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  • Neutral dpad: Use the direction pad to control Pocket-Zaurus, and the time capsule when you are given the ability to steer it.
  • A button: As Pocket-Zaurus, press the A button to make him jump. When in control of the time capsule, press A to drop bombs.
    • Down dpad+A button: Hold down while pressing A to drop down through a platform to the level below.
  • B button: As Pocket-Zaurus, press the B button to toss out a boomerang. When in control of the time capsule, press B to use the capsule-punch attack.
    • Up dpad+B button: Hold up while pressing B to throw a boomerang upward.
    • Down dpad+B button: Hold down while pressing B to use a Flash attack.
  • Start button: Press the start button to begin a new game, or to pause the action mid-game.
  • Select button: Game mode select on the title screen.


Pocket Zaurus Player.png
Pocket Zaurus Player Armor.png

Hashimoto-Zaurus starts out as a mild mannered dinosaur version of a bookworm, complete with a pair of glasses, a bow tie, and a monogrammed shirt with a big H on the front. Hashimoto can run left or right, jump up and down, and toss boomerangs with surprising effectiveness. However, when Hashimoto manages to find the Super Shield, positioned somewhere in each stage, he will transform into Super-Zaurus, as shown to the right. Super-Zaurus can toss boomerangs faster, and throw up to three of them at a time. Hashimoto has a health meter that drains as he gets hit, and if he is wearing the armor, he will lose it when the health meter reaches only two bars. Hashimoto can regain energy by collecting the H marks, finding the Super Shield, or whenever his score reaches a multiple of 30,000 points.

Game modes[edit]

Mode selection

Before you start a new game, you must select from one of two modes. The top mode is "Baribari Boku" mode, while the bottom mode is simple "Papa" mode. It may seem counter intuitive, but "Papa" mode is actually the easier of the two (Baribari is a term to describe hard work.) In "Papa" mode, the Drakkura creature will not appear from the Botoranodon capsules, and you will not receive damage by falling in water or lava (but only for the first stage.) Further more, all attacks do a decreased amount of damage.