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If you played the first game, you should be familiar with the Gatewater Hotel and Will Powers. Powers is the one that invited you over to the ceremony. In the conversation, you will hear that the Jammin' Ninja didn't bring his guitar, which is strange for Maya. You are then reminded about a press conference where the Nickel Samurai is going to confess something. Confess what?

Talk to Powers if you want to know more about him, the Nickel Samurai, and The Jammin' Ninja:

  • Will Powers: Powers used to work at Global Studios, one time he was framed for murder. Thankfully, you took this case (against your will) and cleared his name.
  • The Nickel Samurai: The actor for the Nickel Samurai is named Matt Engarde, who is very popular according to Maya.
  • Jammin' Ninja: The Jammin' Ninja works at another studios. His name is Juan Corrida by the way. Apparently, he and Engarde don't get along very well.

It should take time before the show starts. Move to the Hallway.


Examine everything if you want to pass time, otherwise Move back to the Viola Hall.

If your not sure what the hallway looks like (since there's no picture), there's walls of flowers on the left, toilets near the end with the sign on the top, target style board with flowers on it and a teddy bear near the bottom left of the picture.

Viola Hall[edit]

PW AdmissionTicket.png

After hearing you will be attending a press conference, Powers will give you the Press Conference Ticket, which will be added to the Court Record.

Now, Move to the Hotel Lobby.

Hotel Lobby[edit]

Once you arrive, you will hear an announcement from the PA, which will tell you that the show is canceled due to unforeseen circumstances. They also have request from the police to stay where you are. The police!? You are then encountered by a familiar voice. Those who remember the case with Powers may also recognize the grouchy Wendy Oldbag, who claims to be security here. (Then why is she wearing an astronaut suit? And a ray gun? Just hope she acts her age). Talk to Oldbag and if you remember the case, she's an inane chatterbox.

  • Wendy Oldbag: Oldbag worked with Global Studios until she was fired after "that" incident. She now works as a security personal.
  • What happened?: Oldbag doesn't have all of the details, but another one of those "incidents" has occurred. A murder? Maya decides to check what happened. You agree to do so, unwillingly of course.

Move to the Viola Hall.

Viola Hall (2)[edit]

A bellboy borrows Maya for a moment saying someone is asking for her on the phone. Maya will leave the party for now.

Note: If you're thinking of the handsome "bellboy" back in the first game at the hotel during Maya's time in prison, sadly, he's not in this game. So don't expect to see him again.

Move to the Hallway.

Hallway (2)[edit]

It's Lotta Hart and Gumshoe! Their argument reveals a murder just took place! Lotta will leave. Talk to Gumshoe.

  • What happened: Pearl wonders if the Nickel Samurai was murdered. The Nickel Samurai actually got arrested! It was The Jammin' Ninja who was killed.
  • Lotta Hart: Gumshoe will say Lotta was here when the murder committed, and is now eager for a real "scoop". This comment will be proven important later.
  • The victim: The name of the victim is Juan Corrida, the actor of the Jammin' Ninja. He and Engarde had been hogging the spotlight for years. Now that Corrida is gone, would Engarde hold the spotlight. Gumshoe doesn't think so.

Present Matt Engarde's Profile to Gumshoe. You will learn he had just been arrested for murder. Arrested!?

  • Arrested? Gumshoe says he can't bring out the details now.

Move to the Hotel Lobby.

Hotel Lobby (2)[edit]

PWAAJFA Transceiver.png

You will see Powers. It looks like he is holding a transceiver. Powers says a bellboy handed it to him recently. Powers gives you the Radio Transceiver, which will be added to the Court Record. Why did the bellboy want Powers to give it to you? Talk to Powers:

  • Matt and Juan: Powers says the two are nasty rivals. They would butt heads over stardom.
  • Press conference: Engarde planned to wear the Nickel Samurai costume over stardom. But why?

Pearl then asks a question, where's Maya? She's been gone for a long time for answering a phone call. Just then, the transceiver beeps. You answer it. A mysterious voice brings some bad news to you: Maya has been kidnapped! The voice is the kidnapper and is holding her life for ransom! The kidnapper wants you to take Engarde's case. He wants a complete acquittal for Engarde, because he says Engarde didn't kill Corrida, because he was set up by a smarter person.

The kidnapper brings you a tougher challenge, to get the not guilty verdict in one day! The kidnapper hangs up, introducing himself as "De Killer".

Hallway (3)[edit]

You tell Gumshoe about the ransom. Gumshoe thinks if De Killer is holding Maya for Engarde's complete acquittal, then he must be working for Engarde, and Engarde must be the real murderer. The police found so much evidence, they felt like something is wrong. Almost as if someone is setting Engarde up for the murder.


The game leaves Phoenix's POV and switches to Maya's. You wake up inside some sort of wine cellar. You are then encountered by the kidnapper, who looks quite familiar. The man introduces himself as De Killer, who assures you he isn't planning to kill you... yet. He then calls Phoenix leading to a call you heard earlier.

Wright & Co. Law Offices[edit]

The game goes back to Phoenix's POV. A day has passed. Pearl will accompany you for now.

Move to the Detention Center.

Detention Center[edit]

You will meet Matt Engarde himself. Talk to Engarde.

  • Matt Engarde: Engarde doesn't answer directly and says he is writing an autobiography. His publisher tells him not to say anything personal.
  • What happened: Again, Engarde doesn't answer. He does however claims innocence.

He isn't talking. Present the Press Conference Ticket. He says he knows nothing about it. Huh?

Present the Radio Transceiver to Engarde. After hearing about the ransom, Engarde will accept you as his lawyer, and will help you out.

Talk to Engarde again:

  • Matt Engarde: It looks like he enjoys being the Nickel Samurai. The popularity, the women, the stardom, etc.
  • What happened: Engarde claims he was preparing for the post-ceremony show. He was in his Nickel Samurai, resting all along. When he woke up, Corrida was already dead and Engarde was arrested.
  • The victim: Engarde says he had nothing to do with Corrida at the time. He beat Corrida at the ceremony, so he had no reason to kill him.
  • The charge of murder: Engarde says the police found a button on Corrida's body. The button belonged to the Jammin' Ninja's costume, so they suspected Engarde. It looks like the real murderer tried to frame him.

Pearl convinces you to try out the Magatama. You don't have to present it as Phoenix does so automatically. Engarde says once more that he didn't kill Corrida. Thankfully, no Psyche-Locks appear. It looks like he is innocent after all!