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Trial continues[edit]

Apollo demands that the trial continue, as it's still not clear who killed Clay Terran. After Aura gives her permission and Edgeworth tells a brief recap of the case and the previous trial, Apollo gives his basis for accusing Athena.

Apollo's Testimony: Apollo Justice's Accusation[edit]

Apollo's Testimony
- Apollo Justice's Accusation -
  1. I suspected Ms. Cykes of the murder of Clay Terran.
  2. My growing suspicions were confirmed when this incriminating evidence presented itself.
  3. In addition, she's the only one who could have utilized the launch pad switch to escape.
  4. That is why I wish to indict Ms. Cykes on the charge of murder!

This is the conclusion Apollo came to after his investigation alone. Phoenix still can't believe he'd suspect Athena.

Cross-Examination: Apollo Justice's Accusation[edit]

Press all of Apollo's statements. Note the pose he makes and how he talks at certain points. Do they remind you of another defense attorney that took the stand last year?

  • First statement: Apollo's bracelet reacted when Athena saw the utility knife. That's why he wore the eyepatch in Starbuck's first trial.
  • Second statement: The lighter seems like decisive evidence. Apollo brushes off your claim that Athena had no motive.
  • Third statement: There's a security camera in Boarding Lounge 2, and it only captured Athena, making her the prime suspect.
  • Fourth statement: Apollo is doing this to find the truth so he can trust Athena again.

It seems everything leads to Athena as the killer, but of course there must've been an alternate escape route, right? Apollo challenges you to find the alternate route, because battling one against another leads to the truth. When asked where the culprit escaped to, present the Space Museum Corridor.

Phoenix remembers seeing dead leaves in the corridor, which means another route opened up when the launch pads were switched! Present the outside area of the Space Center. Of course it sounds ridiculous. Can it be true? Present the Emergency Ladder. If it was lowered, the culprit could've grabbed onto it. Edgeworth says the corridor is 20 feet away from the main building, and of top of that, the corridor is already level with the third floor! No one could jump such a gap without freezing in fear... or could someone do it? Present the Phantom's Psych Profile.

Chasing a phantom[edit]

Without the constraints of emotions, this "phantom" could do what no one else would dare! The alternate escape route was in his plan since the beginning. That's why he gave advance warning of the bomb locations. He tricked Cosmos into switching the pads, but how could he know that the ladder in the robotics lab would be lowered? Phoenix then remembers Aura's words back in the Robotics Lab.

"So I lowered my emergency ladder like the detective leading the evacuation told me to."

Phoenix (and the player, too) finally realizes the true identity of "the phantom". When asked who this mystery spy, responsible for both cases at the Space Center, the courtroom bombing, and the Dark Age of Law, is...

Present Bobby Fulbright's Profile.


Athena is grateful for all that you've done, but the battle isn't over yet. Apollo apologizes for not believing in Athena.

Aura Blackquill surrendered her hostages and comes to tell you to find Metis's killer with your own hands. Simon arrives shortly after and thanks Aura for saving him. Aura is taken away.

Edgeworth then releases Blackquill's shackles and lets him take over the prosecution to take down Fulbright once and for all. Apollo takes off the jacket and bandages, and everyone enters the courtroom.

Fulbright's Testimony: The Embodiment of Justice[edit]

Back in the trial, Fulbright acts like he normally does and refutes your accusations.

Fulbright's Testimony
- The Embodiment of Justice -
  1. Ha ha ha ha! I'm the very embodiment of justice itself!
  2. I won't have you make me into a villain with your far-fetched arguments!
  3. And this bit about the escape route is only a theory -- you don't have any proof!
  4. What we DO have proof is that Athena Cykes is the culprit: this lighter with her prints on it!

Cross-Examination: The Embodiment of Justice[edit]

Press the second statement. Fulbright will describe the evidence against Athena in more detail. Ask him about the number of prints to add a new statement.

  • Three prints were on the lighter: the thumb, index, and the middle fingers of a right hand!

Present Aura's Statement on this new statement. What Aura saw contradicts what Fulbright says. Fulbright argues that Aura saw the culprit's reflection on the mirror, and the lighter's Earth emblem would've been covered if the lighter really was in the killer's left hand.

Apollo's bracelet reacts to this last bit. Blackquill allows the use of the bracelet for once. Use the bracelet.

  • The Earth emblem is only on the side that you can see when held in the right hand.

Percieve Fulbright's left hand (his left hand, not the hand of the left side of the screen!) on that bit. He must know something about the lighter. You now can examine the lighter. Examine the Earth emblem. Suddenly, the lighter turns into a handgun! This must've been where the .10 caliber bullet came from. Fulbright claims this points Athena as the culprit of everything.

Fulbright was acting strangely through this entire incident. Did he tamper with the evidence? Maybe the owner of the prints isn't who he says! He might've fabricated data. The lighter is sent for re-testing and the results arrives shortly after. Both the blood and prints are Clay Terran's. The Lighter is updated in the Court Record. Fulbright planted his prints when he was taking the print samples. He will "confess" that he's an undercover agent looking for the phantom, but was coerced into cooperating with the spy.

Apparently, he aided in the escape route, fabricated the lighter, was to retreive the psych profile and to pin everything on Athena. He claims again he's not the phantom, as there probably are assassins lurking near the exposed courtroom waiting to kill him if it's believed he is the spy. Blackquill believes him, and Fulbright's relieved... until Athena comes in and says there is absolutely no emotion in Fulbright's words.

The Phantom's Heart: Bad Ending

If you deplete your Confidence Gauge at any point during Fulbright's testimony, you will get the third and the last of three bad endings.

Mood Matrix: Bobby Fulbright[edit]

Fluctuating Emotions
Fulbright's Mood Matrix has all emotions in all statements gone haywire. Happiness might be extreme, then disappear the next second. The following template won't showcase those.
Bobby Fulbright
Mood Matrix: Bobby Fulbright
Noise Level: 100%
1. Me, the phantom?! No way!
2. Oh, I'm so sad! *sob* See?! I told you I have emotions!
3. How dare you accuse me of being someone who would kill over a moon rock?!
4. I do regret cooperating with the phantom, of course...
5. But I'm so glad this misunderstanding is cleared up now!

Only one emotion isn't fading. Pinpoint Fulbright's sadness concerning the moon rock. It's because "Your identity will be revealed" by that moon rock! Fulbright brushes off that claim - saying Athena's analysis isn't proof in this Dark Age of Law. The entire gallery agrees with him, but the Judge allows it anyways. Fulbright will explain his fear now.

Fulbright's Testimony: My Fear of the Moon Rock[edit]

Fulbright's Testimony
- My Fear of the Moon Rock -
  1. I felt fear when I thought of the moon rock because it reminded me of the phantom.
  2. Yes, I'm very afraid of him because he took my family hostage.
  3. What reason would the phantom have to be afraid of the moon rock?! None at all!
  4. So the very fact that I'm afraid of the moon rock means I'm not him!
  5. In fact, I'm on the side of... JUSTICE!

This is it! The last testimony! It's up to Phoenix Wright and Prosecutor Blackquill to end this Dark Age of Law for good!

Cross-Examination: My Fear of the Moon Rock[edit]

Present the Utility Knife on statement three. When Athena stabbed the phantom, some of his blood must've gotten into the moon rock, and if it was analyzed, his identity will be revealed. But the security footage doesn't show it, and it was never found in the lab. How did the phantom make the moon rock disappear? Present the "Hope" Capsule. It was in space for 7 years, but it was intended to be blown to bits in the HAT-1 sabotage. The phantom killed Clay Terran for the capsule he was holding.

Fulbright is all out of whack. Blackquill attempts to draw his sword, but before anything can happen, Edgeworth arrives.

A phantom's identity[edit]

Edgeworth found out that no one from seven years ago looked like Fulbright, but also discovered that Bobby Fulbright has been dead for a year, which means the person in the stand is an impostor!

Blackquill slashes "Fulbright's" face, and the impostor reveals a Solomon Starbuck mask, then an Aristotle Means mask. He proceeds to destroy the psych profile, saying he's "no one" and has lost his original identity to the dark.

"Professor Means" will challenge your claim. The moon rock that could prove his identity was blown to bits in the courtroom bombing... or was it? Present the Phony Phanty Bomb. You'll examine a photo of the remains. Present the yellow and black rock fragment. The fragment is found to have blood several years old, that matches the imposter's blood! Phoenix moves in to close the case, but is countered by... "Phoenix Wright" ?! The imposter now reveals a Wright mask.

Now, "Phoenix" will make his last argument. There's no way to decisively tell that the bombed fragment is from the moon rock that was in the robotics lab seven years ago. But there is! Present Athena's Moon Rock Earring. This was made from the original moon rock.

Hearing this, the phantom will freak and break down, going through all his masks before he's shot non-fatally by a sniper. He will be incarcerated and...

Athena Cykes is found...

PWAA notguilty.gif

What really happened[edit]

"The phantom" is a master spy. An individual of unknowable identity, that's hired by organizations to infiltrate enemy areas and carry out dangerous missions. At some point, a recording of his voice fell into Simon Blackquill's hands, and he gave that recording to Dr. Metis Cykes. She compiled a psych profile on the spy, that stated he had almost no emotional fluctuation. Seeing as this might compromise his identity, the phantom decided to go after the profile himself when he had the chance.

Eventually, he was given the assignment to sabotage the HAT-1 Rocket launch in the Cosmos Space Center. Dr. Cykes lived there, so the spy decided to take care of both at the same time. On October 7th, he infiltrated the space center, sabotaged the rocket, and went to the Robotics Lab in the 4th floor sometime before 2 PM. There, he found Dr. Cykes and stabbed her in the heart with her own katana, killing her immediately. He searched for the psych profile but couldn't find it (since Blackquill had already taken it).

The phantom covered his face with a japanese mask on the wall, covered Dr. Cykes's face with a handkerchief and put on her jacket in order to fool Ponco the robot into believing Dr. Cykes was alive at 2 PM. Very shortly after, 11-year-old Athena Cykes arrived at the lab. Athena saw the intruder next to her mother's body and panicked. She grabbed an utility knife from a nearby toolkit and managed to stab the spy's hand. This entire event was witnessed by Ponco, but to her, it looked like Athena "hugged" her mother. Some of the phantom's blood managed to find a way into a moon rock sample inside the lab. Knowing he couldn't get away with the moon rock, he hid in the "Hope" capsule, which was to be loaded into the Hope probe, and therefore destroyed alongside the HAT-1 Rocket. The phantom exited the lab, was caught in a security camera, and blended in the crowd.

Meanwhile, Athena had Ponco moved her mother's body in order to "fix" her in the operating table. Right after that, Simon Blackquill arrived at the lab and witnessed a scene that would haunt him for the next seven years. He then dismantled Ponco with the bloody katana (this moment was caught by a photographer), put her in a rolling case, grabbed Athena and exited the lab keeping Athena out of sight of the security cameras.

The phantom and two other people were the discoverers of the body. The spy took this opportunity to plant her jacket in the scene, using a shock-proof bag. The HAT-1 launch had problems as expected, but Solomon Starbuck and the rest of the crew managed to make it. This became known as the HAT-1 Miracle, which deeply affected Starbuck, giving him a fear of space.

Because of the photographer's photo and the footage of the outside corridor, Blackquill was arrested a few hours later. He claimed he murdered Dr. Cykes (in order to "cover" for Athena), and due to a combination of strong evidence and governmental pressure on the case, he was declared Guilty. Athena tried to convince everyone otherwise, but no one believed her power. This verdict infected the wound that opened the previous year, when Phoenix Wright was disbarred for forging evidence, and ushered the Dark Age of Law. The incident became known as the UR-1 Incident.

In the aftermath of the case, Aura Blackquill started hating both Athena Cykes and the court system in general. Athena decided to study analytical psychology in order to help Simon, and the spy remained free.

Six years after the UR-1 Incident, the phantom murdered Detective Bobby Fulbright and took his place in order to retrieve the psych profile from the convicted Blackquill, but failed. Around the same time, Phoenix Wright return to practicing law.

Seven years after the incident, the HAT-2 Launch was planned for liftoff, until Director Yuri Cosmos recieved a threatening call from the spy, warning him of the incoming incident at the Space Center. Cosmos enlisted Clay Terran's help to keep Starbuck's fear at bay and prevent danger to the astronauts. The "launch" was to happen in Launch Pad 2, now known as the Space Museum, and the real rocket would be in Launch Pad 1. The night before the launch, Athena snuck into the Space Center but passed out when she saw her mother's jacket.

The day of the launch, the police were all over the Space Center due to the bomb warning. Included, were Candice Arme and "Fulbright". Terran drugged Starbuck in order the prevent him from telling where they really were before entering the Space Museum. He then carried both Starbuck and the Hope Capsule to Boarding Lounge 1 when the bombs went off.

Fulbright ordered Aura to lower the emergency ladder on the robotics lab. Then, he went to Boarding Lounge 1, and stabbed Terran with an utility knife through his space suit, killing him. Aura Blackquill herself witnessed this, although she only saw a dark figure with a knife and a lighter. Terran's oxygen tank broke in the process.

At the same time, Director Cosmos arrived at the lounge, only to be shot at by Fulbright (how looked like a dark figure in the dark lounge still) with a transformable .10 caliber gun-lighter. Fulbright then escaped into the Space Museum Corridor. Cosmos then entered the lounge and switched the launch pads, now knowing someone was there. Afterwards, Arme arrived and fired two shots: one hit the screen and the other hit Cosmos's medal. While the launch pads were switching, Fulbright made a leap to the emergency ladder in order to avoid the security camera in Boarding Lounge 2, which captured Athena Cykes later.

Starbuck was arrested for the bombing and the murder and taken to trial. Before his trial, Ted Tonate ended up killing Detective Arme, but the spy stole the remote switch for the HH-3000 Bomb to blow up Courtroom No. 4, alongside the Hope Capsule and the moon rock, in the middle of his trial. Meanwhile, Apollo Justice started sensing a tell from Athena whenever they talked about the case, which led him to suspect her and wear bandages to not percieve her tells. Juniper Woods was arrested for the bombing, but Phoenix Wright managed to get her acquitted. Justice then took a leave of absence.

Fulbright acted strangely during the investigation prior to Starbuck's second trial day, and after Director Cosmos confessed to switching the launch pads, Fulbright came in with a forged, decisive piece of evidence: his bloodstained lighter with "Athena's" prints. (Which were actually Terran's, planted by him during the investigation)

Trial ended[edit]

Trucy is back from the Space Center and everyone's celebrating. Blackquill thanks Athena for all her efforts and Edgeworth thanks Wright for clearing up the case from seven years ago.

Now that Blackquill is acquitted, the Dark Age of Law can come to a close, and with the phantom incarcerated, the next space mission can proceed. After an Objection!, you will now watch the ending and credits. It's not the end of the game yet though! A bonus case available in DLC is next. (Although chronologically, this is the last case.) Alternatively, you could also move on to the next game in the main series, featuring Phoenix Wright travelling to a country with a unique legal system.