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Poke Balls[edit]

To catch Pokémon, you need to have Poké Balls. To get them, purchase them at the Poké Mart, or you can also find Poké Balls on your way. There are three basic kinds of Poké Balls:

  • Poké Ball: The cheapest kind. Offers no extra chance to capture
  • Great Ball: Available at the middle of the game. Offers 50% higher chance to capture than the Poké Ball
  • Ultra Ball: Available at the latter part of the game. Offers 100% higher chance to capture than the Poké Ball

There are also some new kinds of Poke Balls available that offer a greater chance of capture if conditions are appropriate. These new balls, however, are only available after you gain access to the Sevii Islands.

Catch a Pokemon[edit]

Enter the tall grass, fish with a "Pole", or surf the seas to battle a wild Pokémon. Weaken it down first, then select Bag when it's your turn again. Next, select a Poké Ball and select Use. A Poké Ball will then be thrown. The behavior of the ball will determine how many further Poke Balls may be needed to catch the Pokemon.

  • Does not shake: It might need a lot of weakening to capturing.
  • Shakes once: You're on the right path, you could make it on a status problem.
  • Shakes twice: Getting better, it could get captured with a better ball.
  • Shakes three times: Almost! It might need Attracting, so it hardly attacks you.
  • Shakes three times and does not shake again, followed by a clicking lock: You captured the Pokémon!

"Will you give a nickname" will come up. Click on YES if you want to, otherwise go underneath and say NO. If you want a different nickname, go to the name rater's house in Lavender Town, and he'll enable you to give it a new one.