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Route 1[edit]

When you get close to Route 1, Bianca will call you over. She will suggest that the three of you take your first steps on your journey together. You will walk up to Prof. Juniper and she will explain that when you see a Pokémon, it's data is automatically recorded on the Pokédex. However, only by catching the Pokémon will you obtain the full data. She will then walk into the long grass behind her in order to show you how to catch a Pokémon.

Juniper will send out her Level 7 Minccino to battle a Level 2 wild Patrat. The Minccino will attack the Patrat, bringing it's HP into the red zone. She will then navigate through the menus and select a Poké Ball. She then captures the Patrat successfully. Juniper will then give each of you 5 Poké Balls to catch Pokémon with. Juniper will then head off to Accumula Town, inviting you to follow. Bianca then sets everyone a challenge: whoever catches the most Pokémon by the time they reach Accumula Town wins. Cheren and Bianca then depart, leaving you to traverse Route 1 alone.

To win the challenge, you must capture the two Pokémon in the surrounding area. You do not win any awards for it is only for bragging. Route 1 is a great place to raise the levels of your starter, try to train him up to level 10. He will learn two moves (except for Oshawott) that will be useful. Along the route, talk to a girl to win a free potion! A potion restores your Pokemon's HP by 20, so use only in emergencies. Once you know who won the challenge, go toward Accumula Town.

Pokémon Found[edit]

Black White Level
Pokemon 504Patrat.pngPatrat 50% 50% 2-4
Pokemon 506Lillipup.pngLillipup 50% 50% 2-4
#504 Patrat #506 Lillipup
Reminiscent of Rattata before it, Patrat is a common Normal type Pokémon that evolves at level 20. It has lower attack power than its chief competitor for the pure-Normal niche, Lillipup, and lacks the third stage of evolution. What distinguishes Patrat and Watchog from the Lillipup line is its moves. Bite and Crunch are learned early on, and Hypnosis makes it a category of one early in the game. Once it evolves, Watchog further distinguishes. Rather than focusing on an all-out attack, Watchog uses moves like Confuse Ray and Super Fang, to deal proportional damage. It learns Hyper Fang to help finish off foes at level 32, at which point it stops learning powerful new moves. However, it does learn Baton Pass, and can be taught enough status-based TMs to work with it. The Lillipup line is the other common Normal type Pokémon family in Black and White. It is generally balanced, save for its poor Special Attack. Lillipup can have either Vital Spirit or Pickup as its Special Ability. It is interesting to note that although Herdier and Stoutland can have the Sand Rush ability, which increases their Speed in a Sandstorm, they are not capable of learning Sandstorm. They can also have Intimidate to lower Attack. Lillipup's Hidden Ability is Run Away while Herdier and Stoudland can use their Hidden Ability, Scrappy, to hit Ghost types with Normal type moves. Lillipup starts with Tackle, a move that it uses well thanks to its Attack power and typing. It learns the Dark type Bite at level 8, which balances out its arsenal. It learns Take Down at level 15, which is very powerful for the early game, but the 25% recoil makes it a move of last resort. After evolving at level 16, Herdier will learn little of use save for Crunch, a step up from Bite. However, once it evolves into Stoutland at level 32, it gains access to extremely powerful moves such as Giga Impact. The entire family can also use TMs such as Return and Strength to fill out its movelist.

Accumula Town[edit]

When you enter Accumula Town you'll have the chance to look around, but first visit the Pokémon Center, it is the big red roofed building in the east of the town. You'll find Professor Juniper standing outside waiting for you. If you talk to her you will then enter the Pokémon Center. Bianca will follow when you enter. When you reach the main desk, Professor Juniper will ask you to talk to the lady behind the desk. Any fan of Pokémon will know who this is, but for the new players you won't know who this is. She is Nurse Joy and she can be found in all the Pokémon Centers across Unova. If you talk to her she will take all your Pokémon and heal them. After that she will show you the PC. Bianca asks Professor Juniper why one of the options say Someones PC. Professor Juniper answers Bianca's question by saying that you will meet 'Someone' in due time. Finally, she will guide you over to the Poké Mart, in the bottom right corner of the Pokémon Center. This is where you can buy all the essential items, such as Poké Balls, Potions, Mail and Healing Items. After this, Professor Juniper will leave and return to Nuvema Town, letting you explore the Pokémon Center for yourself. Go back to the PC and open your own box. Inside you will find Mail from Bianca. Make sure you read it. You may also like to go back to the Poké Mart and buy some Poké Balls and Potions. Now you can leave and go outside.

When you exit the Pokémon Center, you will see two men running over to the plaza. Walk west and Cheren will call you over -If you need to level up your Pokémon, walk south into Route 1 and train them up- and you will get your first glimpse of the bad guys of these games, Team Plasma. Then Ghetsis, will come in front of the grunts and start making a radical speech about Pokémon Liberation.

When he finishes, he and all the grunts will leave and so will the crowd that came to watch the action. A boy will come up to you asking what your Pokémon just said. Cheren says he is speaking too fast, then he introduces you and himself. The boy introduces himself as N and once you tell him that you are traveling to complete the Pokédex, he challenges you to a battle.

Rival: N

Pokémon Type Level
Purrloin Dark Level 7
Reward $700

This battle is not too difficult, especially if your Pokemon is at level 10. Do not use Bite if you have (Patrat and Lillipup learn) because Purrloin is resistant against this attack. Once you finish he will leave, letting you explore Accumula Town for the first time. First enter the house to the north of the Pokémon Center. Inside you will find two people inside. Talk to the both of them and listen to the soundtrack. It will have drums and piano added to it. These two are just two of many musicians you will meet on your adventure and if you see one speak to them and it will be added to your soundtrack. You can also receive a free Pokeball by talking to the man on the second floor of the north building.

Now you can move on to Route 2. First you must go through a gate, which you will go through a lot during the course of this game. As you walk through you will see an electric bulletin board. On the board you will find important information such as the weather and info on the coming cities or towns. Once you've read the board you can go on to Route 2 and Striaton City and the first Unova Pokémon Gym.