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Nimbasa City Gym[edit]

After defeating the old gym from Black and White and getting a Paralyze Heal for it, you then have access to Elesa's gym over to the right a few buildings. Clyde will be gone from the entrance and will give you a Fresh Water when you enter. Immediately your eyes are drawn to the fact that there's no left or right movement, it's a straight walk to Elesa (with trainers thrown into the mix beforehand.) Elesa waits at the stage of the runway after you beat all three of the Beauties before her.

Name 1st 2nd 3rd Money
1 Nikola Pokemon 239Elekid.pngElekid 27 Pokemon 180Flaaffy.pngFlaaffy 27 Pokebuck.png1512
2 Fleming Pokemon 180Flaaffy.pngFlaaffy 27 Pokemon 522Blitzle.pngBlitzle 27 Pokebuck.png1512
3 Ampére Pokemon 522Blitzle.pngBlitzle 27 Pokemon 239Elekid.pngElekid 27 Pokebuck.png1512
4 Elesa 40pxEmolga 28 Pokemon 180Flaaffy.pngFlaaffy 28 Pokemon 523Zebstrika.pngZebstrika 30 Pokebuck.png3600

Despite them adding three Electric type families, the Electric gym decides to only use four families (granted, two of the family's members were used in the gym. They don't even use the Joltik or Tynamo lines, despite them being available right after this gym.

Either way, this place is filled to the brink with pure Electric type Pokémon, except Emolga, who is part Flying. Bringing any Ground type at all shuts the gym down. The only one that really stands a chance is Zebstrika with a Fire type move to stop a potential Servine to take all the Electric attacks. Elesa loves the move Volt Switch, which is a move to gain momentum in all the wrong ways for this gym match, because the Emolga and Zebstrike spam this move to switch to the other Pokémon in waiting constantly. This is what Elesa is infamous for. Her Zebstrika is also holding a Sitrus Berry to heal off some of the damage that her switch-ins may cause.

After defeating Elesa, she gives you the Bolt Badge and the move she has been using the entire match, TM 72: Volt Switch. Volt Switch is a 70 Power, 100% accurate Special Electric move that does damage, then switches the user out to a Pokémon in the back of the party. A physical version of this move, U-turn was used a lot in the competitive scenes in Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum to gain momentum for teams, and now Electric types have their own version of this too.

With that all said and done, Driftveil City is the next destination, and it is not as long as the trip to Nimbasa was, thankfully.