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Horizontal Joycon is only available in 2 player mode. The joycon can be tilted to aim the cursor in pointer controls but it’s not the most practical control scheme in solo Joycon mode so it is recommended that you turn off pointer controls and aim using the stick.

Wii U Gamepad/Pro Controller Wii Remote + Nunchuk Vertical Joycons/Switch Pro Horizontal Joycon Action
Neutral lstick Neutral nunchuk Neutral lstick Neutral control Move
R button + Neutral lstick Remote button Move the cursor
X button or A button A button A button Right button
  • Punch
  • Pluck or Throw Pikmin
ZR button B button B button Bottom button Whistle
L button C button L button SL button Select who to throw
N/A N/A R button N/A
  • Select who to throw (when not using pointer controls)
  • Recenter cursor (when using pointer controls)
ZL button Z button ZL button Press control Change view
Hold ZL button Hold Z button ZR button SR button Lock on
B button Shake Nunchuk button X button Top button Charge
Y button + Down lstick Left button + Down control Dismiss Pikmin
Up dpad Up dpad Y button + Up lstick Left button + Up control Use Ultra-Spicy Spray
Left dpad or Right dpad Left dpad or Right dpad Left dpad or Right dpad N/A Dodge
Down dpad Down dpad Y button + (Left lstick or Right lstick) Left button + (Left control or Right control) Use Item (Bingo Battle only)
Y button Minus button Switch Leaders
Plus button Plus button Plus button If P2: Minus button or Plus button Pause Menu
Minus button N/A Minus button If P1: Minus button or Plus button Open Koppad
Neutral rstick N/A Neutral rstick N/A Rotate camera