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As you enter the battle, you are greeted by Arceus and he wants the hero to link with it. So your job now is to link up the hero with Arceus. Beware he will attack you so make sure you link him on the first try or suffer some damage. You can use courage to allow you to move more to get to Arceus or you can wait for him to get to you and then go after him. After linking with Arceus, you are done here...for this part of the map.

The Final Battle[edit]

Warrior Pokemon Type Super Effective Types
Nobunaga Rayquaza Dragon-Flying Dragon, Ice, Rock
Mitsuhide Lapras Water-Ice Grass, Electric, Fighting, Rock
No Mismagius Ghost Ghost, Dark
Hideyoshi Infernape Fire-Fighting Water, Ground, Psychic, Flying
Ieyasu Aggron Steel-Rock Water, Fighting, Ground
Ranmaru Lucario Fight-Steel Fire, Fighting, Ground

Yep, Nobunaga comes back, and he's ready to kick some butt now.

This is the final battle of the main story and this battle is by no means an easy one. This will be the hardest battle in the game. Mitsuhide, Ieyasu and No come back with their pokemon, Hideyoshi is back with an Infernape, Ranmaru has a Lucario, and Nobunaga brings out his trump card, a shiny Rayquaza. Yeah the game is telling you at this point, "Have fun!" But luckily, you have Arceus on your side, so the odds seem to be in your favor a little.

Since the stage is just a normal map, let us take a look at our enemy's new pokemon. Disregarding Lapras, Aggron and Mismagius, let's start with the strongest, Nobunaga's Rayquaza. This pokemon packs a punch; it has Dragon Pulse, which can do some big damage, but other than that, that's all the attack does. Just a regular dragon attack. His ability is Nomad, which increases the attack the more he moves. Using an ice pokemon on him will quickly dispose of him.

Hideyoshi's Infernape can be a threat if not taken care of. His fire spin, which has one star, may not seem like a strong attack. Think again. If you play the pokemon games, you know this attack can last for five turns. It's the same here, only it attacks four to five times per once attack and it does some good damage each time. Any pokemon weak to fire, especially ice, can be killed in one attack of fire spin. It's important to get rid of Hideyoshi ASAP before he kills your team. Having a water pokemon, such as Motochika's Samurott (if you used him throughout the game) or a water pokemon like Gyrados in the battle can help you take care of him quickly.

And the last new pokemon in the battle is Ranmaru's Lucario, which is his best pokemon to link with. His attack, Aura Sphere, a fighting type move, can move you back one and paralyze you. It's pretty strong. Now look at Arceus's type and look at Lucario's type. If you guessed right, Lucario can easily kill Arceus thanks to his weakness in fighting. Make sure to keep your distance from Lucario with Arceus so he doesn't fall down so easily. Fire, Ground or Fighting moves will help you take down Lucario quickly so bring a pokemon with any of these move type attacks.

Let's take a look at one more pokemon, Arceus. His attack is Judgement which attacks in squares all around him in a box. His ability is Omnipotence, which has several effects. The known effects are that he heals every turn, like life force, his can dodge attacks and all his attacks will do normal damage, regarding of pokemon type. He's very unique and sadly you'll only be using him for this battle only until far in the future. He is a powerful pokemon, though, and you should sight your eyes on getting him in the future.

So overall, this can be a tough battle if you're not prepared. Unlike the other battles where you retreat, if you lose, it's game over for you and back to your last save file you go. So all it takes is the right pokemon, skills, and luck.

The End[edit]

Once you beat the battle, you completed the main game. Congrats! Enjoy the ending. Once you complete the main game, you can't replay it unless you start a new game, but you are given episodes to play. These episodes allow you to play as different warlords and play their story. They are different types of conditions you must meet in each story, such as conquer all kingdoms or collect certain amount of warriors or pokemon.

What doesn't get transferred through each story is the link percentages of your pokemon, items (unless you bought them from the traveling merchants) and upgrades in the region. This makes the game harder and fun to play. But there is one thing that does transfer and that is all the pokemon you have captured and their evolutions (this also includes warlord evolutions too). So, you can replay a story with all your team starting out with evolved pokemon and going through an easier story.

So what are you waiting for? Dive in into one of the episodes. Don't worry, you'll be able to take control of your hero again in certain episodes so don't panic. Anyways, I recommend that you check out the Tips before going into the episode; it will help you make the episodes easier. If you don't want to read the tips, then head on over to the Episodes and choose which one you want to pick. You'll unlock more as you clear stories so prepare for a very long game.