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We now cover the parts found in the ruins section of this area. These tend to involve more puzzle solving that the ones in the pond area.

Most of the parts covered here must past through the gate blocked by the solid wall northeast of the ship. If requires nine bomb-rocks to knock down and, as covered in the previous page, these can be found in skulls either on the small area of land southeast of the pond, or next to a stump west of the ship. So we're just going to assume that you've knocked this wall down by now. The area beyond is populated with bulbears who will attack Pikmin carrying back spoils and parts, so we'll also assume that you'll be clearing these out of the way as you explore the area. There is also a puffy blowhog here and you might encounter a swooping snitchbug occasionally.

UV Lamp[edit | edit source]

This is the second of two optional parts in this region. Just to the right of the northeast gate there is a complicated maze of ledges with a pit in the middle. In case anyone falls into the pit, there is a stick bridge in it which Pikmin can use to get out, and a steam vent you can use if necessary. Gather at least 10 Yellows and throw them just to the right of the pit. Now look for a ramp on the left side of the structure and use it to reach the intermediate level. Make your way right to find the Yellows waiting and throw them to the ledge above, then come back to ground level. Go to the ramp on the left again, but this time take it to the top level and follow it around to the right, following a more complicate route, until you find the Pikmin again. Finally, throw them to the top of the structure where they will find and start carrying back the UV Lamp. Requiring only 10 Pikmin to carry it, this is the lightest part.

#2 Ionium Jet[edit | edit source]

Collect a force of Blues, at least around 20, take them through the northeast gate and continue northwest to the north side of a small pond. There are more water dumples here so clear them out on the way. Go to the ledge on the left and throw your Pikmin to the top. Use the steam vent to get there yourself, call the Pikmin and lead them right until you reach a railing. You must now throw the Pikmin over the gap on the other side of the railing. To do this, keep pushing on the railing to make your throws go further. If it works, the Pikmin will land on the next ledge where a part, the #2 Ionium Jet, is waiting. When you've gotten all 15 of the Pikmin to the next ledge they will take the part back to the ship.

Chronos Reactor[edit | edit source]

This puzzle involve candypop buds, which you may have noticed earlier since they first appear the The Forest Navel, but we haven't actually needed to do anything with them yet. They large flowers in one of the three Pikmin colors, red, yellow or blue. When you throw a Pikmin into one, it disappears for a moment, but then the plant spits out a seed matching its own color, not the color of the Pikmin you threw into it.

Take some Blues to the same pond where the @2 Ionium Jet was located, but this time go to the northeast corner. There is a sandbar between a ledge to the north and a small platform to the south. From there, throw the Pikmin to the platform, use the steam jet on the right to get to the platform yourself, and throw the Pikmin into the yellow bud on the platform. Wait for them to sprout and pick them so you now have some Yellows to work with; you need at least 20. Throw them to the sandbar, standing as close to the edge as possible so none of them fall into the water. Drop down and lead them to the ledge at the north end of the sand bar and throw them to the top of it. Here they will pick up the and bring the Chronos Reactor down from the ledge. But don't let them bring it back to the ship yet; use the blue candypop bud on the sandbar to change the Yellows back to Blues so they can carry the part through the pond.

Pilot's Seat[edit | edit source]

Now an easy one. No puzzles or acrobatics just find the part and bring it back, the only difficulty being how far you have to travel. Gather some Pikmin, the colors don't matter much, and follow the shore west, then the edge of the stream north. If you've opened the walls here you should be able to get through with any color. Continue north, skirting the water on the left, and enter a hollow stump just south of the northern pond. Go right to a smaller stump to find the Pilot's Seat, which for some reason is an essential part of the ship's operation. Note that on the other side of the stumps, next to the pond, is a third stash of bomb-rocks. The Pikmin will follow the same route going back so make sure the stream and the shore west of the ship are free of enemies.

Bowsprit[edit | edit source]

Take a small group of Yellows through the northeast gate, then northeast, around a hollow stump with fire jets inside, to a lattice wall and start them working on it. When it's done, continue through and throw the Yellows onto a bridge just past it. The bridge is on a ledge so you'll need the Yellows to reach it.

Meanwhile get a large group of Reds and take them through the northeast gate and to the same stump with the fire jets, this time going inside. Cross and enter the next stump to meet another armored cannon beetle just like the one in The Forest of Hope. Fight it the same way, the only difference being that you might not have as much room to maneuver here. This beetle actually swallowed a part, the Bowsprit, so when it's been defeated you can take the part and the body back to the ship. But the Pikmin can't take them the way you came; they go through the other side of the stump and down the bridge which your Yellow should be done working on by now. From there they take the same route you took the Yellow Pikmin.