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Tahrust's Testimony: I Have an Alibi[edit]

Tahrust's Testimony
- I Have an Alibi -
  1. I have an ironclad alibi for the time during which the murder took place.
  2. Just past noon on the day before the rite, I was entertaining guests at my home.
  3. And I believe my guests can corroborate this.

I Have an Alibi: Cross-Examination[edit]

Press all statements

A new statement is added to the testimony.

  • My guests that day were His Magistry and his family. They visited from 2 PM to 3 PM.

Press the new statement

Select There is

Select He knew the time of the crime

Tahrust's Testimony: I Heard Everything[edit]

Tahrust's Testimony
- I Heard Everything -
  1. I was entertaining His Magistry and his family when the crime occurred.
  2. When I listened to the tape later, I heard a man and a woman quarreling.
  3. It sounded like an altercation between Acolyte Zeh'lot and Acolyte Fey.
  4. After that, there was a loud noise, followed by haunting silence.

I Heard Everything: Cross-Examination[edit]

press statement 1 and have him add the new statement to his testimony.

Press statement 4 and have him add it to his testimony.

Press all new statements ( 2 and 5 )

Present the rebel hideout photo on statement 6

Choose option 3

Select Beh'leeb Inmee

Tahrust's Testimony: Maya Fey is Lady Kee'ra[edit]

Tahrust's Testimony
- Maya Fey is Lady Kee'ra -
  1. Acolyte Fey channeled Lady Kee'ra's spirit.
  2. She is a spirit medium who knows Lady Kee'ra's true name, so she could have done it.
  3. So, it was the real Lady Kee'ra who returned to root out the rebels among us.
  4. She attacked and killed me with a strength far beyond any mortal woman.

Maya Fey is Lady Kee'ra: Cross-Examination[edit]

Present the Tome of Secrets on statement 2

Present the mask covering Lady Kee'ra's face

Present Puhray Zeh'lot's profile

Present Lady Kee'ra's Warning

Present the Plumed Punisher Strap

Select The Steel Samurai theme

Present Family Photo

Present the watch on Beh'leeb's left wrist

Lastly, present Dhurke's Law Book