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Moist Body This ability cures status effects of the Pokémon when Rain Dance is in effect
Sniper This ability increases the base value of an attack during critical hit
Unstable Gait This ability increases rate of evasion during confusion
Humble Heart This ability increases the Pokémon's speed when flinched
Flower Head This ability powers up the Pokémon and those in its team when Sunny Day is in effect
Filter This ability cuts the power of that are Super Effective attacks in half
Electric Engine Raises the Pokémon's speed when hit by an electric attack
Belligerence Raises the Pokémon's Attack when the opponent is of the same gender
Simplicity Raises the power of the Pokémon's hold items or attack after effects
Unconventional Disables the opponent's ability
Acrobatic If this Pokémon has no hold item, it's Speed rises
Anger Pot This Pokémon's Attack rises when hit with a critical hit
Bad Luck Foes have a higher chance of performing a critical hit on this Pokémon
Bidy Risk
Colour Glasses One of this Pokémon's 4 attacks is randomly powered up
Anticipate Predicts dangerous attacks from the foe
Detonate If this Pokémon was fainted by a physical attack, the opponent receives damage
Download Depending on the foes strongest stat, this Pokémon raises itself in that stat
Far Sight Allows you to see your opponent's hold items
Hard Rock Any attacks that are super effective on this Pokémon have their damage lowered
Heat Proof Fire attacks used against this Pokémon have their damage lowered
Honey Collect Collects Sweet Honey after battle
Leaf Guard Any status effects on this Pokémon are healed when Sunny Day is in effect
Magic Coat Only attacks that do damage work on this Pokémon
Multi-Type Depending on the plate attached, this Pokémon's type and form change
Natural When the opponent raises it's attack, defence, Sp. Attack or Sp. Defence stats, the Pokémon's stat raises
Nightmare If the opponent is asleep, it loses health every turn
No Guard All attacks that do damage have 100% accuracy
Normal Skin All of this Pokémon's moves are of Normal type
Poison Heal Poison Status is cured when switched out
Slow Start This Pokémon's Attack and Speed are halved for the first few turns
Snow Hide This Pokémon's evasion rises in a Hailstorm
SnowStorm When this Pokémon is brought out into battle, a Snow Storm blasts
Technician Powers up the Pokémon's weaker moves
Klutz This Pokémon cannot use hold items
Water Lure All Water attacks are drawn to this Pokémon
Wonder Guard Only Super Effective Attacks can hit