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Upon loading the game you will see a fantastic cut scene after which you will see black or white Kyurem depending on which version of the game you are playing. The Title Menu has basically five options. These are:

  • New Game
  • Mystery Gift
  • Unova Link
  • WiFi Setting
  • Microphone Test

The New Game lets you begin a new game. Mystery gift allows you to select your mystery gifts. The Unova link option is used to trade items and Pokémon from one version to the other. Wi-fi settings allows you to customize your Wi-fi settings while The Microphone test option allows you to test the microphone of your DS.

When you chose the New Game option Professor Juniper welcomes you and introduces you to the world of Pokémon through the traditional welcoming speech. Then she lets you choose whether you wish to play as a girl or as a boy. After which you can select your name. For the sake of the walkthrough, we will refer to to the player character as a male, and his name will be shown as Nate. The player character not chosen will be referred to as Rosa. Unlike in Black and White, in Black 2 and White 2 you can choose your rival's name as well. By default his name is Hugh, and again for ease of understanding he will be referred to as such in this walkthrough. After a bit more talking, you are shrunk down, and you will enter the Pokémon world!

Beginning of Game[edit]

After you are shrunk, a cutscene begins. It features three leaves floating in the sky. The version name appears. after which the camera follows the leaves, giving you a bird's-eye view of Aspertia City, the player character's hometown. As you will notice, the sprites can actually move. The person shown is Nate's Mother, who receives a call on her Xtranceiver, a sort of mobile video phone. Professor Juniper is the one calling. After Nate's mother goes inside, you are now in control.