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Pokémon Black and White, like almost all Pokémon games before them, have what are known as "Version Exclusive Pokémon". As the name may suggest these Pokémon are only found in either Pokémon Black, or Pokémon White respectively. The following lists which pokémon are exclusive in each and also has a separate list for White Forest, although it is exclusive to white, and therefore the Pokémon found inside it are also, I found it more fitting, also in the white list only the first evolutions of pokémon will be listed. The lists are in order by National Pokédex Order except that the Unova pokémon will go first. Despite popular belief Throh, Petilil and Lilligant are not exclusive to Pokémon White, nor are Sawk, Cottonee and Whimsicott exclusive to Pokémon Black. There is a trade for Petilil in Black and one for Cottonee in White. Also Sawk and Throh do exist in the wild in both Pokémon Black and White, it is just that they are rarer in one version than the other.

Pokémon Black[edit]

Pokémon White[edit]

White Forest[edit]