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Pocket Zaurus Botoranodon.png
Pocket Zaurus Botoranodon.gif

Bottlanodons are characters from the Pocket Zaurus franchise, and are pteranodons that double as drinking bottles. All items start out in Bottlanodons. Bottlanodons that are pre-arranged along the stage remain a single color, as shown on the left. Bottlanodons that appear as a result of killing certain enemies change colors, as shown on the right. To discover what they contain, Pocket Zaurus must touch them. When he does, the capsule will rise and possibly transform. If it does not transform, Pocket Zaurus can touch the capsule a second time to score 200, 500, or 1000 points. If it does transform, it will become one of the items listed below, which Pocket Zaurus must also touch in order to collect.

Item Name Description
Pocket Zaurus Hint.png Hint Mark You will learn about the existence of safe rooms and warp zones.
Pocket Zaurus Diamond.png Diamond Diamonds are the currency found throughout the game. Therefore, it is wise to collect as many diamonds as possible.
Pocket Zaurus Flash.png Flash The power of the Flash attack is equivalent to three boomerang strikes to any enemy visible on the entire screen. However, it is ineffective against bosses. You can store up to three of these, and you may not use them while piloting the time capsule.
Pocket Zaurus Dracula.png Drakkura This vampire imp is not an item, but an enemy character which appears from unlucky Bottlanodons. Once visible, it orbits around Pocket Zaurus, and tries to bite him. Attack it and remove it from the screen as quickly as possible.
Pocket Zaurus Double Score.png Double
Score Item
After you collect the Double Score Item, all points earned are multiplied by two for approximately 20 seconds.
Pocket Zaurus Hashimoto Mark.png Hashimoto
Collect the Hashimoto Mark to completely restore all of Pocket Zaurus' lost energy.
Pocket Zaurus Super Shield.png Super
These powerful items are found in specific locations along certain stages. When collected, Hashimoto-Zaurus will transform into Super-Zaurus This will restore all of his lost energy, and allows him to throw three boomerangs which will travel faster than normal. Once his energy meter is reduced to two bars, he will transform back to Hashimoto-Zaurus.
Pocket Zaurus Continue Mark.png Continue
Collecting the Continue Mark will allow you to continue from the beginning of the stage where you lost your last life. Without one of these, it's game over.
Pocket Zaurus 1UP.png 1UP Mark Find one of these lucky 1-up marks to increase the number of remaining lives by one.
Pocket Zaurus Roller Skate.png High Speed Mark You will only find the High Speed Mark in a maze in the Egyptian stage. It will boost Pocket Zaurus' walking speed.