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As with Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire and Diamond/Pearl/Platinum, Pokemon Black/White has a contest feature in the game. This time, it's called the "Pokemon Musical" and is located in Nimbasa City. You can participate in the Pokemon Musical as soon as you gain access to Nimbasa City. Unlike the Super Contests from before, there is no ranking system or dancing, or even battling appeals. Instead, you dress up your Pokemon in various Musical Props and they will dance to a song. After the musical, if you attracted enough attention, people gathering outside the lobby who saw the musical will compliment you and then give you a prop to add to your Prop Case.

Dressing Up[edit]

When entering in a musical, choose the musical production carefully, as it will decide which aspect you must focus on when choosing props. There are four aspects: Cool, Cute, Elegant, and Unique. The following list lists the productions and which aspects they focus on:

  • Stardom: Cool
  • Forest Stroll: Cute
  • A Sweet Soiree: Elegant
  • Exciting Nimbasa: Unique
  • Pokemon Global Link Musicals
  • Charming Munna: Elegant (if a lady is outside) or Cute (if a child is outside)
  • Pokemon Smash: Cool (if a man is outside) or Unique (if a child is outside)
  • Pokemon Centre de Fashion: Cute


Now it's time to perform in the musical. If you choose props that are held in the arms, like Lantern, Cane, or Electric Guitar, you can use them to appeal to the audience. This will attract attention to you. Pick carefully when to appeal, because one of the NPC Pokemon might appeal in the middle of your appeal, interrupting you and stealing your attention. Doing this to the NPCs instead will earn you more attention and isn't a bad idea if you want to be able to earn props after the musical to add to your collection.

During each musical, your Pokemon will always have its own time in which the spotlight focuses on it and it alone. Then your Pokemon will do a special little dance, normally a somersault. This is one of the best times to appeal, but be careful because NPCs may steal your appeal attention. Another good time to appeal is at the very end of the musical and will earn you the most appeal from the audience. Again, beware, because the NPCs will know when the musical ends and will be programmed sometimes to appeal at the exact right moment. This could again mean your appeal gets stolen. Do the musicals over and over and gradually you'll learn about the NPCs' habits and be able to use them to your own benefit.

Other than this, you have little to no control over what happens, meaning that most of what happens is based entirely upon what your Pokemon wears.

Prop List[edit]

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Here are all the props and which aspect they represent.