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Engarde says he was asleep when the crime occurred and Andrews woke him up after putting the button on his costume. Mia then tells you something. Recall Andrews' motive, Celeste Inpax (if you remember her) committed suicide and police say Corrida hid the note she left and Andrews always looked up to Celeste. So she would do anything to get the note from Corrida, even kill him! Mia then reminds you that Edgeworth was the one who told you about her past. So he still handles this case.

Edgeworth calls Andrews to the stand. She admits to her relationship with Corrida and doesn't want the court to speak about it. She claims that she didn't kill him.

Andrews's Testimony: When I Found the Body[edit]

Andrews' Testimony
- When I Found the Body -
  1. It was time for the show to start, so I went to get Matt from his room.
  2. After that, I went to Juan's room.
  3. And there was his dead body. I... I was in shock...
  4. What I saw was, naturally, the exact same scene as in the crime scene photo.
  5. I felt as though I was about to faint, so I poured myself a glass of juice.

Mia advises you to throw off her pacing by showing strong evidence after leading Andrews off guard. So you would need to press Andrew's statements for loopholes. In other words, find a way to throw off her thinking until she's able to tell the truth.

When I Found the Body: Cross-Examination[edit]

Press on Andrews's 3rd statement. Nothing will come out, but this will make things easier (trust us on this one). What you only need to know is how normal people get shocked at the crime scene.

Now Press on her 5th statement. Andrews will say she did pour some juice (tomato juice if you remember), but she didn't feel good. So she set it down without thinking.

Andrews will now say she made a mistake on "one thing". You ask her what, but she doesn't answer. Press further. Andrews will say she knocked over a flower vase as she put her drink down. The vase fell on the guitar case. This confession will be added to the testimony.

  • I was the one who knocked the flower vase over, where it fell onto the guitar case.

Aha! There's a contradiction! Present the Guitar Case or the Crime Photo on either the 4th statement or the newly added statement. If you look at the crime photo, you will see that the case is open. So, if the vase fell on the guitar case, the guitar case should be wet on the inside. If you look at the crime photo again, you see the glass shards everywhere, but they should be inside the case. Therefore, if the case was open, someone could have touched it.

Edgeworth reminds you that Andrews says that she touched the vase and nothing else, but what if she did touch the guitar case? When given the option, choose to make her testify. Choosing let her be makes Mia warn you about disrupting Andrews pacing. So you object and unfortunately, you disrupt the judge's pacing as well! At least there's no penalty as this case goes on.

Andrews's Testimony: The Guitar Case[edit]

Andrews' Testimony
- The Guitar Case -
  1. I don't remember too clearly because I was a bit dazed.
  2. I suppose I must have opened the guitar case... after I knocked the vase over.
  3. It's not a big deal though, right? The case was empty after all.
  4. As for why I opened the case... Even I don't know.

The Guitar Case: Cross-Examination[edit]

Present the Guitar Case at either the 2nd, 3rd or 4th statements. "It's elementary, my dear!" She could not have opened the guitar case because they only found Corrida's fingerprints. Andrews will explain that she was wearing gloves. Hmm, That's strange... Present the Wine Glass. Her fingerprints were found on it, so it would be strange that she took off her gloves to pour some juice and put them back on afterwards, just to open the guitar case.

Mia now says you have found a weak point, the guitar case. She thinks something other than a guitar was in the guitar case. Remember, the case was closed by the time the murder occurred, and when the crime photo was taken, the case was open, so Andrews must have opened the case for a reason. When asked to present the thing that was in the case, Present either The Nickel Samurai, or Lotta's Photo. Andrews found the Nickel Samurai costume, so she must have used it to hide her identity, as proven in Lotta's Photo. Edgeworth asks why would The Nickel Samurai costume be in Corrida's room. It was supposed to be Engarde's. When given the options, choose It was a spare costume (alternatively, if you wish to risk a small penalty you can choose It was stolen from Engarde for a brief moment of hilarity). If you newcomers wonder what's so funny about that choice It was stolen from Engarde, you claim that Engarde would run out naked to the press conference, but Miles mocks you to be naked out of the courtroom, correcting you that Engarde was sleeping with his costume on!

Engarde was wearing the costume, but at the same time, Andrews found the costume inside the Jammin' Ninja's guitar case, so there were TWO costumes. But, why would he bring the costume with him? Present the Press Conference Ticket. Engarde was supposed to attend a press conference, but he had no idea there was one. So, the one who set up the conference must have been Corrida, because he was going to be there with the Nickel Samurai Costume. Some say The Nickel Samurai was going to confess something, but if Corrida was the one confessing, but not Engarde, then that would be public disclosure!

Adrian will explain Corrida's motive, if he lost the Grand Prix, then he would take Engarde down with him by telling the public his deep dark secret. Corrida had been holding a secret so powerful, it would destroy Engarde's acting career. She doesn't quite know what it is. She helped Corrida set up the press conference, but now she feels as if she was protecting Engarde. Time for another testimony.

Andrews's Testimony: Protecting Matt[edit]

Andrews' Testimony
- Protecting Matt -
  1. From the moment I saw the crime scene, I had a feeling that Matt was the murderer.
  2. Matt had to kill Juan no matter what.
  3. And he didn't have an alibi for what he was doing at the time of the murder.
  4. My thoughts were confirmed by the evidence, of course; the button and the knife...
  5. But I'm Matt's manager... So I felt I had to protect him...

Protecting Matt: Cross-Examination[edit]

Press on the 1st statement (not required). Andrews gives you a good point: If you want to prove someone committed a crime, you need a motive, opportunity to commit a crime and decisive evidence.

Press on the 4th statement. Although you claimed earlier that the knife was planted by the killer, Andrews will claim that the button found on Engarde's hakama still stands as decisive evidence. She will revise her statement.

  • That button was torn off of Juan during his fight with Matt.

Present Juan's Autopsy Report on this revised statement. According to the report, Corrida was strangled to death, and stabbed afterwards. If that is true, then the button would have been pulled off after the stab. The judge will ask if the murderer did all of it. Answer, To pin the crime on Engarde. When asked who would do such a thing, Present Adrian Andrews's Profile.

Phoenix describes the evidence against Andrews:

The knife was planted with Engarde's fingerprints all over it after Corrida's death so it is obvious that someone was framing him, the button was pulled off with Corrida's blood and put on Engarde's hakama to frame him, someone put on the Nickel Samurai costume to ensure Engarde gets implicated, Andrews' fingerprints weren't found on the guitar case but on the glass of juice next to Corrida's body, and finally, someone wearing the Nickel Samurai costume seemed short, and Andrews looks short enough for his pants to sag. Andrews was the one who discovered the body, so if all of that is true, Andrews could be the real killer and went to great lengths to frame Engarde.

Andrews refuses to testify against your claims, as it would make things even worse for herself. The Judge agrees as it is the law. Edgeworth meanwhile, confirms that though you have proven Andrews's opportunity, you have yet to prove her motive. Does this mean the trial would continue tomorrow!? You object and inadvertently mention Maya because of the condition of Matt's acquittal of this case by "De Killer". Hearing this, Edgeworth again convinces The Judge to prolong the trial. He finds it odd that Andrews poured a glass of juice after discovering Corrida's dead body, she would be too shaken to stir the drink. Edgeworth wants Andrews to testify about his curiosity.

Andrews's Testimony: When I Found the Body[edit]

Andrews' Testimony
- When I Found the Body -
  1. That glass of juice... I didn't really pour it for myself.
  2. I was surprised when I walked into the room and saw it in that messy state.
  3. And Juan... He was sitting slumped over and tired-looking in the corner.
  4. When I saw him sitting like that, the thought that he was dead didn't cross my mind.
  5. To be honest, I thought he had just fainted or something. So I went to pour him some juice.
  6. When I realized that he was dead... That's when I knocked the flower vase over.

When I Found the Body: Cross-Examination[edit]

Present the Crime Photo on statements 4, 5, or 6. The crime photo has a knife sticking inside Corrida, so when Andrews discovered it, she planted a knife after thinking Corrida wasn't dead. Her testimony, as predicted, implicates Andrews as the real killer.

Andrews, however, pleads that she didn't do so. The Judge asks her what she is hiding. She refuses to testify, because someone told her not to. You told Mia that usually, the killer would admit to the crime and now that you think about it in her case, she hasn't admitted to killing her victim.

Mia suggests Franziska von Karma told Andrews to not testify as it would get Engarde acquitted. Andrews now undyingly believes von Karma's words and refuses to testify any further. But taking that advice would be even worse and Engarde would be acquitted anyways. When asked about your intentions, you can Force Andrews to testify or Request "not guilty" verdict. It doesn't matter what you choose. After some... "encouragements" from Edgeworth, Andrews finally agrees to tell the truth in her final testimony.

Andrews's Testimony: My "Crime"[edit]

Andrews' Testimony
- My "Crime" -
  1. When I first saw him... I really thought he had fainted. Honest.
  2. When I realized he was dead... That was when I formulated my plan.
  3. Once I made sure there was no one in the hallway, I made a dash back to Matt's room.
  4. And then... I stabbed Juan's dead body with the knife, and ripped off the button.
  5. Just when I finished and was returning to Matt's room... I had a bit of an inconvenience.
  6. And that's why... That's why I ended up using the Nickel Samurai costume.

My "Crime": Cross-Examination[edit]

There is absolutely nothing wrong with Andrews's testimony. Even Mia couldn't find a single drop of lies. Press on all of Andrews' statements anyways:

  • 1st statement: The scarf he was strangled with was part of the Jammin' Ninja costume.
  • 2nd statement: Andrews suspected Engarde, because Corrida was about to reveal Engarde's deep dark secret. Engarde committed the murder because he knew it would happen.
  • 3rd statement: Matt was sleeping and the knife was covered with his fingerprints. Andrews thought she'd use it to implicate Matt.
  • 4th statement: When Andrews stabbed Corrida, she noticed the blood-spilled button, and decided to tear it off and put it on Engarde's hakama.
  • 5th statement: Inconvenience? Edgeworth reminds you that Lotta and Oldbag saw Andrews come out of Corrida's door.
  • 6th statement: Andrews reveals that she was the one that ordered the costume, because she was following Corrida's request. She'd thought she use it to, you guessed it, frame Engarde.

After pressing all of the statements Andrews tells you she framed Engarde, because she knew Engarde did it.

The Judge has enough; though Andrews did something unlawful, her testimony still stands and now he knows she is not the real killer. Even Edgeworth says it's pointless to continue.

Therefore there is absolutely no reason to question Andrews further and no evidence to implicate Andrews more. For those conditions, The Judge, to your horror, extends the trial for tomorrow. Note the sound of the slamming gavel.

After the Trial[edit]

The Judge leaves his post and the audience leaves the chamber. As you ponder for Maya's safety, Edgeworth asks one more question to Andrews: The card she is holding, where and when did she find it? Andrews answers: As she was rearranging the crime scene, Andrews found the card right next to Corrida's dead body. She thought she'd keep it in her handbag. Hearing this, Edgeworth yells at Andrews and harshly demands her to give it to him. Why? What is so important about it?