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GameCube Wii Switch Action
Neutral control (tilt fully) Nunchuk button Neutral lstick (tilt fully) Move the leader
Neutral control (tilt slightly) Remote button Neutral lstick (tilt slightly) Move the cursor (aim to throw a Pikmin)
Neutral cstick Down dpad L button+Neutral rstick Swarm
Left dpad or Right dpad B button R button Switch between Pikmin colors
Up dpad 1 button Up dpad Use the ultra-bitter spray
Down dpad 2 button Down dpad Use the ultra-spicy spray
A button A button A button
  • Punch
  • Pluck a planted Pikmin
  • Throw a Pikmin
B button B button A button Whistle (hold to expand the radius of the whistle)
X button C button X button Dismiss Pikmin
Y button Minus button Y button Change leaders
Z button Up dpad Up rstick or Down rstick Switch camera angle
R button Left dpad, Right dpad ZR button Zoom camera
Hold R button Hold Left dpad, Right dpad Neutral rstick Change perspective of the leader's eye level
L button Z button ZL button Center the camera behind the leader
Hold L button Hold Z button Left lstick or Right lstick Rotate the camera
Start button Plus button Plus button Pause menu

Exclusive to Nintendo Switch, you can press A button+B button to release the Pikmin you’re holding or press Minus button to check the controls.