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Credits Time of Day

Depending on how well you do during the game by the time the credits roll, the credits can run during a different time of the day. By having at least all bronze metals in all classes of the main game, the credits will take place during the day time. By having gold metals on all classes and all extra games, the credits will take place during the evening. By having perfect scores on everything, the credits will take place during a starry night.

Turn Mario to Wario

During Gyrocopter and Cannon tests that take place on Little States, you can find Mount Rushmore to the north. On it is Mario's face that can be turned into Wario's and back again. For the Gyrocopter, you need to attack Mario with eight missiles to turn him into Wario. To turn him back, you need to attack Wario with three missiles. For the Cannon, you only need to hit them once.

Petrol Station

On the Little States island, there is a station in Florida to refuel your Rocket Belt or Gyrocopter fuel tank. If you are using the Gyrocopter, hover just above the station to see your tank refuel. If you are using the Gyrocopter, land on the runway. but don't go over 50kmph, and drive to the station.


On the Little States island, there are two warps you can use to get from one place to another. One requires the Rocket Belt and is first found in San Francisco. In the center of the city is a light gray–green building. Flying into the south entrance of the building will warp you to New York. In New York, the warp back is in a tall, green building.

The second warp can be flown through with any flight device. In the Seattle area, there is an airport hanger with open doors. Flying into it will warp you to the Space Center in Florida, where the warp back is located.

Nighttime on Holiday Island

Any tests that take place on Holiday Island always happen during the daytime. However, by flying through a small cave near the castle, you can change the time of day to night by reaching the end of the cave.