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Part A[edit]


This is the only stage in the game where you encounter characters from the actual Pocket Zaurus franchise.

Enemy Details Description Enemy Details Description
Pocket Zaurus Chokiranodon.png Chokiranodon
300 points
(500 points)
2 hits
Chokiranodons are characters from the Pocket Zaurus franchise, and are pteranodons that double as scissors. They also advance slowly while flying up and down. Hitting them twice knocks them out for 200 points. You can hit them again while they fall for an additional 500 points. Pocket Zaurus Kuttsuki Zaurus.png Kuttsukizaurus
300 points
3 hits
Kuttsukizauruses, or Kuttsukisauruses as they're actually called, are characters from the Pocket Zaurus franchise, and double as glue bottles. It takes three hits to knock these larger birds down. They begin hovering towards Pocket Zaurus when he gets close. They are worth 300 points, but you will get a bonus 5000 points if they fall into the mouths of Crocomechs below.
Pocket Zaurus Egg.png Egg Eggs eventually hatch into little Shigamitsukirasus if you leave them alone. Hitting one with a boomerang only makes it hatch sooner Pocket Zaurus Shigamitsukirasu.png Shigamitsukiras
300 points
2 hits
Shigamitsukirases are characters from the Pocket Zaurus franchise, and are small dinos with an eraser on the head that can be attached to the top of a pencil. These small creatures dash back and forth along a platform. If they touch Pocket Zaurus, they cling to him, draining his energy and preventing him from jumping. They also prevent you from using Flash.
Pocket Zaurus Crocomech.png Crocomech
500 points
1 hit
These harmlessly float left and right in the water. As long as you stay on the bridge above, you are safe.


Pocket Zaurus World 3-1a map.png

Pocket Zaurus World 3-1b map.png

Pocket Zaurus World 3-1c map.png


A: Underground Cave B: Mecha-Prontos
Underground Cave
If the stand by the entrance, you will find an underground cave. The red circles indicate where eggs are located. You can find the Super Shield in this cave. If you collect it and make it all the way to the boss with this power, you will have a much easier time.
The monster at the edge of the shore, Mecha-Prontos, will actually offer to help transport you across the water, for the price of 2 diamonds. As long as you have the money, press A button to accept his help. Without it, you will have to swim across the water, and unless you have full health, it is doubtful that you will survive the trip. Even if you accept his help, you can still accidentally hurt him with one boomerang, so fire carefully.
C: Commander
The lightning bolts signify another chance to do battle with one of the Commanders.
D: Eruption
If you stand on the top of this mountain, it will trigger an eruption and blast you into the clouds. Up there, you can find a 1-up and a Continue mark, so it's definitely worth visiting.
E: Safe Room
Safe Room
For the cost of one diamond, you can enter a safe room in this location.

Part B[edit]


Enemy Details Description Enemy Details Description
Pocket Zaurus Kurunto Zaurus.png Kuruntozaurus
300 points
1 hit
Kuruntozauruses, or Kuruntosauruses as they're actually called, are characters from the Pocket Zaurus franchise, and double as compasses. They actually composed of two parts; the base and the rocket. The base can be destroyed at any time, while the rocket can only be destroyed in flight. Both are worth 300 points. Pocket Zaurus Shanpurintaurusu.png Shamprintaurus
1000 points
5 hits
Shamprintaurus is a character from the Pocket Zaurus franchise, and doubles as shampoo and conditioner bottles. It moves left and right while launching bubbles into the air. Your time capsule's punch attack is ineffective, so use the bombs. It has a tendency to stick to the left side of the screen making it hard to attack, so hit it early on, even if it means hitting one of its bubbles.
Pocket Zaurus Hocchikiratopusu.png Hocchikiratopusu
200 points
2 hits
Hocchikiratopses are characters from the Pocket Zaurus franchise, and double as staplers. It wanders back and forth on the ground, sometimes firing a staple at you.
Pocket Zaurus Morokoshi Rocket.png Morokoshi Rocket On occasion, the screen will stop scrolling and one of these large structures will rise from the ground and pass through the ceiling. It will shoot bullet at you as it rises, and you can continue when it leaves. Pocket Zaurus Salamander Ghost.png Salamander Ghost The Salamander Ghost passes through the screen from right to left at very high speeds. It is extremely difficult to avoid.
Pocket Zaurus Goshigoshijarasu.png Goshigoshijaras
10~5000 points
1 hit
Goshigoshijarases are characters from the Pocket Zaurus franchise, and double as hair brushes. Often appearing in groups of six, you must fire repeatedly at the group to remove them all. The first is worth 10 points, but they increase in point value as you destroy more. Pocket Zaurus Kagamimirudasu.png Kagamimirudasu
500 points
1 hit
This enemy has the ability to reflect the time capsules punch attack back at it. You must destroy it with a bomb.
Pocket Zaurus Egg2.png Egg
300 points
1 hit
Unlike in the previous portion of this world, these eggs don't hatch. They simply drop on Pocket Zaurus as an attack.


Pocket Zaurus World 3-2a map.png

Pocket Zaurus World 3-2b map.png


A: Drakkura Attack B: Cafe
Drakkura Attack
As soon as you depart from the time capsule, a Drakkura will be flying around just waiting to attack you. It is difficult, if not impossible, to avoid being hit once.
It is possible to enter this cafe if you stand in front of the entrance for two seconds. Once inside, you will be served a cup of coffee which will restore all of your energy. It's definitely worth the visit.
C: Movie Theater D: Trap Room
Movie Theater
You can enter the Movie Theater by standing in front of the entrance and using up a Flash attack. However, the payoff is only a small cinematic feature, and generally not worth the cost.
Trap Room
It would be wise to avoid entering this room all together. As you soon as you do, you will find yourself in a pitch black room, being attacked by a gang of Drakkuras. Even if you survive, you will find exiting the room a challenge. The exit can be found by standing very close to (but not right on) the right edge of the screen, and jumping.
E: Quiz F: Ladders
If you stand by the entrance between the ladders, you will have a chance to take another quiz.
Your only goal through this vertical section is to quickly climb to the very top. Eggs may drop from up above, so keep your eye open for them. Ultimately, to reach the top, you must access the ladders on the right, although the left side tends to be easier to climb and contain fewer enemies. Continue to shoot upwards as you climb to be safe.


Pocket Zaurus World 3 boss1.png
Pocket Zaurus World 3 boss2.png

The boss of this world is the King Bug the Great. The challenge differs considerably depending on whether you are Super-Zaurus or not. If you are Super-Zaurus, you will find this boss quite easy to defeat. The enemy will fire upon you with bullets that cannot be countered with the boomerang. It will also send out little enemy bugs that bounce up and down to attack you. The enemy can only withstand 3 hits, but it cannot be harmed when the hatch it open to release bugs. Try to reduce the bugs if they are getting in your way. If you have the Super Shield, you should be able to throw out three boomerangs into the sky in rapid succession to defeat the boss quickly. When it is knocked down, it sails away, releasing a final batch of bugs which you must destroy to complete the fight. You get 100 points for each hit to the enemy, for a total of 300 points, but the small bugs are worth no points.