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Racing is a straightforward endaveor. You and your rival both begin at the start line and proceed when the start signal is given. Push up to accelerate and once your speed reaches 100, press fire to switch to a high gear.

During the race, you may notice your tires changing colours as they touch the sides of the track or other cars. This indicates damage, and starts from black, switching to Blue, Purple, Green, Cyan, Red, and Yellow. Any further damage pops the tire, forcing you off the track.

While you can drive on empty fuel, you can't accelerate and lose speed gradually. As with popped tires, you are forced off the track once you stall.

The pitstop[edit]

At the end of each lap, you are given the chance to enter the pitstop. You only need to do so if you spent more than half of your fuel, or if at least one of your tires has turned Purple. To be on the safe side, you may want to replace green tires.

Once in, start fueling your car, and have the other worker remove and replace the worn-out tires. Make sure not to overfill the gas tank, since it will empty if there is too much fuel.


While your main rival is shown below, there are 10 named racers that you are competing against in terms of time. The other racers aren't shown directly on the track, being displayed only by random cars that pass through both player's screens.


There are six tracks within Pitstop II.

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