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Route 10[edit]

Route 10

Route 10 is a small zone that leads to Rock Tunnel. The area here contains one of the very few Electric Pokemon available to you at this point in the game, so stick around for a while.

Hopefully, you made sure to pick up HM05 Flash from one of Professor Oak's aides in Route 2 before going into the cave, 'cause it's about to get really dark for you.

Going through Rock Tunnel may seem like a roundabout route, but it's the only way, as there is a Snorlax blocking Route 12 and the thirsty officer blocking Saffron City will not let the player in.

Inside the Pokécenter south of this area you will find one of Oak's Aides. Talk to him and, if you have complete data on 20 types of Pokémon, he will reward you with an Everstone, which can be held by a Pokémon to prevent it from evolving.

As a side note, remember to return to this area once you have the ability to Surf, as the waters here will lead you into the Power Plant, and a powerful Legendary Pokemon!

Pokémon found[edit]

FireRed Level Encounter Rate LeafGreen Level Encounter Rate
Pokemon 100Voltorb.pngVoltorb 14-17 40% Pokemon 100Voltorb.pngVoltorb 14-17 40%
Pokemon 021Spearow.pngSpearow 13-17 35% Pokemon 021Spearow.pngSpearow 13-17 35%
Pokemon 023Ekans.pngEkans 11-17 25% Pokemon 027Sandshrew.pngSandshrew 11-17 25%


Outside Cave (North Side)
Name 1st 2nd Money
1 Pokemon FRLG Picnicker.pngHeidi Pokemon 025Pikachu.pngPikachu 20 Pokemon 035Clefairy.pngClefairy 20 Pokebuck.png400
Outside of Power Plant
Name 1st 2nd Money
1 Pokemon FRLG Pokemaniac.pngMark Pokemon 111Rhyhorn.pngRhyhorn 29 Pokemon 108Lickitung.pngLickitung 29 Pokebuck.png1392
Outside Cave (South Side)
Name 1st 2nd Money
1 Pokemon FRLG Picnicker.pngCarol Pokemon 016Pidgey.pngPidgey 21 Pokemon 017Pidgeotto.pngPidgeotto 21 Pokebuck.png420
2 Pokemon FRLG Hiker.pngClark Pokemon 074Geodude.pngGeodude 21 Pokemon 095Onix.pngOnix 21 Pokebuck.png756
3 Pokemon FRLG Hiker.pngTrent Pokemon 095Onix.pngOnix 19 Pokemon 075Graveler.pngGraveler 19 Pokebuck.png684
4 Pokemon FRLG Pokemaniac.pngHerman Pokemon 104Cubone.pngCubone 20 Pokemon 079Slowpoke.pngSlowpoke 20 Pokebuck.png960


  • Persim Berry (hidden in mid-southeast corner under PokeCenter)
  • Cheri Berry (hidden a few spaces to the left behind Picnicker Heidi near the PokeCenter)
  • Nanab Berry (hidden in northeastern corner after coming out of Rock Tunnels southern entrance)
  • Super Potion (hidden just west of the pokecenter, accessible by using cut on a tree)
  • Everstone (Given to you in the pokecenter by Oak's aid when you catch 20 or more pokemon)

New Pokémon[edit]

#100 Voltorb
Pokemon 100Voltorb.png
If you missed catching a Pikachu while you were in the Viridian Forest, this is the only Electric pokemon you'll see until you can visit the Power Plant with Surf. Voltorb's only offensive Electric move is Spark at level 21, so it will need further TM's to make it strong.

It's a good idea to pick up the TM from Rocket Game Corner in Celadon City if you plan on making Voltorb your primary Electric type. Voltorb evolves into Electrode at Level 30.