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You can hear the sound of footsteps of someone walking towards a jail cell. You see what looks like a police officer lifting the sheets of an empty cot. Lights turn on and you can hear the sounds of an alarm. The scene then shifts to two men talking late at night. In the middle of a conversation you see a blue beam of light follow by what looks to be a dagger thrown at them. It misses and stabs into the wall. The screen zooms in on a floating robe with a golden mask in the distance. It flies towards them with incredible speed. It slams into the two men, grabs the dagger from out of the wall, and looks down at them. Screams shortly follow.

PW SoJ Episode 3 Artwork.png

Case information[edit]

PW SoJ 3-1 Crime scene.jpg
  • Time of crime: May 8, 2:30PM (Puhray Zeh'lot) and May 10, between 2:00Am and 3:00AM (Tahrust Inmee)
  • Location: Plaza of Devotion (Puhray Zeh'lot) and Inner Sanctum (Tahrust Inmee)
  • Defendant: Maya Fey
  • Victim: Puhray Zeh'lot and Tahrust Inmee
  • Cause of death: Spinal cord injury from stab wound to the back of the neck (Puhray Zeh'lot), blood loss from a stab wound to the stomach (Tahrust Inmee)
  • Murder weapon: A dagger
  • Witness: A'nohn Ihmus (Datz Are'bal), Tahrust Inmee
  • Defence attorneys: Phoenix Wright, Maya Fey
  • Prosecutor: Nahyuta Sahdmadhi


Defence attorney[edit]

PW SoJ Phoenix Wright.png

Phoenix Wright

A defence attorney who travels to Khura'in to visit his former assistant Maya Fey, Phoenix shows up in the courtroom for the second time to defend Maya.


PW SoJ Maya Fey.png

Maya Fey

A spirit medium currently at Khura'in for training to master the Khura'in Spirit Channeling Technique.


PW SoJ Tahrust Inmee.png

Tahrust Inmee

The high priest of Khura'in, who was allegedly stabbed by Maya during the Purification Rite.

PW SoJ Puhray Zeh'lot.png

Puhray Zeh'lot

An acolyte of the high priest, who was allegedly stabbed by Maya during the Purification Rite.


PW SoJ Nahyuta Sahdmadhi.png

Nahyuta Sahdmadhi

A famous Khura'inese prosecutor who travels around the world, taking on court cases.


PW SoJ A'nohn Ihmus.png

A'nohn Ihmus

An amnesiac man who claims to have seen the moment when Maya killed Tahrust while on a mountain.

Other characters[edit]

PW SoJ Rayfa Padma Khura'in.png

Rayfa Padma Khura'in

The princess of Khura'in, whose Divination Séances are said to reveal the truth behind a victim's final moments. She follows Phoenix, making sure he doesn't do any misdeeds.

PW SoJ Beh'leeb Inmee.png

Beh'leeb Inmee

The wife of the high priest, who carries around a picture of her husband after his death.

PW SoJ Datz Are'bal.png

Datz Are'bal

A rebel and a member of the Defiant Dragons. He was wanted, so he disguised himself as A'nohn Ihmus.