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The Pokemon Global Link is where you can access the Dream World, change some Pokemon White/Black game settings, and access the Global Battle Union.

Dream World[edit]

When you have a Pokemon sleeping in a PGL-Synched game, you can access the Dream World.

  • See the Dream World page for more information.


This option lets you obtain limited-time new Pokemon, C-Gear Skins, Pokedex Skins, and Musical songs.

  • All Campaigns are available for only a set time. After it's over, it can not be obtained, same as Mystery Gift Events.
    • Some Campaigns do re-occur, but this is rare, and has thus far only occurred for Japan.
  • Some Campaigns are password-locked, some are not. Some Passwords are constant, the same for everybody; Often these can be found on sites such as However, others are one-time usage codes, usually a unique serial code given out with a Pokemon-related product.
  • Some Campaigns have other triggers to become available, such as an event in the Dream World.
  • Not ALL Skins/Songs are unlocked via Campaign. Most are though.

Customize (B/W Game Settings)[edit]

Once you've obtained a C-Gear Skin, Pokedex Skin, or Pokemon Musical song, it becomes available as a game setting here. To change it in your game, just select what you want the current setting to be, save the changes, and then either have a Pokemon dream or wake up to transfer that data to the game.

  • Note: Only one of each setting is stored on the game at a time, and can only be changed via this option on the PGL.

Global Battle Union[edit]

You can view your ranking in Random Match battles, among all gamers around the world. You can also see who the top ranked Trainers are.