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Now that Team Rocket is reeling from its crushing defeat in Saffron City, you have a chance to resume your original quest: to become the greatest Pokémon trainer ever. Fuchsia City is the home of the Safari Zone, the home of some of the strangest and most powerful Pokemon in the game. Take some time to explore the city, and then... start hunting!

Fuchsia City
Poké Mart
Ultra Ball Pokebuck.png1200
Great Ball Pokebuck.png600
Super Potion Pokebuck.png700
Revive Pokebuck.png1500
Full Heal Pokebuck.png600
Super Repel Pokebuck.png500

Fuchsia City Gym[edit]

The Fuchsia City Gym

The Safari Zone may be the most popular tourist attraction in town, but the real trainers eventually make their way to the gym for a true test. The Fuchsia City Gym is the headquarters of Pokémon trainers who also follow ninja disciplines. Their training regimen focuses on techniques that poison and induce sleep, so be sure to have some Antidote and Awakening on hand.

A lot of the Junior Trainers are packing Psychic Pokémon, so bring a Bug-type (Parasect is good) or strong, speedy fighters to finish them quickly. The ninja master himself will send out two Koffing, a Muk, and a Weezing.

Poison Pokémon are good here, since they can't be affected by Poison themselves. Ground is always strong against Poison, and Psychic is great.

Name 1st 2nd 3rd 4th Money
Pokemon FRLG Juggler.pngKayden Pokemon 097Hypno.pngHypno 38
Pokemon FRLG Juggler.pngNate Pokemon 096Drowzee.pngDrowzee 34 Pokemon 064Kadabra.pngKadabra 34
Pokemon FRLG Juggler.pngKirk Pokemon 096Drowzee.pngDrowzee 31 Pokemon 096Drowzee.pngDrowzee 31 Pokemon 096Drowzee.pngDrowzee 31 Pokemon 064Kadabra.pngKadabra 31
Pokemon FRLG Juggler.pngShawn Pokemon 096Drowzee.pngDrowzee 34 Pokemon 097Hypno.pngHypno 34
Pokemon FRLG Tamer.pngPhil Pokemon 028Sandslash.pngSandslash 34 Pokemon 024Arbok.pngArbok 34
Pokemon FRLG Tamer.pngEdgar Pokemon 024Arbok.pngArbok 33 Pokemon 024Arbok.pngArbok 33 Pokemon 028Sandslash.pngSandslash 33
Pokemon FRLG Koga.pngKoga Pokemon 109Koffing.pngKoffing 37 Pokemon 089Muk.pngMuk 39 Pokemon 109Koffing.pngKoffing 37 Pokemon 110Weezing.pngWeezing 43

Koga is protected by a maze of invisible walls and a troop of ninja-style trainers. Koga is a snap compared to the difficulty in reaching him. Look at the floor tiles carefully. The boxes with white dots in the corners are the invisible walls.

If you defeat the poisonous lot of Koga's Pokémon, victory earns you the Soul Badge. This badge boosts the Defense rating of all your Pokémon. It will also gives Pokémon the ability to use HM 03, Surf, outside of battle. Koga will also yield TM06 Toxic, a powerful Poison move that not only will inflict the poison status ailment, but that damage will also increase with every turn.

Points of interest[edit]

Move Deleter[edit]

In the house next to the Pokecenter you'll find an old man who calls himself the Move Deleter. This old man allows you to force a Pokémon to forget any move it knows. While you won't ever have a need to make your Pokémon forget normal moves, you can use his ability to make a Pokémon forget an HM it has been taught. Outside of exploiting a glitch in the Day Care System, this is the only way you can do this in the entire game.

Safari Zone[edit]

The Safari Zone is an amusement park for Pokémon trainers. You are given special Safari Balls and Pokémon bait and are allowed to captured as many rare Pokémon as you can within 600 paces.

To enter it, you'll need to walk through the entire Zoo (or use a Pokemon with Cut), but at least you'll see some cool Pokemon on the way, and one of the tourists is a Move Tutor that can teach your Pokemon Substitute!.

Safari Warden[edit]

In the bottom right corner are two houses, the left of which contains the Safari Zone Warden. The warden has lost his Gold Teeth, and no one can understand a word he's saying. His chompers are probably in the Safari Zone somewhere. Find them and return them to the warden and he'll reward you handsomely with HM03 Strength, a normal type move that can let you move boulders out of the way. In combat, its a decent move with good power.

Fishing Guru[edit]

Next door is the Fishing Guru's older brother, who runs a fish farm here in the city. Speak to him to get the Good Rod. Although it may seem pointless if you already got the Super Rod, which lets you fish for even more Pokémon, catching rates and types of Pokemon will vary between rods, so it is still worthwhile to get both.

You can drop a line in the pond behind the man's house in the bottom left corner, and see what turns up. It's a good chance to catch a Poliwag or a Goldeen.

Pokémon found[edit]

FireRed Level Encounter Rate LeafGreen Level Encounter Rate
Pokemon 054Psyduck.pngPsyduck 20-40 100% Pokemon 079Slowpoke.pngSlowpoke 20-40 100%
Old Rod
Pokemon 129Magikarp.pngMagikarp 5 100% Pokemon 129Magikarp.pngMagikarp 5 100%
Good Rod
Pokemon 060Poliwag.pngPoliwag 5-15 60% Pokemon 060Poliwag.pngPoliwag 5-15 60%
Pokemon 118Goldeen.pngGoldeen 5-15 20% Pokemon 118Goldeen.pngGoldeen 5-15 20%
Pokemon 129Magikarp.pngMagikarp 5-15 20% Pokemon 129Magikarp.pngMagikarp 5-15 20%
Super Rod
Pokemon 118Goldeen.pngGoldeen 15-25 40% Pokemon 118Goldeen.pngGoldeen 15-25 40%
Pokemon 119Seaking.pngSeaking 20-30 40% Pokemon 119Seaking.pngSeaking 20-30 40%
Pokemon 130Gyarados.pngGyarados 15-25 15% Pokemon 130Gyarados.pngGyarados 15-25 15%
Pokemon 054Psyduck.pngPsyduck 15-35 5% Pokemon 079Slowpoke.pngSlowpoke 15-35 5%

New Pokémon[edit]

#118 Goldeen #060 Poliwag
Pokemon 118Goldeen.png
Now that you've gotten your hands on the Good Rod, you can finally start fishing without expecting to get only more worthless Magikarp.

Quite unexpectedly, Goldeen has Waterfall in its moveset, an attack that you would usually need a HM for. Despite this, Goldeen, and its evolution Seaking, only sport average stats, and mostly Normal moves.

Pokemon 060Poliwag.png
Another new Pokemon now available through fishing with a Good Rod, Poliwag may not seem like much, but can work well in your team as a Water Pokemon... and HM slave.

Once you evolve Poliwag into Poliwhirl at Level 25, and use a Water Stone, you will obtain Poliwrath, a Water/Fighting Pokemon. Poliwrath sports decent stats all around and is capable of learning Surf and Strength.


  • Good Rod (Given to you by the Fishing Guru's brother)
  • HM 04 Strength (Given to you by the Safari Zone Warden after you return his teeth)
  • Rare Candy (Behind the rock in the Safari Zone Warden's house)
  • Max Revive (Hidden) right of the lowest flower in the garden behind the Fishing Guru's brother's home