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Virbank City[edit]

Right when you enter the city, you get a call from your mother telling you to go to the Virbank Complex. You should take her advice, but not before looking around town for some items and the like.

Walking further into the town, and you will see Roxie, the Gym Leader of this town, arguing with her father. The father goes north while Roxie, out of frustration, goes back to the gym. Behind the Pokémon Center, you can see an item, but you cannot access it yet, so you will have to forget about it until later. Going to the house just to the left of the center, there is someone who will give you a Poké Toy inside. This item is a one use item that escapes a wild battle. It is somewhat useless unless you are trying to train a weaker Pokémon who cannot run away from things. Going southwest there is a Nursery Aide who will give a Burn Heal, which is really only useful in Black 2, since Magby gets Flame Body, and cannot be found in White 2. However, something that is useful in both game, going to the trash can just outside and to the left of this building is an Antidote. Going right and talking to the Roughneck just outside of the gym, he informs you that the Gym Leader here is a Poison type trainer. He gives you five Poké Balls and suggests to catch a Magnemite in the complex just south of you.

Since now that is two people suggesting to go down there, maybe it would be wise to check things out and possibly take that Roughneck's advice.