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Box artwork for Pillow Fight: Danger Mouse Version.
Pillow Fight: Danger Mouse Version
Developer(s)Edgars Vecozolins
Publisher(s)Edgars Vecozolins
Year released2016
Preceded byScary Room: Danger Mouse Version
Followed byDanger Mouse Ultimate
SeriesDanger Mouse
ModesSingle player
LinksPillow Fight: Danger Mouse Version ChannelSearchSearch

Pillow Fight: Danger Mouse Version is an action game that was released by Edgars Vecozolins for iOS on December 7, 2016; it is the eighth official title in the Danger Mouse series, and was, much like Power of Mouse and Scary Room, developed under a license from Fremantle International (who now own the rights to Cosgrove-Hall's Thames-era shows). For a second time, it uses the same sprites as its predecessors, apart from that of Count Duckula's 1987 incarnation, because he has been usurped by Baron Silas Greenback's primary crow assistant Stiletto Mafioso (in fact, the app icon is displaying him) - and this is the only time that Stiletto is used as a heroic character, as he was always villainous.


As in the aforementioned "Scary Room", the player must guide Danger Mouse through a Super Mario Bros.-style landscape while collecting coins and avoiding pipes; however, some of the pipes are taller and thinner than those for "Scary Room". As with those two previous titles, this game also once again features Ernest Penfold (Danger Mouse's hamster assistant) - but it once again features pop-ups and non-skippable ads (again, including that of The Walking Dead). This was also the final Danger Mouse game to be based on the original television series, as when Danger Mouse Ultimate was released for both iOS and Android in the following year, it was based on the new 2015 one, produced by the BBC.

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