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Pocket Zaurus Commander.png

Commanders appears in all stages except the Dark Crystal Palace. When you pass through specific points along each stage (twice in the Pantheon Era), lightning bolts fall from the sky. If you touch one, or are struck by one, you will be sent to a screen where you must fight a Commander. Commanders will get progressively stronger as you fight them from one stage to the next. If it happens that you do not want to get struck by lightning, it is recommended that you fire your boomerangs as rapidly as possible, since they can cancel out the lightning bolts.

All Commanders behave similarly. They fly to the left and right in the sky at first. They toss lightning bolts down to the ground at Pocket Zaurus. After taking a a number of hits from your boomerang, they will begin to descend to the ground. Once on the ground, it will resume moving left and right along the floor this time. When they are outside of the range of your boomerang, they move slowly. As soon as you can hit them from where you stand, they begin to rush, and will continue to rush until they are outside your range again. You will have to jump over them as they head your way.

Commanders are immune to the effects of the Flash attack, so you must rely on your boomerang. Each bolt of lightning can be destroyed by your boomerangs for 50 points. If you defeat the Commander, you are awarded 5000 points.


Pocket Zaurus Code.png
Enter the code after each boss battle

When you defeat each Commander, four letters are displayed on the bottom of the screen (as shown to the left). These codes are meant to be input at a particular time after each boss fight. If you successfully enter a code for each stage, you will be given a hint that helps you solve the mystery of the game. Each letter corresponds to an input on the controller. A and B refer to A button and B button respectively, while U, R, D, and L refer to each direction on the control pad, Up dpad, Right dpad, Down dpad, and Left dpad.

The codes are always the same for every stage. Since they never change, you can enter the code for a stage even if you did not fight the Commander, and you will still be shown the hint.

The hints can be fairly cryptic, so the manual comes with five crossword puzzles you can solve in order to get a second hint that explains how to interpret the one you got from the game. However, even the secondary hints will not explain how these hints need to be applied. This is the true Riddle of the Swords of the Ten Kings, and is explained in the spoiler below:


Image Stage, Name, & Description Codes & Hints
Pocket Zaurus Commander Alpha.png Dinosaur Island: Commander Alpha
As the first and weakest Commander, it's possible to knock him down with only three hits, and defeat him with only six hits on the ground.
Pocket Zaurus Commander Sheeta.png Haunted World: Commander Theta
The lightning bolts that Theta throws to the ground won't disappear right away. They will stick in the ground for a short while, and have a tendency to get in your way as you run around. It takes four hits to knock him out of the sky, and eight hits on the ground to defeat him.
Pocket Zaurus Commander Ganma.png Future City: Commander Gamma
The speed at which this Commander can throw lightning is a bit faster than previous Commanders. Other than this increase in offensive power, he is just as weak as Commander Alpha of Dinosaur Island; three hits in the air, and six on the ground to win.
Pocket Zaurus Commander Beta.png Egypt Land: Commander Beta
Beta is the only Commander who, for some reason, flies around upside down. Nevertheless, he is a challenging opponent, with the ability to continue to throw lightning bolts when he is down on the ground. Without the Super Shield, this can be a long fight; he takes five hits to knock out of the air, and ten hits when he's on the ground to defeat.
Pocket Zaurus Commander Cyprus.png Pantheon Era: Commander Cyprus
The very last Commander can be encountered two times in this stage, but he is the same both times, as is the code. He has the characteristics of both Sheeta and Beta. The lightning bolts he throws stay in the ground shortly, and he will continue to throw them on the ground. It take six shots to knock him out of the sky, and a total of sixteen hits before he is defeated.