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Trial Begins[edit]

You start immediately in the courtroom, but the judge is still scared of all the explosions that happened recently. Prosecutor Blackquill asks the judge to give the openings statement. Since the last time we know that after the two explosions, the victim carried the defendant to the boarding lounge, where the murder took place. Blackquill still believes Starbuck was the culprit, but you argue that there was a third person at the scene. Starbuck saw someone leaving the boarding lounge, and Aura saw a suspicious figure with a lighter, but there is no evidence that this person is not the defendant. Yuri Cosmos is called to the witness stand to testify.

Cosmos's Testimony: What I Saw at the Scene[edit]

Cosmos' Testimony
- What I Saw at the Scene -
  1. Detective Arme and I rushed towards the boarding lounge together.
  2. We went via the Control Room and peeked in from there to see what was going on inside.
  3. We saw a figure standing in the middle of the lounge, and Terran lying on the floor.
  4. I hate to say it, but I can only imagine the standing figure must have been Starbuck.

Cross-Examination: What I Saw at the Scene[edit]

Press the fourth statement. He claims that he wasn't able to see the person's face, much like Aura. When he entered the boarding lounge, there were only two people. After they looked through the window, the figure suddenly vanished. Blackquill claims that Starbuck pretended to be unconscious, but Cosmos did not look at the boarding lounge at all times, thus the third person could have escaped during this time. You suggest that the third person went through the elevators, but you can't prove this yet.

When you ask why he looked away from the boarding lounge, he will tell you that detective Arme was pointing her gun at the figure and Cosmos tried to stop her, but he did not succeed. Detective Arme shot two warning shots at the figure. Cosmos is asked to amend his testimony.

  • Detective Arme fired two warning shots at the figure.
DD Bullet2.png

On this new statement, present the bullet hole. Only one bullet hole was found at the scene! However, Blackquill confirms that there were two shots fired from Arme's gun, and that the second bullet hit the oxygen tank with a .38-caliber gun. The oxygen tank is updated in the court record. The bullet was confirmed to be Arme's. Bullet from Arme's gun is added to the court record.

But if two .38-caliber shots were fired, it leaves another mystery. If asked if the two shots clear up everything, select No, it doesn't. In fact, the piece of evidence that is left unexplained may prove the existence of the third person! Present the .10-caliber bullet. Not only does this prove there was a third person, but it also explains why detective Arme fired two shots. Director Cosmos now admits that the figure fired a shot at them! Cosmos is asked to testify again.

Cosmos's Testimony: What I Really Saw at the Scene[edit]

Cosmos' Testimony
- What I Really Saw at the Scene -
  1. Detective Arme and I rushed to the Control Room together.
  2. In the lounge, we saw a figure standing in the middle of the room, and Terran on the floor.
  3. We were still in the Control Room to the east when the figure fired at us!

Blackquill still claims that the person firing the gun was Starbuck, and that he then threw the gun into the trash chute. Blackquill also reminds you that the detonator switch was found in Starbuck's pocket. When asked where the figure shot the bullet, Cosmos answers that the bullet hit his medal! You can see the small bullet hole in it, so it must be the truth. It's clear that director Cosmos is still hiding a lot of information.

Cross-Examination: What I Really Saw at the Scene[edit]

If Cosmos really was standing in the Control Room when he was shot at, how did the bullet end up in the gutter? Present the bullet on the third statement. There is an explanation for this; Cosmos was standing near the elevator when he was shot, which would also explain how to .38-caliber bullet ended up on the screen. But, this would also mean that there is no way for the third person to escape! The corridor was full with smoke, the Control Room can only be accessed by Cosmos and both the director and the detective were standing near the elevators when the third figure was in the boarding lounge!

Cosmos claims that he lied to protect the defendant. You decide to overturn your thinking: what if one of the two arrived at the scene before the other, making them the third person? If this person arrived at the boarding lounge, and the other person arrived from the elevators, then the third person could have used another escape route. When asked who this third person could be, present Yuri Cosmos's profile. He is the only one who could have escaped via the Control Room! If the bullet that hit Cosmos's medal wasn't fired from the mysterious figure, it must have been fired from Arme's gun. When asked for proof, present the bullet from Arme's gun to compare it with the mark on Cosmos's medal. In this case, the oxygen tank was hit by Cosmos's bullet, which ended up in the gutter.

The bullet that hit Cosmos's medal is confirmed to be from Arme's gun. But even after he told all those lies, it looks like director Cosmos is not done yet.