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Battle Factory

In the Battle Factory, the attendee takes the trainer to a room where the trainer chooses three out of six random rental pokémon on offer. When the trainer is ready to test out the rental pokémon, the trainer can go into the battle room and battle. If the trainer wins, they can swap one of the current rental pokémon for one of the Pokémon of the defeated trainer. Once the trainer has won 7 battles against trainers sporting random pokémon, the trainer will be escorted to the entrance room.

On the trainer's 21st and 42nd battle in a row without losing, the trainer will come face-to-face with Factory Head Noland. If the trainer beats him, the trainer will earn a Silver/Gold Knowledge Symbol. Like everyone else, Noland will have a team of random Pokémon.


Noland's name comes from knowledge, the thing the Battle Factory tests.