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Preparative Activities[edit]

The Next Castle to fight is Violight but before you battle it you have to do some training. Level up your Pokemon so that they are in the 90-120 strength range. You could recruit some warriors from the castles you have captured. Onix really turns the tables as he completely resists Electric moves. A warrior having Onix can be recruited from Ignis.


Violight is the next weakest castle available for you to challenge. To capture Violight you must defeat all of the enemies. You have 20 turns to do so. The only terrain in this castle is Normal. Ground types are recommended for battle as the take no damage from electric attack and are super effective on electric types. The recommended strength for your army is 620+. The Field is divided into four quadrants. Each quadrant has many coils in it. In each corner there is a switch which activates the coil and shocks the Pokemon present in the quadrant directly opposite to it. The coil in the middle randomly shoots electric charges.


Warrior Pokemon Type Super Effective Types
Ginchiyo Shinx Electric Ground
Sorin Panpour Water Grass, Electric
Muneshige Starly Normal-Flying Electric, Ice, Rock
Takatane Mareep Electric Ground
Shoun Pichu Electric Ground

Strategy to beat[edit]

This is the first battle in the game that is a bit challenging depending on which type of Pokemon you bring along. The former battles being something of a pushover. Carnivine and Onix are very helpful because of their strong attack and immunity respectively. It is better to avoid staying on the bottom right Quadrant as Pichu has a tendency to press the switch in the upper left corner. This would cause any Pokemon in the bottom right corner to receive a shock. Though he usually does it only once so afterward it should be fine. It is better to focus your attacks on Shinx and Panpour and then take care of the other Pokemon. Once Panpour is out Onix and the other ground types can take care of the remaining Pokemon without any problem. The switches can be used to your advantage as well. Both Panpour and Starly are weak to Electric attacks and can be badly damaged if not killed instantly.

After conquering Violight you can recruit some warriors. Recruiting Shoun and his Pichu is recommended. Now you have access to some warriors who use electric type Pokemon.