explains where all the doors are and who can access them. The door with the rocket leads to Launch Pad 1, only people registered in the fingerprint recognition system can pass through. The door with the satellite dish leads to the control room. It was empty at the time of the murder, and only Yuri Cosmos can pass through. The Control Room door lock is added to the court record. The door to the south is the elevator that anyone can use to enter the boarding lounge, but the elevator wasn't working after the explosions.

Now that your perspective has changed, examine the area to the right of the elevators. It's seems to be another piece of training equipment. Examine the trash chute on the right. The robots that clean the place throw the garbage in there. Examine the gutter, and then examine the shiny object that is inside. It's a bullet! A very small one, it's from a caliber .10 to be exact. It must be for a very special kind of gun. If you're in the southern area of the boarding lounge, it measn that someone has shot in that area. Pretty far from where Terran's body was located. The bullet is added to the court record.

Go back and examine the Launch Pad 1 door. People can pass through it normally now, so the security must be disengaged. Athena uses her fingerprint powder to analyse the fingerprint recognition device, and there is only one print. You should ask Fulbright for the fingerprint data to check who they belong to. There is also still the security footage that you haven't seen entirely yet. Maybe Fulbright will also let you see the footage after the two astronauts entered the boarding lounge? Examine the button on the left side. What could it be for? It is secured with a glass panel.

Change the view to the right and examine the remote in the left table. It has the button to turn off the hologram, and there should be a new clue now that you can see the screen clearly. Change the view to the left and examine the screen. Examine the broken glass. It's a bullet hole! There is no bullet near the hole though. The bullet hole is added to the court record. You might also want to ask Fulbright about this.

When you're done investigating, you are greeted by Ponco, a guide robot. She knows Athena pretty well already, but doesn't know you yet. She has to register people before she considers them their friends. Ponco asks you to follow her.

Cosmos Space Center - Space Museum[edit]

Ponco takes you to the Space Museum, which is open to everybody from 9 AM to 7 PM. The first thing you see is a huge rocket, but it's just a replica of the HAT-1 rocket. The museum is located on the opposite side of the Launch Pad. The Space Center pamphlet is updated in the court record. Talk to Ponco.

DD "Hope" Capsule.png
  • The HAT-1: There is an exhibit of the launch seven years ago. You find a photo with Terran, Starbuck, Cosmos, Ponco and two other women on it. The Space Museum used to be Launch Pad 2, but was reconstructed due to financial reasons.
  • Launch pad layout: When a rocket is launched, it detaches from the building and moves to the launch site. For this to happen the safety lock in the boarding lounge has to be disengaged.

Present Terran's autopsy report. The capsule in the photo contained the asteroid samples which were carried inside the Hope probe. The capsule was kept safe in Launch Pad 1. Was Terran trying to carry it to safety after the explosion? The "Hope" capsule is added to the court record. You should ask Fulbright about the security footage and the bullet hole. Move to the Launch Pad 1 corridor.

Cosmos Space Center - Launch Pad 1 Corridor (2)[edit]

Talk to Fulbright.

  • Bullet hole at the scene: The bullet was shot by detective Arme as a warning shot, but she and Cosmos discovered the body together.
  • Fingerprint data: According to Fulbright's fingerprint data, the fingerprints on the device belong to Starbuck. The Launch Pad 1 door lock is updated in the court record.

Present the security camera video. Unfortunately, there isn't any footage left after the astronauts arrived at the boarding lounge. The aftereffects of the explosion damaged the wires. The security camera video is updated in the court record. It seems like something has been bothering Fulbright. When asked if he has an ulterior motive, two Psyche-Locks appear! With the help of your Magatama, you can see if someone is hiding a secret. The more Psyche-Locks appear, the deeper the secret. You can break these Psyche-Locks by exposing their secrets and presenting evidence. Tap the Magatama to start breaking the locks.

Fulbright's Psyche-Locks: Why You're Being Cooperative[edit]

Fulbright's Psyche-Locks: Why You're Being Cooperative
2 Locks

Detective Fulbright is in agony, the issue he's so thorn up over is probably Justice. Fulbright claims everything was fine until the explosions occurred, and that there was a relaxed guard detail, but that contradicts the evidence. Present the evacuation report. That day only a rocket launch was planned, but even a special task force was brought in.

1 Psyche-Lock Broken

It's not particularly strange that Fulbright was called in on a security detail, but it's very strange for another person to be there. Present Candice Arme's profile. Detective Arme specialized in bomb cases, so that means that they knew there was a possibility of a bomb going off!

1 Psyche-Lock Broken

Unlock Successful

Talk to Fulbright again.

  • What you can't say: A few days before the launch, they were warned about a potential bombing. But in spite of that, the plan to launch still went ahead. Cosmos directly received the threat by phone, but told the police to stay quiet about it.
  • Prosecutor Blackquill: A prisoner that prosecutes is highly irregular, but Blackquill is still on the hunt of the "phantom" of seven years ago.
  • Haunted for seven years: Blakquill thinks the same phantom is also behind this case. Both incidents happened in the Space Center, and a threat was issued via telephone. The case seven years ago started the dark age of law, where Blackquill was found guilty of murder.

Blackquill doesn't think Starbuck is the phantom, but he thinks he is tied to him, which is why he has a personal grudge against him. Fulbright is afraid this will lead to a false conviction, which is why he was so cooperative. Now that Fulbright has that off his chest, he thanks you by telling you that the witness is somewhere near the Space Center entrance, so you head to the entrance immediately.

Cosmos Space Center - Entrance (2)[edit]

Here you find a robot who is quite similar to Ponco, and his "owner". She is Aura Blackquill, a researcher at the Cosmos Space Center. Talk to Blackquill.

DD Testimony.png
  • Your last name: She is Simon's sister, but Athena is suddenly acting shy when you ask her about it.
  • The witness: She was in the robotics lab on the fourth floor after the explosions, and when she went down the emergency ladder, she witnessed the moment of the crime through a window. She saw a person with a lighter and knife in their hands. She couldn't see the person well but the lighter had an earth emblem on it. Aura's statement is added to the court record.
  • Why you hate lawyers: Something in her past made her not only distrust lawyers and prosecutors, but the legal system as a whole.

Aura also seems to recognize Athena, has she been here a few times before? Aura warns you that Cosmos is a big liar when she heard the rumors that he will testify in court. You should see Starbuck to tell him about the bullet and Aura's statement. Move to the detention center.

Detention Center (2)[edit]

Starbuck is still depressed, but when you tell him about the lighter, he seems to have remembered something. Talk to Starbuck.

  • The lighter: He wasn't unconscious the whole time. He saw the lighter in the boarding lounge for a brief moment. He could see the dark shadow flickering; that must've been the third party you were looking for!

You tidy up the irrelevant evidence, and decide to move back to the office to eat something.

Wright Anything Agency (2)[edit]

Apollo has come back from the clinic! He's still injured, but he desperately wants to catch the killer again. Talk to Apollo.

  • Your injuries: He doesn't feel any pain anymore, and nothing will stop him from defending Starbuck for Terran's sake.
  • Clay Terran: The two of them were friends since high school, and Apollo is wearing Terran's jacket that he was given after he was assigned to the HAT-2 project.
  • "I'm fine.": Apollo and Clay used to shout "I'm fine!" and "you're fine!" to each other during hard times.

Apollo announces that he will take a leave from the office! He wants to catch the killer by himself and in his own way. When he left, Athena sensed a lot of hatred and suspicion from his heart. Athena wants to get him back to the office, but if you both search for the truth, the answer should be the same. You decide to rest until tomorrow's trial.