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Part A[edit]


Enemy Details Description Enemy Details Description
Pocket Zaurus Ille.png Ille
300 points
3 hits
Ille are gremlins that hover about in the air. They throw spears at Pocket Zaurus. They are fairly easy to defeat from underneath. It is better to eliminate them before advancing the screen and introducing other enemies as well. It is far easier to defeat with the Super Shield activated. Pocket Zaurus Dragon.png Dragon
500 points
5 hits
Dragons never move. They spit blasts of fire when Pocket Zaurus is at the same height. These flames cancel out your boomerang, and they are only vulnerable in the head, so they are difficult to hit.
Pocket Zaurus Cerberus.png Cerberus
1000 points
10 hits
Cerebus are motionless as well. The flames they shoot will also cancel a boomerang, although their flames tend to fall down. They take a huge number of hits, so it might be better to go around them then to stay and fight. Pocket Zaurus Unicorn.png Unicorn
300 points
2 hits
Unicorns hover about and fire beams from their horns at you. The beams travel diagonally, and they are fairly vulnerable from underneath.
Pocket Zaurus Fly.png Fly
300 points
3 hits
Flies travel in a straight direction until they hit a wall and rebound at a right angle. They are not a major threat, but they do travel quite fast. Pocket Zaurus Danger.png Danger
300 points
2 hits
Dangers are snakes that spit at you when they see you. They can cancel out your boomerangs. It's easier to attack them from behind.
Pocket Zaurus Minaton.png Minoton
300 points
100 points
2 hits each
Minotons walk slow along the ground. After getting hit twice, it splits up at the neck. The head flies around while the body continues to walk. The head is worth 300 points while the body is worth 100. It may be safer to avoid attacking it. Pocket Zaurus Jar.png Jar
500 points
(10 points)
3 hits
Jars attack by sending out smaller Jars, each of which are worth 10 points. They are not a direct threat by themselves since they don't move to attack you.


Pocket Zaurus World 5-1a map.png

Pocket Zaurus World 5-1b map.png

Pocket Zaurus World 5-1c map.png

Pocket Zaurus World 5-1d map.png


A: Safe Room B: Quiz
Three Illes appear at the start of this stage. Take them on one at a time, as they can attack you from either side if you let too many on the screen at once.
You get a very early opportunity to engage in the Commander battle in this stage. But the Commander of this stage is strong, so you may wish to avoid it. However, beyond this section, two strong Dragons are waiting. You might wish to avoid them entirely as well, and you can by dropping down into the gap. Although you will have to fight through some enemies, and it is longer, it is considerably easier.
C: Snakes
Return trip
When you fall down certain gaps, you will encounter two snakes when you land. You can easily leap over them and proceed to the right. Be prepared to deal with more snakes when the screen changes. If you continue to move to the right, you will eventually return to the section just beyond where you fell.
D: Flies E: Dragon
When you fall down these gaps, you will have to fight two flies in the room. Once they are defeated, a vine will grow and allow you to climb back to the section where you previously fell.
Dragons that are higher than you are actually easier to defeat than Dragons who sit on the same level as you. You can easily jump up and attack them and stay safely below any flames they shoot.
F: 1-Up Room G: Safe Room
1-Up Room
There is a 1-Up inside this room. This room is free to enter and won't cost you any diamonds. When you proceed from this room, it is best to use the cloud ahead to take the upper passage, and it can be difficult to avoid attack from the lower path.
Safe Room
Entering this safe room is worthwhile simply in order to clear out the enemies when you exit.
H: Cerberus I: Before the Time Capsule
The Cerberus positioned here is particularly troublesome. It is very difficult to attack it without getting hurt, so it's a far safer strategy to simply hop over it as quickly as possible.
Before the Time Capsule
Just before the Time Capsule appears to pick you up, a troublesome Ille will appear. If you immediately hop into the capsule, you'll have to take this Ille on in a very difficult fight. However, if you fall in the gap, you can deal with the two flies inside and climb back out and the Ille will be gone.
J: More Illes K: Commander
More Illes
While flying along in the Time Capsule, Illes appear constantly from the right. If you must attack them, attack carefully. It may be preferable to push forward to the right and scroll past them.
Unlike most stages, this stage makes it possible to fight the same Commander twice. It's not recommended that you challenge him a second time. It's possible to safely escape both the lightning and the Illes, by flying as low and to the right as possible.

Part B[edit]


In addition to the enemies encountered in the previous section, you will also encounter:

Enemy Details Description Enemy Details Description
Pocket Zaurus Lions Head.png Lion's Head Lion's Head statues cannot be destroy by any means. They spit fireballs at you, and their aim is not too shabby. Pocket Zaurus Fighter Image.png Fighter Image Like the Lion's Heads, these statues cannot by destroyed. They appear motionless until Pocket Zaurus gets close. Then they raise their arm and try to strike those who pass by. However, as long as you don't jump, it's possible to safely rush past the statue before they can harm you.


Pocket Zaurus World 5-2a map.png

Pocket Zaurus World 5-2b map.png


A: Lion's Head C: Warp Zone
Lion's Head
Lion's Heads are placed in unfortunate locations. As you cross underneath it, jump high to lure the flame it shoots into the air. Then pass beneath it quickly. It is important to avoid getting hit, as falling here will lead to your death.
Warp Zone
Standing on this jar will activate a tempting Warp Zone. But it's actually better not to take it. There's very little of the stage left, and if you do take it, you won't be able to collect the Super Shield that lies waiting just a short distance beyond.
B: Cerberus
You will face three Cerberus in this portion of the stage. They are very strong and while they are worth quite a few points, you may find that it's simply easier to deal with them by ignoring them completely and jumping over them. Be especially careful around the first Cerberus as the platform he is standing on and an illusion, and you will fall to you doom if you attempt to jump on it.


Pocket Zaurus World 5 boss.png

The boss of the Pantheon is Emperor Green Zaurus. He defends the final sword. Before appearing, he attacks with pillars of flame or water which you are completely defenseless against. You cannot stop them, and your only means of evading the attack is to jump into the air as the attack is about to occur. Once the initial attack is complete, Green Zaurus rises into place and begins spitting fireballs at you. Your boomerangs are completely ineffective against him. However, when he spits fireballs, they invariably end up hitting the torches on other side. When a fireball lands in the torch, a wreath is created and flies out. If you collect this wreath as it is falling, you can then throw it with your next attack. To defeat Green Zaurus, you must attack both heads with three wreaths each, for a total of six wreath attacks. To attack the heads, you must jump up and release the wreath at exactly the right height. Once a head has taken three hits, it disappears, earning you 500 points. When both heads are defeated, you will obtain the final sword.