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Ema's Testimony: Overview of the Second Murder[edit]

Ema Skye
Ema Skye's Testimony
- Overview of the Second Murder -
  1. The latest victim was Puhray Zeh'lot.
  2. He had been training under the high priest, and living at his house for the past two years.
  3. The high priest's widow Beh'leeb Inmee has identified the victim's body.
  4. He may have been mistaken for a rebel and killed due to his connection to the high priest.

Overview of the Second Murder: Cross-Examination[edit]

Press the third statement.

Select Puhra Zeh'lot is a fake name

Select Add it to the testimony

  • He was an illegal immigrant, so we don't know his real name.

Present the Crime Photo (Zeh'lot) on the new statement

Present the tattoo on the back of the neck

Rayfa's Insight[edit]

Rayfa Padma Khura'in
Rayfa's Insight
Rheel Neh'mu's Final Memories
  1. The victim was offering up his prayers...
  2. It was the night of the rite. Though it's dark, the pattern on the plaza's ground was visible.
  3. Then, someone was there... and the theme to "The Plumed Punisher" filled the air...
  4. The accused held the defenseless victim down and plunged her knife into his neck.
  5. The blade struck true, and in that instant he departed from this world...

On the second statement and second panel, select the Gingihl smell.

Present Beh'leeb's Statement

Zeh'lot's Autopsy Report updated in the Court Record.

Rayfa updates her second statement.

  • It was the afternoon of the day before the rite. Though a bit dark, the pattern on the plaza's ground was visible.

On the updated statement and second panel, select the green floor sight.

Present the May 9th Newspaper

Present the Rebel Hideout Photo

Present the green stone slab with the hand prints

Present the Inner Sanctum Photo

Select The Plumed Punisher theme

Present the Plumed Punisher alarm clock

Rayfa updates her first and second statement.

  • The victim stood with his hands on the stone slab in the hideout.
  • It was the afternoon of the day before the rite.

On the new first statement and third panel, select the Heavy touch.

Select The falling stone slab

Present the Inner Sanctum Photo

Present the warbaa'd statue

Warbaa'd Statue added to the Court Record.

Select To make it look like a serial murder

Present Tahrust Inmee

Select Channeling