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Box artwork for Planetary Annihilation.
Planetary Annihilation
Developer(s)Uber Entertainment
Publisher(s)Uber Entertainment
System(s)Linux, Mac OS, Windows
Designer(s)Jon Mavor
Release date(s) (Alpha) (Beta)
Final: TBA (Late 2014)
ModesSingle player, Multiplayer
TwitchPlanetary Annihilation Channel

Planetary Annihilation is a cross-platform RTS game that is currently in its beta.

Like Total Annihilation and Supreme Commander, Planetary Annihilation lets two or more players duke it out on a planetary, and now interplanetary, scale. With land, air, naval, and now orbital units. Launch brutal full frontal assaults with tanks and mechs, bombard the enemy from a distance with artillery and aircraft, or go strategic with moon-based nuclear missiles and propelled asteroids.

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