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Pikmin is a real time strategy/adventure game. You play as Captain Olimar, stranded on a strange planet. He must seek out his lost spaceship parts so he can escape before his life support system runs down. There are five areas in the game and Olimar must explore each of them thoroughly to find all the missing parts. He discovers friendly creatures he calls Pikmin which help him in his quest.

Since this game is mostly about exploration, there are many possible ways you can progress through the game. This walkthough presents just one possibility and experimentation is highly encouraged.


The game was originally made for the Game Cube, and a version for the Wii was released some time after. The two versions are almost completely identical, with tweaks in the display and adaptations for different controllers being the most noticeable changes. But the subtle differences in game play can make a big difference in choosing tactics. This guide was written using the Game Cube version as a references; Wii specific information will be noted at the appropriate places.

The beginning[edit]

Captain Olimar is returning home in his spaceship after a well earned vacation. Suddenly a meteor strikes the ship and it crashes on a strange planet. When Olimar regains consciousness, he finds only the bare skeleton of his ship; all the parts needed to make it work have been scattered over a wide area.