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The Pokestar Musical has a bulding in which you can make Pokemon movies. The movies have you participate in various scenarios to get the best movies. Brycen, the Icirrus City Gym Leader, plays a part in most movies. They can take up various scenarios that follow your Pokemon and you by following a script. At the beginning you will have to use Rentals, but when your done with the scenario, you can enter with your own Pokemon.

Movie Maker:

You You will have to walk into an area with a green screen and often face up against a person in a motion capture suit. Now you will be able to go into battle mode (where you will use your Pokemon against a character in the motion capture suite)

You will have script option to follow and these options will determine the course of the movie. When done, the movie is completed and you can see your outcome.


Rank 1 -> Beginning -> Backpack Fan

Rank 2 -> 300 Billion -> Guitarist Fan

Rank 3 -> 1,000 Billion -> Kindergartener and Nurse; Giant Woman Series (Movie)

Rank 4 -> 2,500 Billion -> Ace Trainer Fan; Everlasting Memories Series (Movie)

Rank 5 -> 45,000 Billion -> Plasma Grunt Fan

EX -> Complete all -> Access to own Dressing Room and Bronze Statue in Studio

Special Entrance Effect: After you have created theove for the first time, you will have the ability to enter the movie with your own Pokemon. However, if you deviate from script (saying things out of character but don't fail the mission, then you will get the "STRANGE" ending of your movie. If you do this successfully your Pokemon will become a "STAR" and get a special intro animation that will show stars bouncing above their heads while entering battle. This is a rate sight for now so be sure to accomplish the movie mission in your own way. Sending out these Pokemon out in movies, you will gain more revenue.