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This article only refers to the Main Characters

Phoenix Wright[edit]

PW phoenix.png

Phoenix Wright is the protagonist of this game. Maya and Pearl call him "Nick".

Maya Fey[edit]

PW maya.png

Maya is Phoenix's assistant and a spirit medium in training. Maya is friendly and sweet although sometimes she can be a little overzealous. She likes to push Nick (Phoenix) around and sometimes calls him "helpless" (which is sometimes true).

Pearl Fey[edit]

PW pearl.png

Maya's younger cousin, who is a prodigy at spirit channeling. She doesn't really know about the world outside her village (not at all it seems like). Pearl is very loyal to "Mystic" Maya, whom she respects very much. Maya refers to her as Pearly, while Phoenix usually calls her Pearls.

Mia Fey[edit]

PW mia.png

Mia is Maya's big sister. She was your chief and mentor and used to own the offices you have now. She was murdered early in your career, but that doesn't stop her from tutoring you. Her family, such as Maya and Pearl, holds the power to channel the dead and Maya and Pearl can use that power to help Mia aid Phoenix at tight situations and needless to say, it always works, well, mostly. Mia is a genius as a lawyer and would stop at nothing until she gets the "Not Guilty" verdict.

Franziska von Karma[edit]

PW franny.png

Your main rival for this game. She aims for one thing her family is infamous for: perfection. Von Karma comes to your country to get what she wants, revenge. For what? Her father? She is a prodigy when it comes to prosecuting and has never lost a case thanks to her aggressiveness, intelligence, and of course, her whip.

Miles Edgeworth[edit]

PW edgeworth.png

Edgeworth is Phoenix’s rival from the last game. Few months after the case you saved him from, he suddenly disappeared and Phoenix fears he is lost forever. Why would he leave so suddenly?

Detective Dick Gumshoe[edit]

PW gumshoe.png

Gumshoe is absent-minded and can be short tempered at times. Mostly he is a friendly and helpful character. He doesn't seem to like Franziska von Karma, who always pushes him around and has a tendency to interrupt conversations.

The Judge[edit]

PW judge.png

The Judge is never given a name, however, he is present for all of the trials. He is a kind old man and often needs things spelt out for him in order to understand what is happening in the trial.