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From Aspertia[edit]

Alder first leads you to his house, but Alder notices you have two Town Maps, and you explain to him that you were going to give one to your rival. Alder understands and lets you do so, but not before telling you that he saw him go to Route 20. However, before you leave the Town, you can go to a house just right of the Pokémon Center, talk to an elderly man, and pick up a Potion for you to use on your travels.

From Floccesy Ranch[edit]

After returning from the Floccesy Ranch, you are, once again, invited in Alder's House to help Alder. Alder asks if you can help him with two students, both of which battle you using the Elemental Monkeys whose types are weak to and beat your starter. So, for clarification, if you picked Snivy, the first trainer has Panpour, while the second has Pansear. If you chose Tepig, the first trainer will have Pansage, and the second will have Panpour, and if you picked Oshawott, the first has Pansear, whilst the second has Pansage. When leaving the home, a man named Mr. Medal is outside, and he gives you the Medal Box. This box will contain medals you earn on your adventure. After leaving, Alder informs you that the Aspertia Gym has reopened, and is now free for challenging. However, just a little bit left of Alder's House is an X Speed, free for the taking.