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I you're returning here after a few days then you will notice that the bulborbs you cleared away previously have now respawned. In fact most of the enemies in the game will respawn if you leave the region alone for a while, so it's better to group your visits unless you want to spend the time to fight the same enemies over again.

There are three more parts to get here.


Draw about 50 Blues and head southeast to the pond. There is a new creature in the pond, or rather a creature you couldn't interact with before. These are wogpoles and are the tadpole stage of wollywogs. It's best just to ignore them since they run from you, are hard to catch, and return only 1 seed each for your efforts. Cross to a ledge in the southern corner and throw the Pikmin to the ledge where they will find the bridge there and start working on it. It's a long bridge so it's best to leave them to it.

Meanwhile draw some Reds and clear the bulborbs from the pond area and the sheargrubs that have appeared near the bridge on the left shore. Start the Reds working on this second bridge so the two bridges will meet on a small peninsula in the middle. When the first bridge is done, go to this peninsula and cross to find the Sagittarius. Collect 20 Blues on the way to send it home, and when the second bridge is done gather the rest of your force to send home spoils. Avoid crossing these bridges with Red or Yellow in tow, especially if you have a large party, since they are liable to get on the wrong side of the railing and fall into the water.

Radiation Canopy[edit]

Go northwest from the ship with about 50 blues, turn right at the passage where the Nova Blaster was located, and put them to work on the lattice wall in the puddle on the left. While they're working, get about 50 Reds and take them northwest from the ship, but this time continue northwest, clearing any bulborbs on the way. Throw the Red onto the ledge to the north. When the Blues have finished, which ideally will be a just about the time you've thrown the last Red to the ledge, collect them, continue through to a small area where there is another lattice wall. Put the Blues to work on it and grab the Reds, which should be waiting nearby, to work on it as well. With nearly 100 working it shouldn't take too long to finish.

When the wall is down, gather your Pikmin and confront the enemy lurking beyond, the armoured cannon beetle. It really resembles a spider more than anything else, though it only has four legs. It attacks by taking a huge breath, then blowing out a cannon ball which will wipe out anything in its path. It lives up to the armored part of its name as well since nothing the Pikmin can do will penetrate its thick, iron-like shell. Defeating it isn't that hard once you discover the trick though. Wait until is about to inhale, then start throwing Pikmin in its face so that one will get sucked in a clog up its breathing hole. This fouls up its ventilation mechanism somehow because it will then open its wings to cool off, exposing its vulnerable inner skin. Quickly maneuver around behind it and start throwing Pikmin at it like mad. After a few seconds the beetle will recover and shake off the Pikmin on its back, so gather them up and start the process over. Above all, keep your Pikmin away from its front unless your confident you can get a Pikmin into its mouth. When the beast is down, send its body back since it's worth a good number of seeds, and assuming you haven't taken too many casualties you should have enough left over to send back the Radiation Canopy which is waiting in the corner.

Geiger Counter[edit]

This is the most difficult part so far and it takes some time to get it so you may want to set aside a day for it. Draw about 20 Blues and 80 Reds and head southeast to the pond. You might consider say 20 Blues, 15 Yellows and 65 Reds instead since there will be yellow food pellets to pick up later. Go to the ledge to the right of the pond, making sure to clear any enemies between it and the ship, and throw about half of your force to the top. Keep the Blues you have with you. Now head for where the Yellow onion first landed and circle back south. If for some reason you haven't cleared the solid wall here you have to do it now, which means you need to have three Yellows with you. There are bulborbs here and you should clear them as well. At the far end of the area are two puddles with a cardboard box between them. Gather 10 Blues and take them through one of the puddles, then throw them behind it so they will start pushing it. When the box is out of the way you can start leading your force along the isthmus between the puddles; keep your groups small so no one falls to the side and lands in the water. When everyone is through, gather them up and head northeast to rejoin the Pikmin waiting on the ledge. You might glimpse the enemies that lurk here but it's best not to tangle with them until your Pikmin are all together.

The enemies are called burrowing snagrets and look something like storks which have taken to tunneling underground. The only parts of them that you see are their heads and long neck, but those are bad enough since they're very good at snagging Pikmin with their long beaks and gobbling them up. Their heads are more vulnerable than their necks, so when they pop their heads out you'll want to swarm some of your Pikmin around the necks but keep some in reserve to throw at their heads. Do this while trying to keep you Pikmin away from their beaks as much as possible. If you're lucky, the snagret may get stuck for a moment coming out of the ground, and when this happens you can swarm its head and do big damage.

There are three snagrets in this area, but only one of them, which you'll be able to locate with the map, has the missing part. Defeat it to get the Geiger Counter; you may have to defeat the others as well to get a safe path back to the ship. The snagrets don't leave corpses behind like most enemies, just an assortment of food pellets, so send as many of those back as you can, matching the colors to your Pikmin when possible. Note that Reds and Yellows go back around through the isthmus to take spoils and parts back to the ship while Blues go over the ledge and through the pond. So an alternative approach which may save time is to fight only the snagret with the part and only with Blues. This allows you to skip clearing the path from the isthmus to the ship, but fighting the snagret will be more difficult this way.