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Indigo Plateau[edit]

Indigo Plateau
Great Ball Pokebuck.png600
Ultra Ball Pokebuck.png1200
Revive Pokebuck.png1500
Max Potion Pokebuck.png2500
Full Restore Pokebuck.png3000
Full Heal Pokebuck.png250
Max Repel Pokebuck.png250

Well, you've done everything you could on the Sevii Islands, so you decide to take one the Elite Four again. Well, If you haven't already, make sure your Pokémon are level 60+ unless you're feeling very confident. Why? Well, all of the Elite Four members have leveled up all of their Pokémon by 10 levels or so and picked up a few others, so you should too.

Like your earlier challenge, bring lots of healing items, along with Elixirs and Ethers. If you need some training, try using the VS Seeker on Seven Island trainers, or taking another pass at Cerulean Cave, as these are the most powerful Pokemon available to you.

You may also want to give some thought in increasing your Pokemon's stats with Protein, Calcium, and other enhancing items, all which are purchasable in Celadon City. Let's start the show!


1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th Money
Pokemon FRLG Lorelei.png Lorelei Pokemon 087Dewgong.pngDewgong (lvl. 64) Pokemon 221Piloswine.pngPiloswine (lvl. 63) Pokemon 131Lapras.pngLapras (lvl. 66) Pokemon 124Jynx.pngJynx (lvl. 66) Pokemon 091Cloyster.pngCloyster (lvl. 63) Pokebuck.png6600

Lorelei is much stronger than she was last time and is now packing a proper counter to Electric types in the form of Piloswine. Like before, she starts with Dewgong, who still uses Ice Beam and Surf, but has also learned Signal Beam and Double Team.

Cloyster is considerably more aggressive than it was in the previous battle, now knowing Surf and Ice Beam. It also has Rain Dance to power up Surf, and Supersonic to cause confusion, however Supersonic's accuracy is frankly terrible, so don't count on it hitting often.

Piloswine is an all out attacker, utilizing Earthquake, Blizzard, Rock Slide, and Double-Edge. Double-Edge causes recoil damage, which can make it easier to take out. If you were thinking of infatuating it, it won't work due to its Oblivious ability.

Jynx has a far better moveset, ditching the useless Double Slap in favor of Psychic, and now uses Ice Beam instead of Ice Punch. She still has Attract and Lovely Kiss however, so sleep and infatuation will still be a problem against your male Pokemon.

Lapras no longer has a Sitrus Berry, instead using a Cheri Berry, which seems a quite random choice, however if you paralyze it with Thunder or Thunderbolt, then it'll cure itself immediately. She still uses Surf and Ice Beam, but now it has also learned Psychic and, unusually for a Water type, Thunder. If Cloyster's Rain Dance is still in effect, Thunder's accuracy increases from 70% to 100%, so your Water and Flying types may want to be wary of that.

Despite how hard this all sounds, it's not all that bad. Using some strategy, you can take a ton of these Pokémon down easily. If Cloyster summons a Rain Dance, not only does Lapras have a 100% accurate Thunder, but so do you; which can pretty much sweep half of her team. The only problem you might run into is Piloswine's ground type. Jynx may have the tools to slow you down, but you can make quick work of her along with the rest of her team. Onto the next challenge!


1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th Money
Pokemon FRLG Bruno.png Bruno Pokemon 208Steelix.pngSteelix (lvl. 65) Pokemon 107Hitmonchan.pngHitmonchan (lvl. 65) Pokemon 106Hitmonlee.pngHitmonlee (lvl. 65) Pokemon 208Steelix.pngSteelix (lvl. 66) Pokemon 068Machamp.pngMachamp (lvl. 68) Pokebuck.png6800

For some reason Bruno doesn't have Hitmontop or Heracross, even though Johto Pokémon have been introduced into the game by now. However, he now has two Steelix, which he did not evolve from his two Onix because they both have the Sturdy ability instead of Rock Head, and become quite a bit stronger than before. Both Steelix are almost exactly the same except one is a level higher and knows Dragonbreath. Their other moves are Crunch, Iron Tail and Rock Tomb.

Strangely, Hitmonlee no longer has any STAB moves and despite being able to hit Ghost types with Rock Slide, he still carries Foresight. It also knows Mega Kick and Earthquake.

Hitmonchan is the same as before, apart from its level and the fact that it replaced Rock Tomb with Rock Slide. In case you've forgotten his other moves, they are Mach Punch, Sky Uppercut and Counter.

Machamp has become a purely aggressive fighter and tries to beat down your Pokémon through brute force. It still has Cross Chop but the rest of its moveset has changed, and it no longer has any moves which can decrease your Speed, now using Rock Slide instead of Rock Tomb. It also knows Earthquake and Brick Break, so don't bother using Reflect or Light Screen against him. Machamp has a Persim Berry to heal confusion as well.

Bruno shouldn't be too bad. A Pokémon with Surf can take out the two Steelix, and the three Fighting types can be taken down with a strong Flying or Psychic type. With the latter, then next challenge will be much easier.


1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th Money
Pokemon FRLG Agatha.png Agatha Pokemon 094Gengar.pngGengar (lvl. 66) Pokemon 169Crobat.pngCrobat (lvl. 66) Pokemon 200Misdreavus.pngMisdreavus (lvl. 65) Pokemon 024Arbok.pngArbok (lvl. 68) Pokemon 094Gengar.pngGengar (lvl. 70) Pokebuck.png7000

Agatha has evolved her Golbat and captured a Misdreavus. She still starts with her lower leveled Gengar, who still has Confuse Ray and Shadow Punch, but has also learned Hypnosis and it uses Psychic instead of Dream Eater, presumably because Hypnosis doesn't have good accuracy. Agatha's second Gengar has a powerful moveset of Shadow Ball, Sludge Bomb, Psychic and Thunderbolt. She also has a Chesto Berry to wake up if you put him to sleep.

Misdreavus is male, despite Agatha being female (come to think of it all of Agatha's Pokémon are male) and it has Attract to infatuate female Pokémon and will then bombard them with Shadow Ball, Thunderbolt and Psychic. Shouldn't be too hard of a Pokémon to take out, but unlike the other Ghost Pokemon, Misdreavus doesn't have a Poison type, so Psychics are not as powerful against it.

Crobat has Confuse Ray and, because of its awesome Speed, it's likely it will use it before you can strike back. It also knows Shadow Ball, Air Cutter and Sludge Bomb.

Arbok will lower your Pokémon's Attack with its Intimidate ability, and then attempt to dodge your blows with Double Team. The only move he has from its original moveset is Sludge Bomb. It has Giga Drain and Earthquake but no longer has a move that can hit Psychic types super effectively.

Agatha is probably the one you will use the most items against. With constant confusion, paralysis (with a little luck, of course), and sleep, you should move all your Full Heals and your Poke Flute all to the top of you bag. Her battles are more of a stall in your game progress, but it shouldn't be too difficult. If you have a Dark type, this will be no problem (but given their limited availability, you may not have one in your team).


1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th Money
Pokemon FRLG Lance.png Lance Pokemon 130Gyarados.pngGyarados (lvl. 68) Pokemon 149Dragonite.pngDragonite (lvl. 66) Pokemon 230Kingdra.pngKingdra (lvl. 68) Pokemon 142Aerodactyl.pngAerodactyl (lvl. 70) Pokemon 149Dragonite.pngDragonite (lvl. 72) Pokebuck.png7200

Lance has become vastly more powerful and it's easy to see how he becomes the Champion in HeartGold and SoulSilver. His Gyarados can now deal with Electric types with Earthquake and can increase his Attack and Speed with Dragon Dance. The only good news is that Gyarados doesn't have STAB moves. It knows Thunder Wave, somewhat pointless when he already has Dragon Dance but the paralysis can be annoying, and of course the signature move Hyper Beam.

Lance has caught a Kingdra, which for some reason he does not use at all when he becomes the Champion. Like Gyarados, Kingdra also has Dragon Dance and Hyper Beam. It also knows Surf and Ice Beam. Kingdra's only weakness is Dragon types, but Blizzard or Thunder should still do some damage.

Lance's Aerodactyl has ditched its pointless Scary Face and gotten a better moveset than before. He's replaced Wing Attack with Aerial Ace and also knows Earthquake. It still uses Hyper Beam and Ancient Power. If Aerodactyl gets the all-stat-buff from Ancient Power, it will become a force to be reckoned with, so defeat it fast with Water or Electric moves.

Lance's has evolved one of his Dragonair giving him two Dragonite. The weaker one knows Flamethrower to deal with Ice types, Dragon Claw for fellow Dragon's, Earthquake for any Steel types not weak to Flamethrower, and of course Lance's signature move Hyper Beam.

Lance's stronger Dragonite has Thunderbolt, presumably because about half of the Ice types in this generation are also part Water types, or in Articuno's case is just as weak to Electric as it is to Fire. It has now ditched Safeguard, having realized its useless for protecting it from the confusion of Outrage, but it now has a Persim Berry to heal said confusion, pretty much giving it a 4-6 turn Outrage. Furthermore, it knows Ice Beam so using a Dragon type of your own is risky to say the least, and yes, it also knows Hyper Beam.


If your starter was Bulbasaur

1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th Money
Pokemon FRLG Rival.pngBlue Pokemon 214Heracross.pngHeracross (lvl. 72) Pokemon 065Alakazam.pngAlakazam (lvl. 73) Pokemon 248Tyranitar.pngTyranitar (lvl. 72) Pokemon 130Gyarados.pngGyarados (lvl. 73) Pokemon 103Exeggutor.pngExeggutor (lvl. 73) Pokemon 006Charizard.pngCharizard (lvl. 75) Pokebuck.png7500

If your starter was Charmander

1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th Money
Pokemon FRLG Rival.pngBlue Pokemon 214Heracross.pngHeracross (lvl. 72) Pokemon 065Alakazam.pngAlakazam (lvl. 73) Pokemon 248Tyranitar.pngTyranitar (lvl. 72) Pokemon 059Arcanine.pngArcanine (lvl. 73) Pokemon 103Exeggutor.pngExeggutor (lvl. 73) Pokemon 009Blastoise.pngBlastoise (lvl. 75) Pokebuck.png7500

If your starter was Squirtle

1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th Money
Pokemon FRLG Rival.pngBlue Pokemon 214Heracross.pngHeracross (lvl. 72) Pokemon 065Alakazam.pngAlakazam (lvl. 73) Pokemon 248Tyranitar.pngTyranitar (lvl. 72) Pokemon 130Gyarados.pngGyarados (lvl. 73) Pokemon 059Arcanine.pngArcanine (lvl. 73) Pokemon 003Venusaur.pngVenusaur (lvl. 75) Pokebuck.png7500

Blue, now known as "CHAMPION Blue", has replaced Pidgeot and Rhydon with Heracross and Tyranitar, respectively. Heracross is up first and it manages to endure a Flying type move, or any Physical Attack for that matter, it can send the move back with double the power using Counter, which would, if he chooses to use it, obliterate your Flying type if they don't knock it out in one hit. It also has Megahorn and Earthquake to deal with low defensive Psychic types.

Like Heracross, Tyranitar has a double weakness, in his case Fighting types. However, also like Heracross, it has a way to counter that weakness. Aerial Ace is an absurd move on a Pokémon as bulky as Tyranitar, but Blue's Tyranitar knows it, and it also knows Thunderbolt, for Water Types, Crunch, and Earthquake. Thanks to its Sand Stream ability, it will whip up an endless sandstorm, but this can work in your favor since none of Blue's other Pokémon are immune to Sandstorm. However, two of the starters can override the Sandstorm, so keep that in mind.

If you have a Dark type, it should wipe the floor with Alakazam. Since Dark types resist Shadow Ball and are immune to Psychic, Alakazam can't touch it. Alakazam still has Reflect to weaken Physical Attacks for five turns and has learned Calm Mind to increase his Spc Atk and Spc Def, so Dark type moves will be weakened some.

Exeggutor is almost the same as he was last time, using Sleep Powder, Giga Drain and Light Screen, although it has replaced Egg Bomb with Psychic.

Blue's Gyarados is almost exactly the same as Lance's Gyarados knows Hyper Beam, Earthquake and Dragon Dance. The only differences are its higher level and his STAB Hydro Pump.

Arcanine's moveset has changed a lot, although it still has Extreme Speed. Arcanine has also learned Overheat, which is a very powerful move, but will lower its Spc Atk by two levels. Since Arcanine's other moves are all Physical, this isn't too much of a problem for Blue. It also knows Iron Tail to deal with Rock types and has also learned the unavoidable Aerial Ace.

Blue's Starter Pokémon all still use Sitrus Berries and Venusaur and Blastoise both have a way of getting rid of Tyranitar's Sand Stream. Venusaur still uses the Sunny Day and Solar Beam combination but has also learned Earthquake to deal with Fire types and Sludge Bomb as another STAB move.

Blastoise has Rain Dance and Hydro Pump like last time and has Earthquake to deal with Electric types and Ice Beam to take out Grass types, covering both of its weaknesses and therefore making it arguably the most difficult of the Starter Pokémon.

Charizard also knows Earthquake (blimey Blue is fond of that move) to deal with Electric and Rock types. Fortunately, he has nothing to cover his weakness to Water types. It still knows Fire Blast and Aerial Ace and has also learned Dragon Claw. Unlike Venusaur and Blastoise, it has no way of getting rid of Tyranitar's Sand Stream, so if you picked Venusaur, prepare for trouble.

The End[edit]

After you beat Blue, Professor Oak comes in again, does the same thing, and you are in the Hall of Fame again. Hopefully you didn't run into too much trouble on the way. Your journey is rewarded with around Pokebuck.png35,000 which you got from the battles. You can always re-challenge the Elite Four any time you want, and remember, the game is not truly over until you catch them all!

Hope you enjoyed your trip through Kanto!!