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As of right now, there isn't much to this route. The bridge to the right isn't accessible, and the route itself is fairly small. Going to the first opening you see leads to Lostlorn Forest, and right before that to the left a little is a Cut tree so you can get a Heal Ball. Going to the next opening past the double battle is a Strength rock, and up through there is TM 66: Payback. Payback is a Dark physical move that is 50 Power, 100% accuracy that doubles power if the target moves before the user or if the target uses and item. Aside from that, there's only six Trainers (Seven, technically, but one battle is a double battle) on the route itself.

However, there are a few new Pokémon to find here. First is a Pokémon that is not technically new, Liepard. Liepard is frail, and does not hit as hard as some other Dark types you will be finding later in the adventure. However, it is quite fast, and will usually be the first one to land a hit.

Another new Pokémon is Minccino. Minccino is a pretty mediocre Pokémon without its Hidden Ability, Skill Link. Its evolution, Cinccino (which can be found rarely in the rustling grass) is fast, and learns a lot of Multi-strike moves. With Skill Link, they all hit 5 times. Without it, Minccino loses a lot of damage output.

The other new Pokémon that can be found are version-exclusive, Gothita in Black 2 and Solosis in White 2. Gothita grows to be a bit of a wall, but not as good as the likes of previous Psychic types like Hypno, Claydol, or Bronzong. It can take a hit and do some damage. Solosis, on the other hand, is squishier not only in design, but also in stats (not by much). When it is fully evolved, it gets a 125 Sp. Atk stat, which hits extremely hard. Even as a Solosis, it still has a 105 Sp. Atk stat, out attacking some Legendary Pokémon. The only drawback, however, is that it only has a 30 Speed stat, so it is very slow. It can work for Trick Room and the like, but it also works as offensive presence.