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Sorin's Testimony: What Sorin Remembers[edit]

Sorin Sprocket
Sorin Sprocket's Testimony
- What Sorin Remembers -
  1. I was stabbed by Dumas in the reception hall, and I collapsed to the floor.
  2. The next thing I saw was Ellen and Dumas on the vista deck.
  3. I knew Ellen was in danger, so I headed for the vista deck.
  4. But when I got there, Dumas was already...
  5. I don't want to believe it, but it must've been Ellen. Nothing else makes sense...

What Sorin Remembers: Cross Examination[edit]

Press the fourth statement.

Present the Hold Entry Record.

Select Not yet

Present the escape hatch on the left side.

Select The power of love

Select The airship wasn't flying

Present Larry's Drawing.

Present the broken sign.

Sorin's Testimony: The Truth[edit]

Sorin Sprocket
Sorin Sprocket's Testimony
- The Truth -
  1. The truth is, I went to the vista deck with Pierce.
  2. That's why my name doesn't appear on the hold entry record.
  3. I was badly injured from being stabbed, but I was frantic.
  4. By the time we reached the scene, it was all over.

The Truth: Cross Examination[edit]

Press the first statement.

Select Have it added

  • Pierce hear the commotion, and he came running.

Press the fourth statement (I was badly...).

Select Have it added

  • The knife wound is quite deep, and continues to throb with pain.

Present the Candelabra on the new statement.

Select He has no memory of it

Select His notebook

Present the Newspaper Article.

The Newspaper Article updated in the Court Record.

Sorin's Notebook added to the Court Record.

Select No

Examine notebook. Examine torn page.

Select Use fingerprint powder

Dust and Blow next to torn page. Analyze text.

Sorin's Notebook updated in the Court Record.

Select No

Select Somebody else tore it out

Present Pierce Nichody