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Tahrust's Testimony: I Have an Alibi[edit]

Tahrust's Testimony
- I Have an Alibi -
  1. I have an ironclad alibi for the time during which the murder took place.
  2. Just past noon on the day before the rite, I was entertaining guests at my home.
  3. And I believe my guests can corroborate this.

I Have an Alibi: Cross-Examination[edit]

Press all statements

A new statement is added to the testimony.

  • My guests that day were His Magistry and his family. They visited from 2 PM to 3 PM.

Press the new statement

Select There is

Select He knew the time of the crime

Tahrust's Testimony: I Heard Everything[edit]

Tahrust's Testimony
- I Heard Everything -
  1. I was entertaining His Magistry and his family when the crime occurred.
  2. When I listened to the tape later, I heard a man and a woman quarreling.
  3. It sounded like an altercation between Acolyte Zeh'lot and Acolyte Fey.
  4. After that, there was a loud noise, followed by haunting silence.

I Heard Everything: Cross-Examination[edit]

press statement 1 and have him add the new statement to his testimony.

Press statement 4 and have him add it to his testimony.

Press all new statements ( 2 and 5 )

Present the rebel hideout photo on statement 6

Choose option 3

Select Beh'leeb Inmee

((This walkthrough is incomplete))