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The chart that appears after selecting your file

The main menu gives the player two options: "Start game" and "Option". "Start game" will bring the player to a file select, while "Option" lets them adjust sound settings and listen to the sound tracks.

There are two files to choose from. Upon selecting one, the player then must choose which flight device to use, between "Hang Glider", "Rocket Belt", or "Gyrocopter", by choosing one of the Class Ranks below them. A new file starts with "Beginner Class" and the player can gradually unlock classes "A", "B", and "Pilot" by completing respective challenges. Additionally, there are extra games to unlock.

After selecting which device to use and what rank to play on, the player must select a character to control. They must then try to complete the flight test. The main point of these tests is to fly through rings in a certain order and then touch down at a landing point. The player will be scored based on how many rings they make it through before landing as well as how well they do on the landing itself; additional bonus rings are placed in the tests for bonus points. The better the player does on the tests, the better badges they earn, going from bronze to silver to gold.