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Part A[edit]


Enemy Details Description Enemy Details Description
Pocket Zaurus Coconut Drop.png Coconut Drop
200 points
2 hit
Blending in to the background, they only begin to move when Pocket Zaurus gets close. Recognizing it early can help you avoid needless damage. Attack as soon as it moves. Pocket Zaurus Cobra.png Cobra
300 points
2 hit
Cobras move mindlessly back and forth to the left and right.
Pocket Zaurus Java.png Jabba
100 points
2 hits
These small creatures like to throw stones at Pocket Zaurus. They cause a lot of damage, and they are difficult to predict. Even though they are always thrown in your general direction (even if you jump over to the opposite side), the stones are thrown with varying degrees of strength. Pocket Zaurus Java Rolling.png Rolling Jabba
100 points
3 hits
Instead of stones, these Javas attack by rolling wheels in your direction. The wheels can be destroyed with your boomerang.
Pocket Zaurus Java Tower.png Jabba Tower
100×4 points
1 hit
(2 hits)
Four Jabbas stand on each other's shoulders to create a tower. They throw spears straight ahead. All but the bottom Jabba can be defeated with one hit, but the bottom Jabba takes two hits to defeat. Pocket Zaurus Java Straw.png Straw Jabba
200 points
2 hits
When this Jabba appears, the scrolling will stop. It will drop a straw right down on to your health meter and literally begin to suck up the bars! Hit it and stop him quickly before he drains your health away.


Pocket Zaurus World4-1a map.png

Pocket Zaurus World4-1b map.png

Pocket Zaurus World4-1c map.png

Pocket Zaurus World4-1d map.png


A: Quiz B: Coconut Drop
You will be presented with a Quiz as soon as you start the stage.
Coconut Drop
These walking coconut trees will surprise you by blending in perfectly with the background and only beginning to move and attack when you get too close to them. Don't just walk forward carelessly. Keep your eye open for suspiciously short trees.
C: Quiz D: Commander
You will be presented with another Quiz if you walk over to this spot.
As the lightning falls in this area, allow yourself to be hit by one in order to be sent to the Commander fight.
E: Straw Jabba F: Safe Room
Jabba Straw
The screen will stop scrolling at this point, and a Jabba with a straw will enter from the left. It will set up camp and start sucking away your energy. If you have a Flash attack, this would be a good time to use it. Otherwise get to the lower left as quickly as possible to stop the Jabba. If you fight against the Commander, you will not encounter this Jabba.
Safe Room
A very difficult to locate Safe Room can be found in this location.
G: Quiz H: Straw Jabba
A quiz will award you a number of points if you answer it correctly here.
Jabba Straw
Another Straw Jabba will appear at this point. You shouldn't need to rely on a Flash attack this time, since there is little to prevent you from reaching the left side quickly enough to stop the Jabba.
I: Straw Jabba J: Trap
Straw Jabba
The third and final Straw Jabba will appear at this point. It is the hardest one of all to defeat, and using a Flash attack would be highly recommended. If you can't, attack from the safety of the right side of the blocks. It may seem difficult for you to get back to the top of the blocks from the bottom, but keep trying, as it is possible.
The two blocks indicated by the red dot will disappear and cause Pocket Zaurus to fall and hurt himself if they are jumped upon. There is one more block like this which appears immediately after a gap in the floor.

Part B[edit]


Enemy Details Description Enemy Details Description
Pocket Zaurus Cobra Relief.png Cobra Relief These cobra head statues dip tongues down on unsuspecting intruders that walk below them. The tongues do a fair amount of damage, so time your passage beneath them. Pocket Zaurus Aegi.png Aegi
300 points
3 hits
The primary enemy throughout this section of the game, these baby sphinxes run left and right and occasionally jump around. Attack from a safe distance.
Pocket Zaurus Sphinx Soul.png Sphinx Soul
500 points
1 hit
Souls are attracted to the green gems that appear. Once wrapped around the gem, they pursue Pocket Zaurus relentlessly. They are hard to hit, but they can be taken down if you can hit the green gem with your boomerang. Knocking it down with a Flash is another technique, but the best strategy is to scroll them off the screen before they can begin to chase you.


Pocket Zaurus World4-2a map.png

Pocket Zaurus World4-2b map.png

Pocket Zaurus World4-2c map.png

Pocket Zaurus World4-2d map.png

Pocket Zaurus World4-2e map.png

Pocket Zaurus World4-2f map.png

Pocket Zaurus World4-2g map.png

Pocket Zaurus World4-2h map.png

Pocket Zaurus World4-2i map.png


The pyramid is arranged like a maze. Consult the following table to determine which doors to take at the end of each segment:

Segment Left Middle Right
I Dead end Dead end to II
II Dead end to I to III
III to IV Dead end Dead end
IV Super Shield Dead end to V
V to IV to VI Dead end
VI to IV to VII to start of VI
VII to IV to I to boss
A: Safe Room B: Super Shield
Safe Room
Only one Cobra Relief does not lower its tongue in this section. For the cost of one diamond, you can jump up and enter a Safe room.
Super Shield
Unless you already have the Super Shield and are very well off on health, it is highly recommended that you enter this door and stay towards the left side so that you collect the Super Shield as you fall. If you miss it, just re-enter the door and try again.


Pocket Zaurus World4 boss.png

The boss of Egypt Land is Pharaoh Tutankham. He actually possesses three different sarcophagi who stand motionless with open mouths. Deadly spores leak out from the mouths as you struggle to find a way to stop them. This can be a very difficult and frustrating fight until the method to defeat Tutankham is apparent. Boomerangs do nothing against the mummies or the spores, but an interesting item falls from the sky. It's pink, and looks little like a pacifier. In fact, it is a bomb. And your job is to collect the bomb and deposit it in the three open mouths of the sarcophagi. Obviously, you can only do this one at a time. The act of depositing the bomb is the trickiest aspect of this fight. If you get hit by any of the spores, you will drop the bomb. If it disappears off the screen, you will have to wait for another one to fall. Depositing the bomb in a mouth is actually easier than it appears. For the left and middle sarcophagi, all you need to do is jump up when you are directly below the mouths, and press B button at the top of your jump. When the bomb is in place, it detonates shortly, and another bomb falls from the ceiling. The hardest bomb to place is in the mouth of the right sarcophagus. You have to do it while jump up to, or falling down in front of its mouth. Time your button press carefully, and the bomb will stay in place. Once all three bombs have been detonated, the stage comes to a close.